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- Extra copies of this week's Aeous can be „Mained at the Aeous office or news depot. - Bev. H. L. Hubbell, of this city, will preach at the First Cougregational Church, galamazoo, next Sunday. - Marshal Stiling was mustered into serTice Wednesdny atteruoou, and iminediotely entered upon duty as chief of pólice. _-Xhe Michigan Military Gazette is the name of a new raonthly paper to be published „t Dotroit, by J. E. Tryou. _ McReynolds & Sessions uow have one of pleasantest law and Uisurance offices in the city, 0T9T J. B. Maynard's store, Miin street. - Au attempt was made at last meeting of the Manchester Comnion Couucil to increase the license tax on saloon, from Í100 to f200. - The Recorder of Manchester has been ftiithorized to employ counsel and directed to euforce the collection of the saloou license in thut village. -■ Bev. Frank liusscll, of Kalamazoo, will preacli at the Congregational Church, in this citv, iiext Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, - The membeis. of the Germán Lutheran Church on Saturday presented tlieir pastor, Eev. Mr. Reuter, with a ííne horse and carriage, valued at f 3ó0. - Resideuts of the Fifth ward report the establishment of a "gold room" in that ward, snJ that it is well patrouized by persons from ths upper part of the city. - The coruer store oí the now Laible block, Ypsilaati, is being fitted up in elegant style f ,r the postoffice, and will be regularly occupied after about May lst. - Ex-Mayor Beakes is the only city officer ;:.;it received his year's salary in oue payment. ■ voted to him at a recent meeting of the il, and ordered paid in gold. - Last Friday the Street committee of the Commou Council were out on a tour of inspection of tlie city, to ascertain what work is neassary durmg the coming year. - A. McReynolds, Esq., the new City At torney, has entered upon the discharge of the duties oí his ornee, and will always be found reaity to attend to auy business devolving upon hini. - By special requcst of rnany of the students, Rev. U. H. Brigham will deliver iu the Cuitarían Church on Sunday evening uext, a lecture ou " Hildebraud and the Catholic Church. - By virtue of a chattel mortgage, all the nschinery, fixtures, furniture, etc., of the Aun Arbor, (Hooper'3) Brewery, together with a horse-and wagón, will be sold 011 Tuesday next, April 27th. - Bishop Gillespie officiated at St. Andrew's church, Sunday and administered the rite oi confirmation upon lücandidates in the evening, ou which occasion the chnrch was tílled to overflowmg. - Xumerous house-plants, after being tenderly uursed during the long cold months of winter, and after it was thought that the sunny days had come, were found to be froz. n solid last Friday morning. - Monday eveuing, about two railes east of Ypsilanti, some miserable thing in the human foim, threw a stone through a window of one coaches of the westeru-bound Jackson Express. Fortunately no one was hit. - Caleb Krause, who has been conñned iu the cuuuty jail for some time, chargcd with assault and battery ou one Plisterer, has been aüjudged insaue, and by order of the Judge of Probate will be sent to the Uuaoa asyiuni. - Professor' 3 Fowle and iicrdaii will give a Dancing School Social at Hangsterfer's Hal!, on Friday evening, 30 th. All of the oíd scholars are invited. A uew piano can be rentiid of Prof. Fowle for the sommer seasou ou the akive evening. - The Ladies' Library Associatiou have arranged for a spelling-match, to take place at Uoion School Hall, tliis (Friday) eveuing. Prof. W. W. Bemen, the Champion speller at the late mateh, will act is umpire. Admissioii onlv lo cents. - During the past few weeks we have frequently heard the question asked " Where is Fred. Sorg, now-a-days 't" lus familiar face beüig imssed on every liand. He is coiiüned to his house with typhoirt fever. We hope to see him around the streets again soon. - The resideuce of Dr. Winchell has le n iBiited by the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity ot the Eiiiversity, and the residence of D. HenUOg by the Zeta I'i-i fraternity. This is a new departure among the studente, and there il considerable curiosity to see how it will tork. - Ksv. Dr. Brigham ad.lressed tho Normal Lyceum at Ypsiianti, last Friday evening, on thosubject: "Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuíta." After the conclusión of the address a vote of thauks were lendered the Doctor, and he was made an honcrary member of tlie Lyceum. -Extra copies of the alle report of the City Attorney, madeto the Common Countil, Wednesday evening, the 21st inït., 011 the legality of the Isaac Dunn claim for "lieep bitten by dogs can be had by applyingto the City Recorder, on the payraent of twenty-five cents. - Mrs. L. H. Stone, of Kalamazoo, read a rery interesting paper on "The Origin and Urowth of