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Old Grimes' Hen

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At htsl th;'t Kpu'Med In n bas gony, Xbat hen of heus the bc&t. Shr dic-d without a Bb or groau Whilc iu her ttowby nest. Xhrouiih bnniniers' heat and wJutcr' Bnow, For ten long yt'iirn Rhe lay, At morn and evè, oíd Oírínu-H au epg, Bnt none the Babbath tlay. She had a nest behind the door All n.atly lined witli hay ; lírr back WM brown and apeckled o'er With Bpota inclined to f;ray. When r'ir th rain canio peJting down, Or Uiundcra drcadflul ruor, lio hil btrsali in Grimes' hat I'iit'l the storm v-as o'it. Tho" fourteen yr.irs of Bge, atmof-t, she rtill kwked yotiog aud halo. And, like JobrB turkt y. sb6 eould boat One feiither in hor tail. 81m ncver deignrd the barn-yard beau i-. face to look upon - liut loved tbat one whOU long shrill crow Wh bAÚd at early tlawn. An aged cock, trho oft had told Hifi descent with a sigh, From one that cried when he xaa oldt His miutef did rtiiuy. Vheu ioor old speckle clonf d her èy, Ur juinped the fence and cfied, He bid the poultry all good-by And theu lodd down and dled.


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