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Antimony has boen discovered in tbo uppe península, and ampie said to contain 70 per cent. of pure antimony are on exhibition i Detroit. Tu e Parma (Jacksou eouuty) steam milis are oaaklflg 120 barrels of flour per day. Ar Columbiaville an orgRnization bas been recontly formed ca'led the Marathon Fish Club. Saaie of its objects, oh set fortli in the constitntion, are to procure, as soon as possible, the opening of Flint river for the frce passage of tish f rom Lake Hurón; to promote fish eultur in all tho available waters in the vieinity, and to seo that the fish are properly protected. Citizens of tliis State have recently sccured patcnts on the f ollowjug and inventioiis improvemcnts: Lubricating compounds, J. O. Betts, Detroit ; hand truck. H. Parker, Otsego ; manufacture of medicated boer, 1. W. Taveuer. B i.v City. PEBSONAI Thomas Laibix employed at Floren' machine shop, at Detroit, was canght in the maclnueiy. on Jlonday, hon'ihly manglod, and iustantly killed. H. II. Oibson, whose city management of the Flint Globe made it one of the very best local papers in the State, has retired, and goes to Grand ltapids to engage, nhortly, in journalism on a larger Hcalo. Cornie Hayward. of Marshall, came uear losing her lifo recently, simply from the extraction of a tooth. Au artery had become fastencd to the root of the tooth, and bioke loose when it was oxtracted, and it was twelvo hours beforo the physiciau could stop the flow of blood. (v. Baoley has appointed Inaac Maratón Judge of the Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of I. P. Christiancy ; and Josiah !. Hawea, of Kalamazoo, Judge of the Ninth Circuit, in place of D. C. Comstock, doceaeed. CKIMK. Two men, named Fred Burbauk and Klaas Yan Denburg, wliile chopping wood uear Grand Haven last week, got to quarreling about some wood. Burbank struck Van Denburg with his list, and Van Denburg in return struck Burbank on the head with his axe, inflicting a mortal wound. Michael Hahp was pit into the Au Sable ' lock-up Satiu-day evening for druukenness. After being frustrated in one attempt to burn j the building, he made a secoiul, which was j eminoutly sucoeOBÍnl. His corpse was taken out before the fire reached it. lts appearance indicated that he was suffocatod by the smoke. CA8UAI.TI1ÍS. Mayer Buxbaüm was killed last week, near ' Detroit, by faUing from the Chicago express i bound west. He had como from New York to ; take charge of a eonfectionery establishment in Detroit, and was carried pasttho city by his neglect to alight there. A TEAJisTEK in the lumber región about Sagj inaw was küled last week by the falling of a limb of a tree which had become detaehed by i I fuiious gale. His name was Beuj. F. Wilmot, : aged about 30 years, and a niarried man. M1SCELX.ANEOUS. Information bas been ruceived by the Lighthouse Board at Washington that the Canadian nnt.horities have at last decided to erect a honse on Bar Point, in Lake Erie. at tho mouth of the Detroit river. TMh íb oue of the moet anuoying and daugerous shoals in that ake. The State Firemen's Convention met at Battle Creek on the Hth nét A permanent organjzatiou, to be kuown as the Aasociatiou of Firimen of Michigan, was pcrfected, and the f ollowing named persons electod oftieera for the ensuing year : Chief James Cavanaugh, of Muakegou, President ; Chiefs O'Neü of Kalamazoo, Battle of Detroit, Foster of Ooldwater, Lusk of Jacksou, and Brown of Battle Creek, Vicepresidente ; S. D. Pond, of Allegan, Kecording Secretary ; Frederick C. Selleck, of Paw Pai-, Correspouding Secretary : G. A. Johnson, of St. Louíh, Finani-ial Seorctary : H. Dickinson. of Coldwator, Treasurer ; Frederick H. Seymour, of Detroit. Htatistieian. Af ter r adopting rule and regulation goYerning toiiruameute, and transaeting varióos other business matter, the convention adjourned to