Art," before the Woman's Club aud iuvited guests, both ladies aiid gentlemen, onMouday eveniug last, at the residence of Israel Ua.ll At the close of the paper a vote, otthanks was extended to Mrs. Stone. - The new Engine house in the Fifth ward kas been completed, und will be dedicated by Huron Fire Gompany, with a grand ball, May "k. The niembers ot the tire company now &y that they have succeeded in getting the lew buildmg, and are uot at all anxious in the matter ot obtaining an engiue, being willing toawait the action of the Couucil. -The Homeopathie bill, pnviding $6001) per i with which to opérate a Homeopathie ment of the University, was taken up in ■( House on Wednesday, and on motion was ;ed by chan ging the Iocation to Ann Atbor, instead of " to such place as should Mntribute most to its support," as provided in e Senate bill. It ís thought that the amendmit will be coucurred in by the Senate. -At Johnson's Lake, about 2 1-2 miles "ortheast of Chelsea, a singular pheuomona 'sista. The ice having disappeared, the shores e fllled with dead fish, of various kinds 'od 8ize8. Farmers iu tlie vioinity are enSaged in drawing them away by tlie wagon ad, to bo used for mauure. Tlie water in the '! is said to be only f rom two to three feet 111 depth, excepting a small spaee in the cen■'i and it is sbpposed that the fïsh were suftocated by reason of the water freezing to the "Ottomoi the lake. -A. Rentlamen in the Socond ward hns "wli' tlie discovery of how to rid his garden ■ unghbor'g chickena, when persuasive means A few days siuoe he commenced to arden, mul requested liis neighbors 10 teke care of their ühickens, to which reques "o attention seemed to be giveu. He told hi. K'fe, in the hearing of his neighboro, to mix ome cornmeal, and he would see if he could no'getrid of them. Tlie meal was mixed ai(l he was seen to put some white substanc ith the meal, after which it was strewn ove e g&rdeu, siuce which a whole family hav wen busy chasing their chiokens to keep them ou' of the garden. The white substance wa oulï a little salt, but proved very effective. - The work of taking an inventory of th stock of goods in the store of O. A. Leiter & Co. wns completed last Saturday, and toot up, exclusive of abstract books, $1,000. The stock, including abstract books, is advertised to be sold at Sheriff's sale Friday, April 30th at the store. T. W. Root, the Co. part of the flrm, has made an assignment of all his property to B. S. Sraith. - John Geo. Miller, proprietor of the planing mili and bending works on Detroit street, died at his resideuce on Sanday morning. He had sufFered for some tirae with diabetes, ulthough ahle to attend to his business most of the time, but failed very rapidly lately. Ha leaves a wife and tíve children. His funeral was attended Wednesday afternoon by tbc Workingmen's Association and Schutsenbund and a large assemblage of citizens. - An organization, undor the name of " The Ann Arbor Scientific Association," has been effected by the professors of the TJniversity and some of our eitizens. The object is the discussion of scientific subjects, and the meetings will be held moutbly. The following are the officers : President, Dr. Cocker ; VicePresident, Dr. Prescott ; Secretary, Dr. Roso ; Treasurer, Dr. Jackson. The censorial committee consists of Trof. Ilinrington, for three years ; Miss Mary H. Clark, for two years ; and Prof. H. N. Chute, for one year. - Hiram Day, of Ypsilanti, an old man who is reported to be the possessor of about $20,000, was EUTeeted and broaght betore Justice Clark, in Ihis cily, Wednesday, charged with stealing wood trom the Ypsilanti Whip Socket Manufactory. He plead guilty, and, aftor receiving a sharp lect ure from the Jus tice, was tined $100 and costs, which was paid. Ir, is thougut that he haa obtawed the most of his supply of wood from tho saine establishment for several yeftTBi - A large audience assembled in the Unitarian Church Jast Sumtay ovenmg to listen to the memorial diseourse of Dr. Brigham, on the battles of Concord and Lexington. The churoh had been bcautifully trimmed aud festooned, by the ladies of the congregation, nuder the supervisión of Miss Hamlin of the University, witli evergreens, flags, flowers, etc. In the rear of the desk was the motto, " Resistance to tyrants is obedience to üod." Above which were festooned three American flags. To the left was " Concord, April 19, 177"i ;" to the right "Lexington 19, 1775," and on both sides of the church, between the wiudows, were the principal battles of the Kevolution. The desk, front and rear, was 3urrounded with magnificeut callálilies in full bloom, red and white fuschias, ivy vines, and athers, the navors of which filled the air with Jelicious perfume. The diseourse of Dr. Brigïam we publish iu to-days Aeous, by requestof many citizens.


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