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A Perplexed Duellist

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The most notorious of living cluollists ! is just now under a cloud, and the worst : of it for him is that lie cannot, as usual, get into tlie sunshino again by killing or ; wounding somebody. A certaiu Madame Olga in Paris roccntly sent around to the office of the Pays newspaper a notice of a ooncei-t, which notice failed to appeaï in the journal named. A friend of Madame Olga called on the editor of the Pays, M. Paul Cassagnac, and asked the rea'son of this neglcct. M. Cassagnac, the editor, responded ciirtly, añd supplemented his response by a reflection upon ; the character of the lady interested. Múdame Olga, hearing of tliis scandalous j aspersión, failed to throw herself into j the Seine, or adopt any of the modes of self-destruction popular with despairing women in tke French capital. She took quite a different course. In short, Madame Olga dressed herself in maii's attire, purchased a small cane, and went vrpon the war-path. She found that famous duellist and editor, M. Paul Cassagnac, sipping his absinthe grandly in the fashionable Cafo de la Pais, and addressed him briefly but pointedly in tho way a furious woman talks. Then the little cane in Madame Olga's hand cut the air and curled about M. Cassagnac's back, then across the face, and then the gentle creature left the room. The duellist is enragcd, but, apparently, without resort. He cannot cali a woman ont and shoot her; hc cannot pink her with his sword, wliich is for men alone. It is a distressing situation for the editor of the P(iys, and his Frenchman's wit will be tested in devising a revenge.


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