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The followiiig transfers of real estáte have been recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Washtenaw County during the pasi week: James W. Allen to George S. Wood, KO aeres on section 13, Lodi. $11,000 Martin Eberle to Frederick Heller, 5 acres on section 1, Bridgewater. $700. Alvah Pratt to Edgar D. Austin, 90 acres on section 25, Pittsfield, and 41 acres on section 30, Ypsilanti. $7,800. Benj. F. Henderson to John S. Eider, 40 acres on section 12, Salem. Y2,000. Ann Eliza Shermau to Jacob Sehweitzer, lot corner of Chicago street and Monroe road, Saline. $2,000. Leonard C. Wallin;ton to Bobt. W. Hemphill, 6 3-4 acres on Hawkin's street, adjoiuiug Hemphill's addition to Ypsilanti. $1,200. John E. Johnson to Preston K. Tliroop, two acres on Monroe road, adioiniug lands of Lucinda Carpenter, York. $130. John W. Cowan to Pamelia C. Taylor, 12 acres on section 2, Manchester. $000. Chas. C. Collins to Sanford Maiming, lot 17, Stuck's addition to Ypsilanti. $2,500. W. D. Morton to Benj. F. Morton, 60 acres on sectiou 32, Augusta. $1,400. Arthur Coe to Albert Coe, a piece of land 16 rods square on section 2. York. il, 500. Sanford Manning to Charles C. Collins, 25 acres on section 13, and 40 acres on section 21, Ypsilanti. $6,300. John Richards to W. D. Morton, 20 acres on section 32, York. $500. Sol. Ostrander to Frank Springstead, lot 2, Larzalere's addition to Ypsilanti. $800. Ira L. Carpenter to Jacob J. Mayer, 25 acres on section 18, Superior. $700. Thos. Van Devort to Thos. Van Dewort, 120 acres on sectiou 15, Superior. $5,400. Charles S. LeBaron to John F. Avery, undivided oue-fourth interest in 160 acres on section 7, York. $1,000 John W. Cowan to Wm. A. Grahani, ï' acres on section 14, Sharon. $550. " Eli O. Smith to Pat'k Grogan, 120 acres on sectious 5 and 8, Northiiekl. $4,800. Hiram C. Beuton to Walter P. Holmes, lot 12. block 1, village oí Salem. $176 Fraucis A. Hill to Wm. M. White, of Caneserago, N. Y., residence and lands in Ann Arbor city, and 80 acres on sectiou 19, township of Ann Arbor. $12,000. Úriah Upjohn to P. L. Page, lots 6, 7, and 8, block 2 south of Hurou street, range 13 east, Ann Arbor. $2,050. John A. Volz and Wm. Laesch to John F. and Godfrey Beek, lots 1, 2, and 3, block 3, Drmsby and Page's addition to Ann Arbor, being the Central Brewery property. $8,000. Conrad Volz to John F. and Godfrey Beek, lots 7 and 8, block 3, Ormsby and Page's addition to Aun Arbor. $1,800.


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