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How To Make Sachets Or Scent-bags

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Various powders, etc., placed in nilk bngs ox ornamental BnvtiopS are agreeable to smoll oí', and also economical i'or iinparting a pleasing odor to liuen and clothes as they are packed away in drawers, f'or they prevent motlis. For heliotrope powder, tako hajf a pound of orris root, one-quarter pound oí' ground rose leaves, two ounoes powdered tonquin beau, one ounee vanilla , ■ huif drachm grain mnsk, two drop attiir of alnionds; mix it all by siffcing tlirougli a iins sicve. This is oue of tile best s:u;hets ever made, and perfuaies table-cldths, gbeete, pillow-oases, and tovvels delicioiisly. Fpj; lavender powder tako one pound oí' powdered íavender, one-quarter poiuid gum barreoiii, und ono-quarter of an punce of atüir pf lavender. For patcliouJi, use one-ludf a pound of pateliouli grouud iine, aud a yery little of attar patchouli. 1'liis lierb is often sold in its natural state as imported, and ÍS tied uj) in half-pound bundles. láíindal wo(d sachet, powder is good, and consiste í the vood ground fine. Cedar wood, wlien ground, forms a body for other powder.s, and wiii kee] moths at a dintauee. Dried fennei, when giouodj is altso used i'or soent-bags, and groiind mitmeg is liked for this pm " Ii' yoxi are in a driving storrn, don't a(tempt to hold fue raint;.


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