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IiiroiiTED eollars have neck-tics bo match. Tpiere is a noticeablc absence of lace üii hats, tilia season. Thk old-faehioned black and white checks aro to be worn again. Maut basques aro made without i shoulder seams, and consequently have bias backs. All the looping of over-dresses is in the baek. Tho front must be porfcctly i straight and plain. Most of the spring hat.s have three or I four colors in the trirnming, and these in great contrast. Ciuldren's hats are mostly of chip and leghorn, and eimplieity is tlie rule wliich guides their trimming. The new sumruer fan is ealled tho "Pistolet." It is shapèd likeapistol, and "goesoff " when opened. Yodkü ladies, from twelve to sixteen, who are in the habit of chewiug gum, must bo told the painful news that thut pi-actice is going out of fasnion. Some of the conntry hats are marvels of beauty and jauntiness. They have very wide brims turned up in front and dented at the sides, and are trimmed with scarfs of flowers. Walking skirts consists of a front gore, i a straight back breadth and two gores on each side. About half way down the skirt, on the second side seams, strings should be fastened, in order to tie the Aress back, and make all the fullness come behind. It may be well to suggest to youug ladies who wish to have something quite j pretty and dressy without much ' pense, that a sleeveless jacket of lace and i muslin puffs or insertion is extremely . pretty to wear over a black silk to an informal entertainment where full dress is j out of the question, and a plain black silk is a little too sober. A jacket of this kind may be made at home, and withnot very much work. After a perfect patterii is made, the lace must be carefully basted on the paper, bringing selvedge , to selvedge, so thatit maybeoverhanded. When the seams are nicely put together, it should have a lace edge an inch and a . half or two inches wide all around the garment and around the arm-holes. A very pretty every-day dress for a little girl of ten years is of brown plaid, made with overdress and basque. The underskirt is trimmed with a knife plaitjng about eight inches wide, headed with B bias fold piped with red. The little round overskirt, looped on the side and in the back, has the same trimmiug made narrower. The basque has only the fold and piping around the bottom, and the sleeves have a plaiting eight inches wide, witii a fold and piping running throngh the center. The arm-holes are also piped.


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