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Hekbalistio Remedies. - In former days, if n member of the household became indisposed, tlie family-head, under instructions f rom tlie gray-haired dame, went to the forest or the fleld, to gather herbs or berries, frota which were craickly made invigorating extraéis, which ere many days brougbt the patiënt safely iroiind, and saw the family gathering once more without a missing member. How ia it now '. The slightest indisposition brings the "family physiciiin," with hla handsome cnrriage. He feels the pulse, examines the tongue, looks very grave, writes a few lines of hieroglyphics, charges a big fee, and leaves, only to rekun the next day and find Iris patiënt mereurialized sufflcienüy to be really sick. A week or two of attendance íollow.s, and tlierein lies tho secret of " wealthy pliysicians. " Compare tlie physiqe of the present age with the past, and the story is complete. Reader, dieoard ohemicaJfl and try herbs. If yon are ill, tiy the greot hcrbalistic remedy, Dit. J. WaijKeu'h ViNEdAit Bitters. 30 Ot'HIOUS PflENOMENON. - A OUrioUS phenomeiion was noticed during a recent balloon aseent by two experienoed Frcnch aeronauta of tnorough scientitic attainments, M. Tissandier and M. de Fonviello. They were able to hear voices from below, and remarks which iadioated that the persons in the balloon were rÍKÍble to the speakers, although at tlu; time a cloud obscured tlie sarfaoe of the earth from the vionv of the aeronauta themselves. This occurrence is explained by the hypothesis that a cloud mrty be transpariMit and opaque at the game time, acoording as itmaybe viewed in different directicns. Thf art of voicing reeds, the most diflicult and importiint in the manufacture of cabinet or parlor organs, was inventad by Mr. Emmons Hamliu, of the Maaon & llamlin Organ Co., in 1817. It has been unrversally adopted by American and largely by European makers, but none have attamed tliat higL standard of excellence in it wliich is reached in tlie Mason & Hamlin Cabiaet Organs. This fact is oniversally recogniaed by musicians. A Germán Bishop who happened to be a Prince, was so proflígate that one of hia equals ventured to speak of the a andal In' brought on religión by his immoralitiea " You mistake," he replied, " Ido Ihi.! lia a Prince, not as a Bisuop," "But," rerjoined the other, "if the PrinOe goes to hl, whftt will laceóme of the JJisliop ?" The Jones Fruit Evaporating Oom panv. Ié9 LiiSalU1 street, Chicago, Dl., 1 without doubt inaKc fcke bes! i vaporator in uso. Tlim1 descriptivo circular, í'ull of interest to fruit growers, vi'l be taailed on ftpplíbation. The machine is nol eï perisive, and it is said that thirty dollars per dny c;m be made witli mie of tliom. Wtmt the Presa Say of liddhig Bro. & Co. ! In eleven yenes, Hijs örm heoome the leadinfí manufacturera of Sewing Kilk und , ohiue Twiat in thiw country, itli bousea in ix prinoipal cities of the l'nión. Toledo Blode. hve taken the tirst premium wlirrrvcr theixgoods lave been exhibited. Detroit Trib. Thf.v rere tbs fint manufacturen wliopui tlioir Jinincon tlirir goods. - Mihoauket S The ouly lioune that keeps a í'ull line ol'ooda ( in all colora - 