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Cual Terrïtory. The ooft] iiivn of the United States is sectionec] off in square miles about as Eollows: Illinois (largest of all) ;i(,000, or about two-tlimlK of the wholo área Missouri basin, 26,687 : low, 18,000 ; Kansas, 17,900 ; West Virginia soetion, 10,000; Ohio seetion, 10,000; Baat Kentucfty section, 8,983 ; Pennsylvania section, 12,502; Penusylvania ' anthraeite, [ 472 ; New Eagiand baain, 500 ; Maxyland section, 650; Tenaesse, 5,100; Alabami, 5,330 ; Indiana, 6,440 ; West Kentucky, 9,888 ; Texas, 4,500 ; Michigan basin, 0,700; Nobraska, 3,000; Arkauaas, 9,048 ; Virginia; 185, and North Carulina, 310. The great bulk of the general coal depöflit is tlie common soft or bituniinous coal the exception being the Bemi-bitqminous, tho authracite and the cannel coal found largely in the Kanawha coal fields of West Virginia. - Illinois Journal. Patent Medicines.- That there are some good patent medicines no intelligent man daré for a moment deny; and preemiuent is the great California, hero med icine, Vineqar Bitters, disoovered by i Dr. J. AValkkb, a prominent physician of San Francisco. The medicine, ali thongh eafled Bitters, ia not to be clnssed among thévilë " fancy drinks " recom mended and sold over the bar of rum1 venders, but is a combinatiou of pitre i herbaÜHtic extracte, known to possess sterling medicinal qualities, and is compounded withomt the use in any shape of spirits. lts action-upon the interna! system is not stiinulating to the extent tliat i alcoholic poison is, but it at once attacks j blood-impurities, and by removing the ', original cause destroys the germs of disease and invites returning health. lts action upon the stomach and liver render it an almost certain specific in the most stubborn caaes of dyspepsia, andin truth ! imparts new life and vigor to the whole j system. It is one of the best medicines j ever invented. 32 The most eminent organists of Paris and London, as well as Warren, Morgan, Zundel, of Trinity, Grace, and other principal churches in New York, have given to the Mason & Hamlia Organ Co. written testimoniáis to the superiority of their cabinet organs, which they declare to have excellencies not found in others. A 4.00 Book for 81.50. Tho People's Common Bense Medical Adviser, in plain English, or Medicine tiiinplilied : By E. V. Pieiice, M. D., Counselor-in-CIiief of the Board of Pbysicians and Surgeona, at the World's Dispenaary, Buffalo, N. Y. The above work - a book of about nine ■ htfndred largo : pages, profusely illuatrated with wood eugravi inga and colored platea, and well and etrongly ; bound - will be eont, post paid, to any addreaa', for One Dollar and Fifty Centa- making it the cheapest book ever offcred to the American Peoi pit. Other booka treatiog of doinestic medicine, of liko aize and atyle of binding, and not noarly as well illustrated, with nocolored platea, and some of them containing no prescnptiona and making known no meaus of self-cure for tho diseasea which they discass, sell for from three dollara and a half to five dollars. Were Dr. Pierce'B Work not publiahed by the author, priiited and bound witli his own machinery, and were it aold throngh agenta, aa other like work are, the price of it woiild have to be not lesa 1 ttian four dollars. For when the publiaher paya the author a fair price for bis productiou, iheu adda a profit to lúa invetment largc cnough to satisfy himaclf and compenaato Mm, not only for his labor, but also for the riBk of peeuniary losa whioh ho asaumea in taking tho chancea of tho enterpriae proving a huccchs, and when the State, couuty ant canvaasing agent has each receivod his "proiit, they havo added to tbc expense of a book, that oríginaUv ; cost about 3(1:25, ao much tkat the people havo to pay not loss than $4.00 for it. The People'a Medical Adviser, on the centran-, is placed within the pec-nniary reach of all lasaea by the anthor, who adopta the plan of the (rangera, diapensing witli nucidle men and giving the benefit of their profita to th people, offenng 1 liis book at a prloe ittle above actual cost of publieatkm. That those desiring the book may j run 110 risk of losing their money m sending ft through the mails, the author advertiaes that money addressed to him at Buffalo, N. Y., and incloaed in registi red letters, may be at his risk of loss. The author'a large correspondence v.ith the people upon medical maitara, wbich we are crcdibly informed frequently exceeds throe hundred lettei-a a day, and reqnires sevnn Irained and skillful medical aasistants and uhoit-haud reporters to enable him to entertain and auswer them, aa well as hia largo daily . dealings with diaeane ot the World's Dispensar}-, i