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Company B--honorary Membership

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At the meeting of Company B, held Monday evening, it was voted to establish an honorary membership, and the following resolutions werc adopted : Whereas, Article VII, of the constitution of Company B., First Regiment, Michigan Stat 3 ïroopa, provides for a list of honorary members ; and Whereas, We, the Executive Board of said company, believe that by means of such a list the citizens of Anu Arbor will take a greater interest in the welfare of the company, both in a social and and tinancial poiut ; therefore, Resolved, That we establish a list to be known as the roll of honorary members of Company B., First Regiment, M. S. ï. Resolved, That any lady or gentleman may beconie an honorary member by receiving a vote of the majonty of the board and by paying to the Financial Secretary the sum of five (5) dollars aunually. Resolved, That any honorary member shall forfeit their connection by the neglect to pay the annual dues on or before the lóth day of May in each year. Resolved, That the citizens of Ann Arbor be caruestly requested to aid in the maintenance of Company B. both socially and pecuuiarly. Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the citv papers, together with a copy of Article VIIÏ, of the constitution AKTICLE VIII - OF HONORABY MEMBERSHIP Sec. 1. There may be established an honorary department of the company, the members of which may be exempt from company duties, but subject to such annual tax and to such condition as to admission privileges and duties asthe Board bv by-laws shu.ll prescribe. Sec. 2. There shall be kept by the Sec retary and First Sergeant a distinct roll of honorary members, which shall be huug in the annory. Sec. 3. Honorary members may attend drill and civil meetings, but shall uot vote or be elligible to office, civil or military. Sec. 4. All houorary members providing themselves with uniforms and equipments, shall be numbered, armed and equipped by the Quartermaster in an equipped honorary list ; they may parade with the company on furnishing the commanding officer proof of iuflicient drill and paying to the Secretary their pro-rata share of the assessment for defraying the expenses of such parade. Sec, 5. No person, except active or honorary members of the company, shall be permitted to turn out with the compauy either on drill or parade or be allowed to appear in the uniform of the company on any occasion. ARTICLE X- INTERMENT. Sec. 1 It shall be the duty of the commanding ofticer on being informed of the death of auy member to await upon the friends of the deceased, and should they have no serious objections, the company shall inter the body of the deceased with military houors. Bv order ot the Board.


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