318 shades. ï'.r . Wisconsm. Tliev Introducid and control the "Pateni Stretcher and ïfatcbing Machine," which a hitherto unattained evennee te Snished ilk. Their goode uro always, in length, strength and . weight. just (is repreaonted. - %icago Tribune. The sales of the Chien; i I year were doubli thoae of any SowingSilk house bere, and nl' 1 1 n ï iinitcd firm one-third mor than ihone of t Knv othot SilK bouse in tliin country, amoiinting fió over ons minimi dolían. - Chicago Timet. A ii;ii:nd of otura who is Olüef Clerk in ( nvernmeutal J lispensary, Baystbatnomedi ciiic cheet ia now complete without JbhnsotCg Anodyne Lininu i. we almyii Btxpposed it vaa ]H rsrrilifil by law: if' it in not. i( oip;lit tobo, Uix cfrliiinl tbere is notlüng in the trUole materia medica of so mucb importanoe o soldier and llii1 iailor :i Jbhnsori's Anodynt LinvmerU. Nwi in' ftdvi ii iaemeni of the Ziiu' ( : Pad. The; have been thorouguly teatod, and the guarautee of this Companv is good. Ask hardivare dealera or harnessmakers for them. I Thfi " Hoaiekeeper" of Our Heultli. The Uver is the great depuiating or bloodcleansing organ of the syBtera. Bet the great honsekeeper of ourliealth at work, and the fooi C9IT iptious whicli geader in tbe blood and rot out. Da it wero, the of Hfe, me gradually expelled froni the Bystem. For this purpose Dr. Pierce'e ftolden Medica] Dteeovery, with nmal] claily doses of Dr. Pierce's PleaHanl itive Pellets are pre-eminently theartiele led. T'jpv eiire erery kind of humor from the worst acrof ida to the oommoD pimple, blotcb oi eniption. Oreat eattng uloers kindlv heaJ ander their mlghty cnrative inlluence. Virnlent blood poieons tuat lurk in the System are by tiiem robbedr of their terrón, and by their perBevering and omen-lint protracted uso tlio mont tainted system may be completely renovated nnd built up uncw. Enlarged glañdn, tumors and swellings dwindle away and dinappoar ander the inliiienco of their great resolveuts. Kold by all dealers in medicines. Akf. yon armoe tliat the premonitories of ('oiinumption are Coughs, Gold, Bronchitis, l'ains in the 8ide and Chest, Difliculties of Breathiag, etc.? Jf yon pennit these Hymptonm ' tornn on, taberclee will bc tho reeult, and end in ConBumption. Now, il' yon want to cure these diseases, use AJlen'a Iong Jialsam withI out delay. For sale by all Medicine Dealers. . m Veterinaby surgeona uil oveac the country are recomnieuding Shertdan'l favalnj i 'onditicm Powdert for tlie following Irouble iii hoi'HCM: Losa of appetite. rouglinoHH of tbc hair, Btoppageef the bowelsor water, thick water, couglis and coldrt. Bwellingof thcglandH, worms, hoiHc ail, thick wind and heaves. Nott(!b advertisement of Üie Zinc Collar Pad. They have been thorougkly tested, and tbc guarantee oí' t!ii Oompany is goorl. Ask hardware dealers or hameaamakerg for them. Chicago papers are full of wonderfu] ouree performed by uaing Glen Flora Mineral Water. Arldross ]i. 11. Parks, Waukogan, 111. Buunjsit's Coooainï is the best and cheapest hair dressing in tbc world. The Nobthwhstkkn Housb-Naiij Co. 