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How Pat Stopped A Train

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The Quincy Herald tells how a conductor on the Toledo, Wabash and Western railroad, on his way with i heavy freight train, behind time, and with a f uil head of steam, saw a man frantically waving a monstrous umbrella to hail 'the train. The brakes went down, and with a mighty effort the heavy train was brought to a stop. The individual with the umbrella turned out to be Irish, and the following dialogue ensued : Son of Erin - " Can I see the conductor '{" O'Neil - "You can; that's me.' Son of Erin - "Is your name Charles O'Neil ?" O'Neil- " It is." Son of Erin - "Areyoufrom Ireland?" O'Neil- "I am." Son of Erin- " And are you from the cotinty Kilkenny ?" O'Neil - "I am not." Son of Erin - "Well, be gorra, Misther O'Neil, it's sorry indade I am to hear that last, f or I liad au own cousin named Charles O'Neil lave the Ould Dart and the county of Kilkenny, thirty-two years ago this coming December, and it's only a fortnight back that I heard there was one Charles O'Neil bcssing this train, and how did I know but what he might be the same cousin i God bless yer soul!" O'Neil - "And is that all you want ;" Son of Erin - " Begorra, isn't that enough 1 What more eould an honest man want than to see a cousin thathe hasn't laid eyes on for these thirty-two years '." Lazï persons die young. It is the active in body and brain who live to extreme oíd age, as a rule. It is abundautly proven that exercise of the mind invigorates its bodily receptaele, even when that exercise i carried to an appareutly extreme point. The brain, the reservoir of nervous energy to the rest of the syste.m, ulereases in volume and vigor by use, just as the arm of the blacksmith or the leg of the danoer gains iu muscular development. The general sy.stem beu-;flt.s by the enhanced brain-power, and greater vitality and longevity in the result. Work by method and on Bystem, even when severe, is not only quite compatible with long life, but is actually condneive to it, -while the torpor of idleness or the excitemente of ütful effort are the sure precursor of mental and physical degeneration. This is a uHPfnl doctrine to preacli, and Btill more useful to practice. Dr. Halt. No truk woman will ever marry a man so tal] that she oaanot roaob ïae hair.


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