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One of the last acts of the old Commou ouucil was the adoption of a new saloon or1 nance. It forbids the saie of liquors to anyody, and the giving away to children, under fine not to exceed one hundred dollars, and y imprisonment in tho Detroit house of corection tor a term not less thau 60 days nor more than 90 days. She also hath a new Sunday ordinauce. It forbids the keeping open of ny saloon, Tictualing-house, billiard room, owling alley, reading room or bar room in he city on Sunday, under penalty of not exeediug JIÜO fine or 90 day's imprisonment; nd forbids anybody except the proprietor, ervant or clerk from entering therein under penalty of $10 or 30 days in the county ail. A toot-race took place at Ypsilanti Monay afternocn, upon the fair grounds, between dl. Moatou, of Philadelphia, said to be the tiampion of the United States, and Oscar 'arker, colored, of Ypsilanti, which was witessed by a large crowd of citizens. The race waa 100 yards, and was won by Moaton by a ew feet - time 1 1 seconds. It is said that a ousiderable suin of inoney-changed hands on ie re8ult. The Flouring mili of Wm. Deubel is being uu at its f uil capacity. Since March lst over 000 barrels of flour have been manufactured, most of which has been shipped to the Eastern market. Mr. D. ia receiving wheat from all oiiits on the Hillsdale road. The aged mother of Capt. Bartle, of Ypsanti, died Monduy evening. She was 9G 'ears old. She was arouud the house only a ew hou ra previous to her death. A new ordinance has also been adopted, foridding the running at large in the streets of e city, any cattle, horses, &c. CH-hLStA. Sunday quite a serious accident occurred Dout a mile south of this village. Warren trueriu, of Lima, and Miss Sergeant, of this ïllage, were out for a ride, when the horse ecame unmanageable and both parties were jrecipitated from the buggy on a pair of teps, severely injuring both of them, One 01 ie bones of Mr. Guerin's lef t hand waa fracured, while Miss Sergeant received some uglj ;ashes on her face. Rev. D. Hathaway, formerly of Allegan, has ccepted a cali from, and ís for the ensuing ■ear to be pastor of the Congregational ühurch. David Thomas, B. F. Tuttle and F. Girbach re putting up a fine brick block on Main treet.


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