's "Finiflhed " Nail is the best in the world. Pat.hnted 1873. The best Elnstic Truss. onlybyPomerpyá ('o.. 711 Broadway, N.Y. d7X A WEEK. Agent wantsd evanrwhere. Kor P4 'J onlüt;!jc. FbitoB & Walükb, iayton, Üliio. EVI'.RY FA.HII.YAVASÍTS IT. Monnylnit Solo ■:■ Aeent. AddrBM M. N. LOVELL, Krie.P. ÜiHl a '""'i'h to mrratseverywhere. Addroea VJiJJJ Kxci:LSIouM'F'oCO..Buchiiriiiii. Mioh. 21 to ar. PF.Il JlAY-S.Mid fr -Chromo" 'p ' " catalogue. J. H. BUFFORD'S SONS, liosUin A GENTS. Chang Ohang BM al NoMaT M ;1. Goodsfre. ODAngChang MTgOo., Bonen. $t)rv Dnüyto Asenta, ñ nenartiolea and the best f FamiJy Paper In America, with 2 $ (Mimmns free. AMKRIOAN MT'G CO.. 800 Broadway. N. Y. dfin - DAT. Agonts wantod, ïiuile and fi-male, V V for an entirely new invñntit;n. Writ to tho ()lIÜ EUREKA MAtfF'G 0O„ Buchannn, Mioli. _ jwii i ■ Catalogue Freo. RnX-3T 4L JL-H-K 5th ?t. Louis, ivfo. DVKRTISERS! Send 25 cents to O EO. P. ROW. 2. ELL 4 CO., 41 Park Row, New York, lor thuir Jtor phletof tUOpoejr.contafnkiK listsof .DliO'newspaners and eslimatt's BOOWillx eoat t Jcivertising. WASTED AGF.VTS KveiTwbpre to noil our popu lar"Lifoof Dr. Livinestone,11 fröm his cblldhoodto Dli '■[■l Jonmal.1' '", ComvUts, A'i'hmMr, Attrartict rtopW Hdlcim. B. B. BU8SEÍL, l'nii.. Botton, M,iss. WONDKRPl'T, ! SOonly for the ÏVATIOSTATi EM;V('LI'EI)IV. Agnnts maycolnmoney at thiñ ; the commlisioni LARGK. Writ tq T. EI.VVOO1) 2ELL, lliilartcllHia,Pa. CDU C DC V O1 PITS cursd by the nso of Ross EpiCrlLCrO I leptic Remediee. Trial Packagn Kbf.k. mHIMHI For circulnrft, evidence of auccess, etc, addrees ROSS BROS., Kiclimond, InA p" A M0NTH -Agenta wantod eTefywhore. hrjll Biuineu honorable and nrst-class. ■ fmm f articulara oent free. Address Wortu & Co., Bt. Louis. Mo. IiTTI.s Diiper is printed with ïvik f amlsfaed by Charlei Kneu Johnson A ('"., 509 South Tenth Street. ' . nnd BB Gold Street, New York. I'or sale ín 10 and Vnonnd cans hv I THE NEWSPAPER UNION, Chicago, 111. AGENTSWAHTËDisii Snd fnr circulan and our t'xtr.i terms to Agente. NATIONAL PUB. CO., ChiciRo, HL, or St. Iouis, Mo. UA UTC niTÏ1 PeopleV dollar paper. The Contbiff H 11 1 t UI BDTOR, rilur;ed In 4r columns relÍKÍons rOM) iVEWl 'ind secular. Take.s crrrirjisr'. Five mag■ f r Hl T"OI nüicont iiromiTïins. S.TinpWi torms, etc, AGEN TSfree. J. H. KALK, Uo8ton. FT fi UIT 7I"2 BROAOTTAT. Kmi Y-uk ' #J i.1 jlVyXi ïn.inui.icairerof SoT.iutioi.n ,1 EwELRY ol every desoi Iption. r':k ís largfl. very choioe, and offered :ü retiul at trade pricea la kt;tp our vrorkmOn vi'.az. Jiills ondeV $15, P. O. order in ad vane3. Over .$15, (J.O. D. pÉtTÜege to e-tamine. U;nalogues tree. j mAGBNTg WANTF.D KVKRVWHERE.-The ohoicest in theworld Importera1 larcest Compsny in Amerioa - stapte aTtielo - ple;isns Bverrbody - tr.-ult' inoreastog - best induoementa - don't waste timc-fend for Circular t ROBERT Wl;l,[.s. l.t Vesej Street. New York. IV (l. Ho 1 i7 OTA líOl'M,. So 5,000 peogle In Cblouro say ol O [Mil J.WOOD'S [mproved Halr Restoratire. Sent Ivjll free of expresa charges on receipt of klM.melx bottloS for 84.