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A Law Case

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The most outragcous tyranny and opprcssion ! ïse oftcn perpetratcd through the ngency of the i Naw. Road the following ense from tho New P ï'ork Farmer and Mechanic : '■ Wilhin two yeara past a gcntlcmnn of soiuc n ihree score years of age, a member of a Bnptist Church in this city, niet a lawycr professing to ' belong to the snmc denomination, and whbrn hu ' had befriended in business. Tho lawyor ' posed to rectify somo business in conrt far his ' friend. The proposition was accepted, and the suni of fivc dollars Btipulatcd br compensation. The gOfftlérríañ was by trnde a blacUstnith - had been successful in hÍ8bu3Íncs8, liadowned houses in d fierent varis of the cily, and lor years kept a store in Broadway ; had longr been a inembcr of respectnbility and standing in tho church. - Misfortune and the meshes of ihc law cnused the loss of most of his property. The siipulated business wns pcrlorinod by the lawyer. Instead of tivo about seventy dollars were dcnianded. - This surn must bc paid or a snit would bc immediately commcnccd. Inability to pay sueh a dcinand was i)lcaded in voin. Finally a note way accepted. It cnme due and could not bc met. A suit was commenced, process of law reeorted to, until the claim amountod to vipwards of threc hundred dollars. In the mean time an nssignmcni had been made. In tho hcur of distress this aged Cliristian applied to sotnc of his brethren in the church, and oblained a loan to nurchasc the balance of an edition of a littlc book. During the tima the lawyer got out an injunction. Our eufferer supposing the injunction relaicd to his assigncd property, continued to retail his little book at ten cis. each, and a few hundred discominued newspapera at one cent each. The p raon of whom he hought the books and pnpers, through an cvil spirit, goes and teils the luwyor how he can get sonie of this money by seizing tho books. A crcditor's bill is filed, and this aged man is brought tip bcforo the Chancellar eeveral times, and undergoes froin the lawyer and christianbroiher the most mortifying cxaminntion, with the view to entrap him. A receiver is appointcd ; in the menn time the landlord took poiscssion of the books and employs our aged friend to relail them out, and pass over the proceeds towauls the rent. The lawyer swoars out a contemp'. of court, an ofiicor ispatchcd, and ourfnenu hnus himsell in h.Iuriu!C 51 reet prison. Tho respcctablc appenrance of ihc priBoncr and lbo etory of his wrongs workcd upoii ilie humanity of tho keeper, and led him 10 ulier hhn tho hospitality of bifl own lable. Although compelled to shut his prisoncr up in a cell at night, yet the jailor did not permit him to lio down unprovidcd with clean nnd comfortuble bed clothes. On having the key turned upon him and left alone in his dark cell, wbat musí have been his feelings, when thinking of the ngcd companion of his bosom, of his children.of his minister and church, and of liis fornicr condition in the days of his proeperity 7 He could iay his hand on his heart, and cnll liia God to witness that lic intended todo his feilow creaturc no wrong. In the morninp nnother lawyer, hearing of thesituation of his old friend. hastens to the jail, and sooii provides for his exit from ilic piison. Ue is ciied to appear hefore the Chancellor again in twelve days. Somc friends exclaim against tho outrage of tho prosecutor, and noihing more to this day has been dono.