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Rare And Valuable Recipes

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How To Make Fanoy Bbead. - Take eqiial quantities of potatoes and powdered bones ; acid to this a smnll portion of Üour and a strong dose of the cheapest baking-powder. Stir veil, and bake in a slack oven. If this won't turn out fancy bread, your stomach must be siugularly devoid of imagination. How to Cook Your Neighbor's Goosk. - Firat eateh your neighbör funawares f rom bohind, if possÍDle, and in a dark place), and then give him a good one for liimself with any instrument yon may considor suitable and sufficient. (For onr own part, we have generally fouud any ordinary uteiiRÜ of the kitchen - say, for instance, a poker - quite suitable, and more than snfficient.) Shonld, however, the bird be a tough one, and one good one not good enough for him, repeat the dose until further notice, i. e., until the old bird is cooked to your fancy. How to Curbï Favob. - Having procured your game, flrst soak him well in the very flnest port-wine (or old Madeira, according to taste) yon can obtain. From your sauce bottle labeled ' ' Toadyism " then take one large table-spoonful, and mix the same judiciously with a teaspoonful or soof " Backbiting." (N. B. - This should be especially highly flavored and pungest in quality. Carefully skim off any residuum of the unprofitable fat of " Self -respect, " and serve ni hot and strong.) Thia has been found an infallible recipe, and can be recommeuded as easily digested by the weakest tomach. A New Bum Punch. - First select and then accost any stout and gouty old gentleman (an alderman, if possible), as he is walking home. Politely ask him to lend you lus stick (or umbrella) for a second ; grasp that stick (or umbrella) firmly in your right hand, take off your bat with the left and bow politely ; then, as he is returning your salutation, give him a regular good one in his waistcoat ! (about the third button) with the forrule : of the stick (or umbrella) and then take yourself off. (N. B. - The latter part of this recipe should be done with celerity, or the cook, instead of taking liimself oif, ; may be taken off liimself.) This recipe will be found to make a very rum punch.


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