(10. Adilri'u.I. I!. KIMU V L.T.. Ftroprietpr.lOOAIouroe St., CHICA GO, 1U.I TTsTTTfS ■ IKST and hardest work " n m 8bh H in the house made oom puratively e;isy and pleaaant. Bvery Interested in rr. duciytg troman ë tcortc shuult] send wowAatamp furmir circular. ÜRAY, DIXON ACO.,51Cl)bournAye.,Chicni;o. myLKS,SIIOT-CUXS,PISTOIiBKTOIiTEKS. OfanynndeTeryklni Senilitañrp Ier i'.Mnl.ijrin. Adit"--I Srml UValora tu Vfl nd rutl Warki, PITIIKUKfiH, JTA. 4 TITfTIOlT'll ö The OnI? PrePora'on tht UW nlNXr.n i" perfeol atisfactlon to or KfuBtaohe. DeXjesnepa' " Vteorine," prapared cnly in Paris. Raeh Paokue irarranted and sent uy mail on receiptof fiil.OO. Samples maUed lor l.'irts. Address J. P. 1'li.V.N'KI.lX, Sole Importer, Jersey City, N. .1. A BARREL OF lÖHEÏ Made by our Apents. Oarl rrrti'.d's Ilhistnited Weeltly, Chicago, .:'n a .vc;ir. Bploe, Wit. Siitn Splendld Premium TIn: bost terms offered Agenta. Samples and üironlara frae. ADVERTISERS Who diirc f o rciicli country readers can do so In the : best and cbeapeet niaimcr by upinfjone or inore sec: tions of Tuk(.iíkat.kvsi'M'eh Arxn,iAKY J,ists. : Apply toE. K, P11A.TT, 7UJack5Oü-st., Chicago. : Fnr advertisinir in any newspapür before spein my ncw catalocrne of over OISIÍ TIÏOVSANI) Papers. S.P.SAKBOnN,lWMoiiroe-st.,Cliicago,Ill. ' BoKl lu cuín) Dy Üruxcisia. 86 [nu anti opwvtls. afm B B II tk M MORPHINE HABII speeülly Bi cured hy J)r. Beck's only I ma linown A sure Hetacdy. " I Iwl" NO CIIAIIGE for trealment untll cured. Cali on or mldrosB DR. J. C. BECK, Ciuoiunati, O. SEEQS' SPOONER'S M ' Boston Market Vegetable Seedê. Spooner'ffrize Flower See&. n F I I A B L E 12 Ohoice Varieties Asters, S I . IILLinULU Cabbage, Kotller's runswick, per nz., .-,(!: Perlb., j'V. CrrnO I OurHlu?tratod Catalogue stnt frte. OLlLIO I W. H. SPOONER.Boston.Mass. Til ASTUMATIPG T1IR oebbn rivkr IU ABI nlfïM I Illö. A8THMA CURE i .nado and Huid by J. Hart & Sou, and wairanted to relieve ' eTery case of A'STli .M A in I lireo tu lien DÜnotes.lnfaaling aa per cHreotlona attendlng eaoh package. h bae ijti tMted four fears in hundreds of oaM. Eteoeni nli.u-ks ara 'ourtd by a few aittings. l'ull packace, twoand onehalf ounces, $.U(); tliroi' paokagea, (0.OO1 by mail, postage prepaid. tix paokages, by Rxpnra, for (9.00. Al! ! orderswlll reoeive prompt ttenüon, Inaendnu forthe i CURE, send P. O. Order, Dratt, or BegktWeO Letter, at our risk, naming this paper. J. HART & ,SO, C'ainbrltlgc, 111. i f PORTABLE Soda Fountains. $40, $50, $75 & $100. GOOD, DURABLE AND CHEAP. KhipptHl rendy f ir Uao. Blanufactnrod byOHAPMAN A CO., Madison, Ind. ï ■ " Sond for a. Catalogas. ft Ib Tlic OmiiïiiOoiniminHy. A-TS-fcA. ' H.G.A.,a.' "Are niiu'.h plöflhixi yT? HgyBk ivilb jmir Seii T'Viini." The bestemt. wS!r!Jg A. ltl Fiirlmil,O. tfWr y 1íf1'1 ' '';iul 's excellent. My otutomrYftIi'ïïM erB nilis' "n1 %yil' have it." Dw Boa lA Wi! K"íüii :uni .vinirííililtj will oli'inn nnd i K !'JáLo'Xv A l'eKl' your fíiifists. YtmrGrocer.if V5" f Jm "tliginar, will ppt it for you. ït sa ves ! a KV# a MÜL,Ï!5n(P.Ac.j and m;ik(is themost & g (fcTqa JÍ m delifioiis ]lro)id,Iiisciiit .1 CJakoyou iPir# ÉlrT ("vfrsiiiv. S'-nii fnr ' ' to Geo. 1 fcT mm ' qpT'' ':'CTyA KanimtiARt. N.Y. SHARPSllFLE CX Wannfactnrara ol Putenl Brench-loadlng, MUilAry, Sport. rwandCceedmoorRiflei. Tlir Bt-sl IntkeWotU, Winner at tntornationo] nd bar prinolpai nutoliesat Oroedma i oíd.) Spori'nn Klftal, $30 to $38 Crceiím'oor Rifbs. c!cvalions (or 1300 yds , $90 & $125 Si mi fot Ulostratnd Catalogue. Af.i'icv ii oOfi ii e,l Ji. G. WBSTOOTT, II AKiKi 'lio, ('onn. í Presiden AGE.VTS vvat::i fiv (Kr New Baak, SUCCESS in BUSINESS Thl countey Iuh non tor èverybod, Mpney in Tkauk, In die AIii.i,, in -Mim.