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Mortgage Sale. pEFAÜLT havlDgbeen made in thee.. Usm Rsyer and Miui I ,., .'" ';.'' ''S' Wil. bor, Michigan, to Philip Bach nftl tal the uineteenth day of April i„' lhu'MathouBand elgbteen hundred and evi-nfVi recorded In the office f. i i „n ,;J;".M county ofWashtenaw, SiatL-oi Mi,] day -April, a. D. 1871, ai 91-2 „ her öofmort i . - "' li. mtaUmi nl of int. resl amounti, hundred and thirtren ,1 irs and eUhtTwithanother instalimeut of ont liui.i ; - ■' aIlat8tbecom:lu the nin.-t,, nuxt, together nli ;in atturiii-y'n f lars should any procei tlings " b ■ tai i close tne same; and no suii or proceedin having buen nstituted to n i ey oran, hereby givvn, tlial y virtu sald inortgageeontaincd, I slmll s I tothe hifthest bidder, on S iKCOND UATOf MAÏ-NEXT, attftl O'cluckil noon of said day, at the south d House in the city ol Aun Arbor (ilial lace of holding the Circuit Courl forsaid vashtenaw), the premises describ atiafy said u mts, witl n.l expenaca allowcd l.y tów, wliicli ,,-, , All thatcertain tract or nare-el ol landde' illows, I" wil : commencingtwenty-two fi ie northwest corner of lot nuraber fuu oe south of range Bve ca city of. Ann Arb. ui Michigan, thencu easl twenty-tv street, thence soutli one hundred twenty-two twt, tlimc-o uortli ono huiid the place of begimdiit;; alsn, the of using al any and all times an alley eighi f,.,'. ■' at the South end of thfa lot ; also, the atar thi easl brick and stoue wall of the buildi„, .' stoiv, from the top to bottom, sitúate on theLÏÏ? west corner of said lot uuinber Cour saM lm ii'r lieing the aiime wliich was ereeted and and oocupled as a si, by Luman li. Slawsnr i thegrouud upon which said east half o qow stands." Dat. 'il. February 2Sth, 1875. PHILIP BACH.Mo Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT I. madi in ,, . of acertáis mortgage whereby thejwi ■ 11 contained to m-ll has become optrative iy Louis K. Buchoz, of the it ■ li ' State of Michigan, to the ui 8. Brusb and Elmina iï. Brush, as mprtj ne twenty-eighth day of November, A. ■ imidred and suvcnty, uni] records! on l] lay of Decémfc tr, 180, ir 'eleven i i] the office I I f Waehteuaw, in the Statu oi Miehi 44 of mortgages, on pae 05, upon wlii. l.her isclaiiiKK] to be duo ut tin: dtitc ol the sum of two thousand and twn dollars :u 'i-'-:ent, and no suit or proceedings al chancery having been mstituted to reci part thereof: Notiee is ; "% eirá thal on 8aturday,thetwenty-fourth day of 7 1. 1875, at ten o'clockin the foren' ■ public auction, to the highesi bidder, (sale toiit place at the south door of the Couri n. irity ol' Ann Arbor, in said county, Eiouse being the place of holding the Ci tbr said county of Washtenaw), the u scribediD such mortgage, (or bo ruuch thererfa .-■hall be necessary to satisfy the ainoui such mortgage, and ogal costs aud i sale, together with au attorney fee of [ara con venan ted for therein , thal following piece or parce] of land situal city of Ann Arbor, in the county of v, and State of Michigan, vi. : Being on tliai part of lot nurabcr four, in block numhi I . that lies east of I Beginning on thu easi side of Detroit stre it crosses the south side of North si: east along North street ninety-niuelinl south parallel to the east side of said lol ehains , thence west parallel to Noi Beventy-two and three-fourths links; il flfty-flve dogrues vyest one chain au : four and ono-half links to Detroit str ■ north-east along theeast side of D chain and fifty-one links to the place of b Ana Arbor, Mich Januar 28 I GEORGE S.' BBUSH, i ., ELMINA E. BBUSH, }MortPlW Z. P. King, Att'y