meet tlie first Wednesday in May, 1876. at Jackaon. The Detríit Commandery of Iíniglits Templar have decided to go to New York city in Juno to attend a masouio celebration there. THE LKGISLATURE Tuesday, April 13. -Señale- The Houae bill to establish a State House of Oorreotion at Ionia was taken from the table and poseed, with immcdiati; effect.... Bills were passod : Ainemling the law for the organization of telcgraph companieB ; to estuhlinh a houiceopatliic medtal departmciit in conaection wuhthe University ; making appropriations for the Reform School, inimediate effect. IIouhc- Bills paflsed : Senate bill to amend the law relativo to betting at cards or dice ; to define the power of Notaries in certain cases ; to prohibit membera of a Common Council or Uoard of Trustees froni making a contract with their city or villase- asking Congress to grant relief to the soldiers and sailors in the late war; the House bill for the revisión of the State Prison laws, and toe bill to pay the interost-bearlng warrants of the rniversity. Wednesday, April 14.- Senate- Not in session. Houw- Rcmonstrances werc presentcd agalnstthe passage of the Medical Censors bill. . . . A mimber of bilis were passed, but of minor inipnrtance The House rcfuscd to adopt a resolutioii tliat wheniwo or more countten Iving contiguoug huve a moiety of the ratio, thej shuil 1)0 entitled to a representatjve. A lnrge nuniber of büls were agreed to in c mmittee of the whotó. Tuuksday, April 15.- tíiiiate- The concurrent resolution for distributing the laws of this seaBion was concurred in. . . .The Souate bill relativo to alienations by deed by married womén was tabled. The Senate bill regulating tho nale o. medicineR I and puwoim ti placed on the general order ... A largo nuuiber of büls were agreed to in couimltteo of the whole. House- The following bilis were passed, except as ofherwlse noted : Authorizing the printing and distiibution of the laws relative to drainage, ünniediate effect ; amendatory of the ntatuteB nlative to bridge companiis ; in aid'oí a railroad to the Menomineo iron range, immediatc effect; aiding in the constrnction of the AJpena, Au Sable and Standishrau! road, lost, reconsidered and tabled ; for the incorporation of manufacturing corupanies, loBt, 1 reconsidered aud tabled; substitnte for tho bill amending the minlng incorporotion act ' authorizing counties, towns and cities to pur1 chaèe land at tax sales ; amending the Iaw6 relaüve ; to broker and exhange dealers. Fkiday, April iei- Sendle- Tbe mie requir ing the second and third reading of bilis to be upon different day wan diepensed with for theremainder of the B'emtoá . . BfflB pased : l"or the relief of c rtaiu scheol dintrioU; making in appropnution lo the Aerioultural College; relating to co-operati o Bocicttea... The Scnato amonded the House concuii rent roeolntion of adjournment, tixin;; tin: time fcr Suturiiity, April 24, and for Bnal adjourumeiit, , VVednesdny, April 28, and In tht hap.' adeptod it. llmiae- A rcsolution that the two houses finieh I business on Thursday, April 29, and thtit the flnal adiournuient be on Tuefday, May 4, was adopted. Satükday, April 17.- Sermfe- A nUniber of ' Hoise bilis, not of general Interest, were psd. Jfoute- Senftte bfll lïl, amenitag Sec. ï,5), conCfrning oftinses against property, was rciiived from Ih" Seuate and amended by adding áéectleo making it nnlmvfnl to break into freight cars. The bill as amended was passed. Monday, April 19.- penale- Tlte Senate was not in session. Huuw- considerable amount of work was done in committee of the whole, and a large number of bilis, chiefly of local interest, were agreed to. Ainong these n the Joint resointiou dixecting the paj-uiiut of alxjut {21,000 in liquidation of the Beard claim for impröriug the latid Site in the llttkegon j river, in 186Ü.


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