--.Mii tUe FaBM, in the Oï Stock, in Poultry. ThiB lionk llu■■. buvv Buhíbdm Men, t'umer , Worltin fi Jai ! tbe bc .k neede4 ■""' Uiü ■ J ■ ilai , and terina, .1 . V. McCI Ull .. (()., Clnotniiatlj U.i Ctiltfag, III.; sj. l,uis. Ufo. N. THI i I D EED! i tOM 01 Holy liiHLK, pulillshsd by uv la tlie i!n?-t, oht and best. Agenta make from SïO to %H0 por montU Hing it witü Qthvr book, without txtrfl ■vpeni. Ghicaeo Bnsiness Directory. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. CHICAGO SCRAPER 4 DITCHEK CO., 66 LnSalle. ARTIFICIAL LINIBS. Dr. HTATT 4 Le EOY, 101 South Clark. AWNINGS, TENTS, TWINES AND CORDAGE. (1 LBEBT, HUBUAKD 4 CO., 226 to 230 South Water. BAKING POWDER AND EXTRACTS. Dn. PRICE'8, Steele i Prtee JITi?, 2nl .1 íimS. Water, CtÜOIfo, 3J4 N. 2d, St. Louis, tU Main, Cincinniiti. BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS. W. IS. KliEN, OOOKE 4 CO., 113 to lió State. BOOTS AND SH0ES-AUCT10N AND COMMISSION. JAS. P. McNAMAKA 4 CO., 27 E. Washington. BOOTS AND SHOES -WHOLESALE. DOGGETT. BASSETT 4 1 1 1 1.LS, 39 to 31 Lake. l.HKI'.MSl'KLDhK, ROSENTHAL40O..B4 4 38 Lake. l'lll-.l.l'S, DOOOK 4 PALM lili, 4X nncl :m Wabaab uv. (J. S. K1OHAKDSON 4 CO., 12 to 191 FranMin. CANNED FRUITS AND CRYSTAL LAKE PICKLES. F. A. WAIDNiSR, 45 and 47 River. childuen's casriages. rocking horses, SLEIGHS, Etc. JAMES B. THOMAS, Manufacture!-, 114 M, Peoría. CHINA, GLASS ANO QUEENSWARE. BOWEN 4 KENT, 262 to 264 Wabash-av. CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE. A BRAM FRKNCH 4 CO., 101 4 103 Wabashav. DRUGGISTS-WHOLESALE. B. 13URKUAM 4 SON, 62 aud 54 Lake. ENGRAVER. SEALS, PRESSES, BURNING-BRANDS, SOAP STAMPS, STEEL AND BRASS STAMPS. L. BOCHE, 171 K. Randolph. ENGRAVERS. íS. D. CII1I.1)S,JR.,4CO, lierruUÉ ENGRAVER, STENCILS A.ÍD STOCK. C. H. HAN.Sltf,: South Claik. FLOWLRS AND STRAW GOODS -SPECIALTY. DALY, II HNROTIN 4 CO., Ml and H6 Wabash av. FURNITURE. A. L. HALK A BRO., 2UU, 2(3, ÏH and 206 Randolph. GLASS SHOW-CARD PAINTER. J. J. G. BURüliOFFER, US, M and 2! E. Randolph. GRASS SEEDS. ALBKRT DIOKIKáOK, KM Kinzie. GUNS. CUTLERY, FISHING TACKLE. Address W. B. SI'ENIJUR 4 00., bi Stato. Kut. 1867. HARDWARE AND CUTLERY-WHOLESALEEDWIN UUNT 4 SONS, 53 and 0 Lako. HEAVY HARDWARE-WHOLESALE. KI.MIÏARK BROS. 4 CO., 8U to 81 Miohigan-a. HOTELS. ! NEVADA HOTEL, Wbh-T., lint. Madison andMonru. Cuntrat, convenitnt. $2.00 per day. IMPERIAL AXLE GREASE. (EO. B. SWI1T 4 CO., MVrs., Ui to 146 Fulton. LEAD PIPE AND SHEET LEAD MANUFACTURERS. E. W. BLATCI1FORD 4 CO., 70 Noith (Jlinti n. LINSEED 0IL AND OIL CAKE MANUFACTURERS. i E. W. BLATUlll'ORU 4 CO., 70 Norta Ulint' n. 1 LOCKSM1THS' AND BELL-HANGERS' MATERIALS. J. F. WOLLENSAK, 328 Laijalle. LUMKR. TUK PESHTIGO CO. -Oreen Bmi [ámbar. Pier. W. E. tHruQEi Prt-s't; G. O. Hempetead, Sec y. MARBLE AND SLATE MANTELS. TUK (JOWliN MARBLE CO., 11 North Clark. MUSIC, SHEET AND BOOK. AND DEALERS IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. THE ROOT 4 SONS MUSIÓ CO., 109 