tor Mortg; i.,iö Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT haring be n made in the conáltiaiíf a oertain mortgage executed ii l'ntrickïïü ' and Mary Wall, his wife, to John Richai ninth day of February, A. D. 1867, and recordedii the office of Regiöter of Deeds for the ewdyü Washtenaw and State of Michigan, in I mortgages, on pa ■ 626, by whicfa defaaltthejiw of sale contained in said mortgage ha-. ■ erative, on which ui ■ .due at the date of this notiee for principa!, talent and attorney fee as provided for in said the sum of six huudred and thirty-oned twenty-thge cents, and rno suit or pro law ur in equity haring been instituted the aniount due on said mortga thereof: Now therefore, notiee that by virtue of thé power of -. said mortgage Ishall sell at public aucti aouth Vont door of the Court House, to Ann Arbor, (that being the building in Circuit Court tur said county of Washfa a on the twelfth day of June, A. 1). 1 -, a'dock in the forenoon of that day, tin premisee descrlbed in said mortgage, via; traet or parce! of land situated in the 1 1 Arbor, in the county of Washteuaw, am Michigan, known and described as lii thirteen ! . block four (4) north range four(4i eaat, knovBH the Lavery place, accordlng to the recorded plat f the rülage (now city) of Ann Arbor. in wiid coiuilv of Washtenaw, and ao mach or sucb part ur part thereof as sliall be necessary tosattef; the amouiit due apon said nortfl Dated 12th day of Marcli, A. D. 1875. JOHN EICHAED8 A. J. Sawyer, Motigagm. Att'y for Mortgagee. 1SB AdiuiniStrator's Sale. IN the rautter of the estáte of Perkins Gilzcer, deeeased. Notice is hereby give i that I shali sell to the highest bidder, at public auetion. od tiw thirteenth day of May, A. D. 187'), at teno'cloct in the forenoon of Baid day, at the soutb door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, in tie county of Waahtenaw, pursuant to liceuse to m; July granted by the Probate Court of thecouQiy of Meeosta, in the State of Michigan, on Aa Ürat day of June, A. I). IS74, ali the estáte, right, fitle and interest of said deeeased in and to all the foilowing described land, to wit: Beirinning at i point nine chaina and seveateen links east of lis quarter stake, between sections tTnty-cne O. and twenty-eight (2S), in towuship tw (2) south if range aix (6) east ; thence running east ulong the line three chaina and loriy-two links; tliencesoutt, at right anglea, four ehains and fifty littks, to tt noith bounds of the Michigan Central Kmlroed; thence westerly along the north line of said r road three chaina and sixty-four links: tbenw north three chaina and twonty-eight til place of bezinning, contaiuing one and one-hall acres of bind. Dated Maren 26,1875. CALVIN PRICE, Adminístrelo!. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the mditioa ota mortgage executed by tíeorge W. Haiens and Mary Havens, nis wife, to Charlee T. Witao!, all of the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, diitei thirteenth day of April, A. D. 1870, and re on the üfth day of May, A. D. 1870, at WO o in the afternoon of that day, in líber 41 of Kt gages, on page (ilC, upon which niortgage ura" claimed to be due at the date oi tlus uonce sum of one thousand flve hundred and 1." lars, and no suit or proccedings at law haviigW instituted to recover the mortaged debt,orw part thereof: Notice is therefore herebr gn that on Saturday the twellth day of J ' shall sell at public auction, to the highest ■"! at the south door of the Court House in thefflï'-' Ann Arbor, the mortgaged premisee, or som will satiöfy the amount due on such mortgage tf legal costs and charges of such sale, together nu an attorney fee of twenty-flve dollars, to Tit: ' number tive, blo'k uumber eleven iu Hiscoct-aj dition to the ei y of Ann Arbor, county of j "J" tenawand Statu of Michigan, except fourroO" width off from the north side of said lot. Dated Ann Arbor, March 19, 18TÍ. 1522 CHARLES T. WILMCT, MortiP' Mortgaga Sa e. DEFAULT having been made in the col1 of il certain mortgage fwhereby tl.e !''