appetr to havo peculiarly fitted him for writing the Work, by rendering 'him very familiar witli the eveiy day medical needa of the peoplo. He endeavors in this Work to answer a'.l the nnmerona questions relating to heolt.h and diaeaaa thot have lieen addreased to him by the people from all parts of the land, and heneo it ; oontains important information for tho young ! and old. niaie and female. single and manied, nowhere else to be found. All the moat prevalent diaoascB of both sexea are also plainly and fully considered, and ïneans of sclf-cure maile known. Unlike other worka on Domestic Medicine, it iui.'lndes the subjects of Biology. Cere■ bral Phvsiology. Hygiëne, Tempeianionte, Jlarriaye, Iieprodni-tion, etc, all of which aie ! treated in an original and interesting manner. It is a compendium of Anatomical, Pliysiological and Medical Kcienee, and embodiea the latest .liscoveriea in each department. A Remarkable Book. In 1868 P. T. Barmim wrote his Autobiogra phy for Blut & Co., the celebrated publishers i in Hartford, Conn., for wiiich they paid him $15,000. It made a book of 800 pogea, was profuaely illustrated, gave a particular account of Barnuin'8 eventful life in all parts of ' the world. and inchuled hia celebrated leetutc on "The Art of Money Getting." Horace Qreeley pronounced the book "worth ahnndred dollar greenback to many e, beginner in life." Tho publishers sold 1)0,000 copies of the book bj subscription, at three dollara and a half a copy. In 1871, when Mr. Barnnm ftarted hia great traveling shows, he bought back the copyright and stereotype platea of hia" book for $10,000, added an Appendix bringing the account of liis life up to that date, printed an edition of 100,000 copies, ant them with hia travoling shows, and sold the whole of them at cost, one dollar each. Ho has added an Appendix each year, which has now increawed the volume toathousand pages. It averagea a Bale of 100,000 copies each year. They oio ueatly bouud iu mualin, gilt, and fiold in all his traveling shows. As nía patrona emerge from his great show leuts with hia books nnder their arm, they look as I if coming from a circulating library ! No book in tina country ever had euch an enormous aale, or ao abounds in curioua incidenta of real life and valuable experiences.- Ihiffalo Courier. The Qüeen of ai Sewino Maohtnes. j - Iu apeaking of tho merits of the Wilaon j shuttle aewiug Tiacliine, it ia auffleient for ns to gay that we think the invention of this ; chino marka ono of the most important era in Uie history of thia country ; and when we con ' fiider the iniluenee it haa upon tho aocial I being of (he masses, it ia diflicult to conceive ! of an invention of more importance. It. has a i U-autiful, noiseless movement ; it makea the ! genuino " lock-stitch" alike on both sides. and uca to perfectiou all kinds of plain and fine sowing ; it needa no commendation ; its capid ; sales, the increafsing deniand, a id the many iïattcring testimoniáis from thoee who have med it. is hullieient jiroof of its merits. Thf want of a Beving machine ia deeply feit in every honeetiold, and aa thO Wilsoii shuttle Í acwing mncliine. on account of its extrcnit wmplicity and Icms cost of manufacture, is aolil at a lunch lower price than all other ! iiKu-hinea, it ia meeting wiüi the extensiva pntronage that it so justly deserves. Ifachinsa will be deiivered at any railroad atation in thj? . eounty, tres of traoapoitation charges, il ' orderod through the company's branoh houw at W7 Htato strect, Chicago, they send an río gaut catalogue and chromo circular free on : application. Thia oompan; want a few more gooé agenta. "Hobse-Men," and othei-s who tend to know. say that the following directionn had better bo obaerved in uaing Sheridan's (Javalry Conditicm Pondere : Give a horae a tablespoonful every night for a week ; the same every other night for 4 or 6 nighta ; tho aame j for a milch cow, and tmee as much for an ox. . The addition of a little fine salt will he an : vantage. We have hcai-d reeent-ly of mwi cvere canea of spinal diseaae cured hy Johnson' s Anodniw l.inihii'ul : one case of aman fortj--tive years old, who had not done a day's work f oí f our years. The back should flrst bo waahed, then ruhbed with a coarpe towel. Apply the Lininif ut raid. and rub in well with tho hand. Glek Flora Spring h are locatcd at Waukegan. III. Cores Dyspepsia, Bright'a Disease and Kidney ('omplaints. Circulare free. The Elastic Trass of Pomeroy í- Co., 744 lh'oadway. N. Y.. is by lar the best in uae. Bkhnett's (Joooaine is the best and eheapeat dressing in the world. Btjrnett's Coooaine is the best and cheapest hair dressing iu the world. i


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