Stute. PIANOS AND ORGANS. ' W. W. KIMBALL, 2u5 to 209 State. PUMP MANUFACTURERS. J. F. TEMPLE 4 SONS, M'f'rs., cor. PÓlk and CanaL REAL ESTÁTE. JAS. B. GOODMAN 4 CO., 73 Dearborn. SEWING MACHINE COMPANIES. AMERICAN S. M. CO.. 212 Wabosh-av. "DOMESTIC" S. M. CO.,74 State. Aconta ivanted. I S. M. CO.. 160 State. Huil 1'. S. M. CO., Johnson. Clark 4 Co., 141 SUte. V K TOR S. M: CO., 381 West Wadison. SHOT. i CHICAGO SHOT TOWER CO., 70 North Clinton. SHOW-CASE MANUFACTURERS. SAMUEL B. MARTIN, 13 N. Groen. SOAP MANUFACTURERS. JAS. S. KIRK 4 CO.'S STANDARD SOAPS, sold bj Wholesale Tiade everywlure, 358 to 362 N. Water. STEAMSHIP LINES. WHITE STAR MAIL LIN E, 97 Clark, A. Lagergren. WASHING MACHINES. For Circulare, etc., address CALKINS CHAMPION Washer Cu-, 207 Clark. Agnts wanted eveiywhure. WÍHITE LEAD, ZINC AND COLORS MANUFACTURERS. CHICAGO WHITE LEAD 4 OILCO., Green 4 Fulton. WIRE CLOTH AND WIRE GOOOS. CLINTON WIRK CU)TH 00., 17f Rimdnlph. ATTE.VTIOX, OWXEKS OF HOltsKS. fc Aik ymir Harncss Maker for KV iBk ""' 'i" t-'ollar Pud. ' SHËVnnil'1. ir iimnov r.'fun -led. if & % 'fMiriutt-i] tiirections are folS. ": y M lowed. Si'nd 7'n1. for pample. %i=ÍV' Ciliar Pací Co., Ki.le sé M;:nnf't'rs, Euchanan.Mich. IIICT MOXKY IN IT Slllfü ! Jusl ont. BOOK NEWMAPS,CHART8,&G. CY"IJ _. Our liew rhart, CIIRISTIAK A M GRACES,teaBplendlduooMs. Cin. ■ ■ cinnati pricc sanio as mv Vork Send CTT T fortermtoE. C. BRIUGMAN, 3 BarcOJjiljJu laySt., N. Y.,4 1JÍ! W. 4thSt.,Cin.,O. èW. F. BURNHAM'S wateTwheel A ns (Irí'íí'íi, 4 reara njro, ;ind put to work In the Piitent UiBcr, Washington, L. (J.,and h,ia pro ved tobfl the tcst. 19sizos niiide. Priccx loivEr than anyother tirst-class WheeL Painphletfi-ee. N.F. BURNHAM, York, Pa. f - Tr--T. This new Trusa is wom ■9gk wiíh pericct comfort night t t rtïnK'"1 Adapts itsolf to WSevfTyinotion ol the body, 't S . FSriiUiiiiiniïnipUirennderthe 2a." Illlldtt i'V, riMMir m- .Tfst HV9ii st ra in uní il penninifnllv WW cnred. Sold choap by the XJ Elastic Tniss Co, No.6S3Broadway, N. Y.City. SftQt by mail. Cali or seitd for Circular, anti be cured. DO YOUR OWN PRINTINC! Ll JL PEINTING PEE SS. I i'or l'iMtf'oHidiial iiiid A.matenr i Printers, Sckools, Socletle, Han. ;! iilju-tiirorK, MercIluntN, and othcrs itis M the BEST over iiivintal. 13.000iimr. l Ten Btyles, Prioos (rom S5.00 to $150.00 BENJ. O. WOODS&CO.Miuiiirrsaii.l ■ dealers in ai; kinds of Print ing Material, Scnd etamp for Catalogue. ) 49 Federal St. Boston. ; PÏUM Habit Cured A certain and siirc cure, without ineonvrnience ! nd at homo. An antidoto tbat Btamls puroly on lts own rncrifs. Send fur iny quartorly taagastDO, Ut cosís yoanoíftLr.) conlainhiKriTtiflcut"?! fhondred that hnve been pcrmnniT.lly cured. I clnltn to havo : dlscovcrcd and producedtbe i-irst, okichnai, akd OXLY fiUKÏÏ CVKE TOÜ 6PITJK F.ATIITa. DR. S. B. COI.LINS, JL,a Porta, ïnd. Biciards ron forte, CHICAGO. Portable and Stationary ENCIMES, ELEVATOR MAOÏÏINERY, i POWER CORN 8HELLERS, Burr Stoue Feed Mills, Belting, Buckets, MIJL.L MAOHINERY. Dr. J. Walkers California Vin egW Bitters aro n pmely Vc el preparation, made chielly from tlie i' tivo liorbs foiind on tlio lowcr ran, 1 i the Sierra Nevada iiiouiiUiins of Caiir nia, tba