_ sell therein coutained has become oper;i cuted by Jane A. Gvifnth, of the city of county of Washtenaw, and State ot MidiigV, Julián í. Dickinaon, of the city of Detroit, VtP, , county, Michigan, dated the sjventeenti September, A. D. 1874, and recorded in t _",. of the liegister of Deeds for the county of "JJ I tenaw, in the State of Michigan, i" mortgages, on page 236, upon which ""b.j I there is claimed to be due at the date oi l , notice the sum of twenty-seven hunít rea seventy-eight 10-100 dollars, and oo ui' 0I't ceedings at law having been instituted to w l any part thereof: Notice is therefore, W'J ■ given, that on Wednesday, the twentv-eig"1" ;. of April, A. D. 1875, at ten o'clock i noon, I ahall sell at public auction, tu the " bidder, (sale to take plact at the front dooi i Court House, that being the plucc where te v. _ cuit Court for the county of Washtena t ully held, in the city of Ann Ai, V i county, Michigan,) the premiaea contara mortgage, or üo much tnereoi as ahall be " to satiafy the amount due on such nioita' ,(t ten per cent. interest, and legal costs, tof withan attorney fee of twenty-flve dolla: nanted for therein) thnt is to say the '""1U. )iece or parcel of land aituate iu the cit anti, in the county of Wasbteimw, "} , eow Michigan, and deaeribed aa followa, to _ , mencing on the east line ot Uuron streft, jj. j north of the northweat corner of lot one i"ljBi ndeighty-five; thence north alongsaio ix roda ; thence. east at right augles witn ine to the Huron river ; soiitlieri! he Huron river to a line six rods distan' nd parallel with tho north line of la0 ' onveynd; thence west to place of tiejrin'""1 Dated Detroit, January '22, 1S75. .,,. JULIÁN G. DICKIN80 J. (i. Dickinson, (m peraonj Mont s Att'y for Mortííaííee. 1516 . Chanoory Notioe. THE CIRCUIT OOURT tor tl.c county of V, tenuw- iu chunetry. Peter I '■ Ross, "' a.CathanneM. Rosa, defen.iant. It atTt y uppeaiing to this Court by afhdavit 1 the sheriff on the aubpeena isaued in lat the residence of the defendant w in '",_jjif New York, aud that said dcfendiint i!"'1 , p, i the jurisdietion oí this Court, on motion j[(l Immer, solicitor for the complainani . n nat the defendant cauae her appenranw" tow j n Ihisciuist! within three montlis ironi t lis order, and that iu caa of her apre"Ji, l0 u iuae her anawer to the complainant e ' i(.ri,i led in this cause, and a eopy thereol .t(i „.ntv i the complainant or his soliciior iïU" "Oijcitor. nys after service on her or Her f a copy of the bill of eomplainnnf hlea j- ause, and a notice of this order, ana hereof, that the said complainant s "'",, s iïs coufessed by the said defendant : ?"'„,, comher ordered that within twenty days Jf Sed ainant riiuse a copy of this order to J rini(l n the Michigan Argiu, a public newwap: TpO n said coonty ot Washtenaw, and tbtu _.r fllf. ition continuo at least once eaeh wee ' ssivc weeks, or that he canse a copï " [..„t, Hr bepemonally servedon 'd.Jf'St, rding to the rules and practice of this ooi Dated April 2, 1675. i aU'RENC' JOHN F. lwjafDI Circuit Court Commiasion" ■ : . Crameb. Washtenaw County, f olicitor for Oomplainant. 1J


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