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The "tramp" Printer

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Spring lia?; come and the tramp looks longiiigly Westward, for festivity and plunder. A tramp- by profession - now in New York, has been so often swinging through the circle that ït is said he can now set type handsomely for the Cherokee Nation's paper; white a Philadelphia tramp is known as havingset many thousand erna in au old Dülon séftfément in Oliio, where espocially line gin is distilled which pftys no tax and is eertaiuly in respect tu prioe, "the poor man's friend." Fruí, isn't it? A cliaraoteristic trdmp is he of the festivo nature, who walks into a town tired, hungry, solemn, sober and penniless; poor but respectable; shabby, but very skillful; shoeloss, but with a good understanding; all but hatless, with a remarkable idea-box. He applies for work. "Sober?" "Yes." " Know your business?" "Yes." "Been herebefore?" "No." Got any recommendations?" "Lotsof'em." "Allright, go to work." Sedately and calmly he labors until he gets his two weeks pay; then comes a change to the spirit of his dream. He gathereth together the other devotces at tlie slu-ine of Bacchus, and not only inoapacitates himself for f urther work, but demoralizes and all but paralyzes for a time the entire printiug interest of the town. Then it is that editora snd proprietors and boys and girls have to get out the paper, as the festivo tramp having done all the datoage he can, moves for new worlds t QOJiqtier. Tu this way a tramp will bring deatruC; tion on a half-dozen offices, and smash more temperance pledges in two weeks


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