medicinal propci'tice jf rlA' aro extracted therofrora without tne i uf Alcohol. Tl, o question ia almS daily asked, "Whattothe cause „f L unparalleled succcss of Vixboab b" TEKST" Our answcr is, that they rèmovn the cause of disenso, and the patiënt t covers liis liealth. They aro themS blood purlfier and a life-giving priiici a peifect Kenovator and InvigofL, of tlu system. Never befors in aL liistoiy of tho world lias a medicine C coinponnded posscssiiig tho rtmarkiu, qualities of Vikeoar Bitters in In sick of every diseaso man U heir to. fi are a gentío Purgativo as well as a Tos relioving Congestión or Inllamniati,,,',; tho Liver and Visceral Orgiiu,;. in 1%, Diñases. The propeilics of Dn. WauK3 Vl.VKfiAR BlTTKRS ait Apcriullt. I1 Cariniuative, Nntritions. Laxative Secbtive, Irritant, Sudorific, tive. aud Anti-Bilious. It. H. McDONALD A CO.. Drnggist and Gen. Apts., San Francisco, Cílilml. and t-or. of Washington mid Chariton Sí Sold by all Druggtst and Dialtr,, C4AA ondexpcnspBamonthtonpiaWI,L STUUDARD. Joncsvi;, QRoíí9n pGr day at Tb '."mÍÍZ W J " 0 C U Geo. Stinson tí Co., p,,n;. ATTJSNTIOSÍ, OWSERS OK HORsíT WHB0E8 COMPOTnrooTl PTJEE COD LIVEÏ L OIL AND LIÏÏE.J WillorN Cod JL.ivT Oil and Liinr.-Tlif great populan ty of this sife and efficacl im l u alono aítributable to its Intrtnslo wm-th t ttietun of Coughs, Oolds, Asthma, BronchiUn, Wi]ocpingC'uh ScrofulouH Humors, and all ConstunpUveBfmplañ,ii has nn superior, if MJttal. hf-t no ona npg!cct theer!i symptoms oi dieane. when an afitíiit is thas at hwí which will alleviate all complaint of the ( ar Throat, Manufacturad only by A. ü. W1LB9E, Ohemist, Boston. Sold by all druggists. FARNHNGLANDS The C, B. I. & P. K. E. Company la offeriog for gale íit Low Trices and Moot Raeonaiilc Tenw, TO ACTtAI, NETTIJ'RS, Sonic of ih MoHt 1 and Fcrtile IJniiiiprovcii X.and in Th tío I And 3 ar aituated on or nnr tbc linr nf iís rai'tnful, b ÖIIE1T CF.NTKA1. ROUTI fruin the twiern biatci to Ihe I'íciflt ChI ,mJ w é moitlj betwíen (he important citle of De Molnes nd Ora ! bt Agrifultumi aad must rjiMly-iiYelnr.inf; portion of lowi. 3EH.IC3S ARE LOW, Ranging from $5 to $ I O per acre, The averase príce boinp: Bomewhat ; g-Kiilorir TfekMÍá. by ninluiuág hich milrovf ■ pftTDirnta for laud, u for su) at tL? principal ticket offiou iu low and Illinois. For Mapa, tcrias of míe and diríctions W loteato( 1 puiohaAcra, addrrsa J. Ij. DREW, IjiiikI {'onimUsioiHT, C, EL I. & R. B. CO.. Davkxpobt. Iowl T7XI3E3 BEST PRAIRIE LANDS I0WA AND NEBRASM, FOn SALE BY THE Burlington & Missouri RiTcr R, E, Ci. On Ten Years' Credit at 6 Per Cen'. Interest. OlfF. XILLtOir ACRES ín lona and South-rn Sthrmh Tlic (iiiisi ooitntry in le woilil tornabiii- FARJDKG antl STOt'K-K VlsnG. Products will Pay tor Land and Improvemcnts Lul Before the Principal Becomcs Duc. LARCE DISCOUNTS FOR CASH. " Tho o-cnlled dosütatinn in Nebruík lies in U to ; weBtemroüion.beyond tbelftndsof theB. 4M.B.H. I tíT For circular thnt wfll dmnfiw íully the luk and the terms ol' Ble, apply to or nrMmss LASD COMJUSSIOSER, BarBaston, lows, fnr Inw I.