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Paul Boynton In England

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One of our prophets who went ibroad for lionors is achieving them to the fiül. This is Capt. Boynton, who barely created a mere ripple of sensation in tliis country by his remarkable invention of a life-preserving diess, and its exliibition ; in the Long Branch surf, last season; and another by proposing to drop off the steamship in mid-oooan, ciad in a snit of his, and make his way easily to the other side. In London for some months Boynton has been decidedly a lion. From the day that he made Queenstown, having been dropped thirty miles off the ! coast, his fame has been growing ; and his matinees on the Thames are now as well attended and exciting as the college races or the Lord Mayor's show. He has now not one snit only, but several, and takes pupils in navigation. The other day, he and two novices put off ! from Westminster bridge in their ! ber suits and floated down to Greenwich. ' There were, say the London papera, tens of thousands of spectators on the Thames cmbankmeut and the bridge ; fleets of , boats followed and surrounded the ' ers, and the river steamer which accompanied them was crammed with people; ■n ho, by the way, were enlightened as to the modus operandi of the gaiment by a brother of the inventive captain, who answered all the questions and objections with the greatest oase. Capt. Boynton illustrated one of the uses of the costume by taking a line in his teeth and conveying it with remarkable swiftness from the steamer to a barge ; and gave other exhibitions of its facility; the three of ; them lunching for instance, midway in I the current, in au upright position, off a I rubber table that is one of his inventive conveniences. One of the novices was a ! doctor, who tested the effect of thedress upon the temperature of the body, and found it warmer at the end than at the beginniug. Tliis is important for only the mimbness caused by cold prevenís ! swimmers from making indefinitely long : distanoes. Of course, this trial on the I Thames is no test of the value of his in1 vention in the waste of ocean, but Boyn1 ton is to try it across the stormy chan1 nel, pretty soon, which will be more to ! the purpose.


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