-.n-li, or Linoolii. Neb., for Nobraska Un NIGHOLS, SHËPARD & GOS "VIBRATOR" THREil Tho RRILIiTANT SUCCENS of this GraiB' Savlng, Xline-Savlng THRESHEBiü onprecedeatad intheannalsof Farm Miuliin'i : In a britrf perifMl it has l)cronip wldoly knoun anrl FIJLLY BSTABUSHBDi ■ "l,i: lllivi; Til lEi:stll; MACHB" ltlT II vVsilts i: lo the wnstefn-1 and lmpcrfwt work "' ?'".'' Thre8hers, when posted on tlio rast of ttüA mío, for iftvhkg Krain, eaving i mío, ji1" floinft&8t, tlinrnuKh nd wonomical " THRESHERMEN FIND IT hiffhlj n run n machine ttaal haann " i'i':i ir . .ir " Apnui." tliat hanrilca Damp Gr Slraw, Flaidings, Flax, Timotliy, Mil ■nr.hritfflenil tmin añil pportí", witli ENT" BASE AM BFFECT1VKNESS. to [icrfection ; saves the farmer liis extrn saving of Ri-iin; makesno "LH" iags;" requlrw LESS THAN ONE-HALF Belts, Boxea, Journal, and Uear ngeá; Ibss repairs: onc thafprain ruto employ atid nuil for e ven at ai ult iries, Vvhile other machinen iré "on Fonr sises made wltli 6, 8. lOan"'horso "JtloiiiitcU" Poiver, nl' ah,. ialty ofSeparators "alone," oxi'r''"1.' for STEAn I'OWKII, and t" 'lial' other Hire Vower. I f intetesteri la prrain rai -itiií, or thrcsïrirjs, ly for Illnstrateil Circulars (seiií free) witn m particHlan of slzos, styles, prices, finís ('11'NK1IOLS, BHEFARD - Ilatlte Crecí, Mi'l'':1"1 ÓOR PER D.VY OonuBtalon,or3e' UL vi 1T. and Pípensr. Ws ofler it nd wffl l':ll(i ipplynow. gTw. 'Webber Sí "BSTCHOMABIIT, or Soul CharinW" HW .-i til. ..j ni;, y fihi;,l ni. 'I í ,li-. .-ll..n ... „,.,■,■,.„ Cl,..),. .i,,,t v. TUL" ,.„,■, fror. liytnall, 25 renl tocrtln-r willinMn S;r I k. AddrMBT.Vll.CUM ;IU lEjpÜi tlioíc who are inarried or oontemplate Da?JÏÏ53 FrlceMcl. bymail. Adrtres Dr. Bntta l"sPe" tary. 13 NortU-ElgtiUl Strest. St.JUml3, Jio. ! DR, WHITTIEB, No. 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis. "■' nltnuei to treat all c&iea of obtao!e ti raan-fage, H topuritlei, tTery ailment or etokaesa whieh reiuiu fr" tndltarctlon or lmprudeoce. with DpamUslrjl 0(lf„!r Or. W.'i Btabltabment la obarttretl by tbo PítíoJl"'' ourt, vu foimded and hu beo eatablishM to "CD , afe, nrtkfD aod reliable relief. Bcing a frattii' " nrtral medical oolleMi. and haring the experknc " " loog Md ancctsaful lífe ío hla ipeoialüu. be bi prW rm-lle thl are effeotn! in all tbeae caaea. IMi Ptl#ÏT ar. bi'ing troatd by malt or excreta eTerywütrí. W f ha fallod, oall r wrlte. yroni tba frct onm r f applioatlooa ho Ia cnabled to keep bi" obr" WW. 3O pageT glvlog full fymptomB, for two !?' MARRIACE CUIDE, 00 pafet, a popular twok whlch ibeuld be retd by Tfl bodj. Ka ra r ried pair, or peraona oontmltli ■". r!j8, cao afford to do without it. It oontaias the ore mclloal literatura on tbl aubjeot, the reaaltaof WL: I-Bg eiperirüo;alao the bvat tboorhti fro Ute "" Is Israpa and Aaaarl. fteut aealoó. poat-paid for 60"' DR. G. Á. BOHABNAI NO. BI!) North Fifth Btjeet, st. Looi, ,M": F1' 0( LISI1KD 1807. Cmesftll sufferors ivitbtiut theiw ITB-Iir. B.'s 'TTreaUM on Special DiwmW . , Jgm faïly expljiins tlie nature, oanBes. BIiiis0d to all forma o Nervóui Debilitv, all OW" 'f,,, on h.v'ilio "KrroreofYouth," and ïuablo lnionojjjg „Th.i delicate aubjeuts, Bent. rara 1" Pbl" envelope. wÏSn writimg to advertJJJiSS W please y vos tnw th dvert" latAUpnpcr.


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