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The Welshmen in Cineinunti have lii'ii engnging in a spelling-match, the orthography of fheir own beautiful tongtiö heing the subject of their eudeavors. Two of the bard wórds trere Daddyeliwelediguethau and Llanystumdwy. Mr. (ViKuuTH, the Vmelaad (X. ,T.) f.ïlitor has nearly racovered, and it is likely that lie will soon be as wel] is usual, excepting that the ballet remains in fiis head. It is reported that tluiv ore two other persons liviug n Vitielánd-with btfllets in their brains. Good place to same a regiment for the next war. Is a space of tpn years not iftucb leps tlian two nvillioiiH of British subjecte have left their native land. Some went to Australia, sonie to Canada, and more to the United States, üntil lately the Irish emigrante were in eieess of the English or Scotcli. Since 1809, however, the respective ratea are reversed. The New York JHtoies of a recent dat, in a peviei of tho financia! situation, Bflya of the outlook : " The voiee of the eroakers is growing fainter, and we :uv likely to entyr tho eentennial willi a degree of prosperity that will rcflect ( redit upon the enterpvise and recuperativo ability of the American people. " So mote it be. At a recent peiling match in Barato gn a gentleman ofl'ered a library, worth SlliO, lo aiiybody who wotild spell j reetly tho folio wing sixteen words: "Baa, Llama, Eteve, (dropped), Emente, Turven, Demesnial, Eau de Vie, Banister, Bcirrhosity, Pharmacopceia, Esquiase, Eleemosynary, Caoulchouc, Cyclostylar, Ipecaciiiinha, Ticdoulourenx. " The eral gentleman still has his library. President Grant, in authorizing a denial of the report that Minister Wushbtírne had been instrnoted by otir government to request the ' FrencLt governmeut to resume diplomatic relations with Mexico, makes public a fact which lias not hitherto been officially known, ! namely : tliat at one time Gen. Sheridan '. was in readiness, and under waiting orders, with a considerable forcé, to march upon Mexico against Maximilian and the French troo]")s. Au army oífieer, who has just retm-ned to Washington froni a fort near the Black j Hills coraitry, says that the mining vAventurers are following a " will-of-thewi8p ;" that if they escape the military they will certainly be destroyed by the Sioux. This offleer h;vs dad special I jurisdiction over a considerable portion of the SioHX country, and speixks from personal knowledge when he snys that that tribe has nover been more determined upon any subject than it now is to prevent the ontering of white settlers into the Black Hills country in violation of the treaty. That the Grand Centennial at Philadelphia will be a tiew wonder of the world is true beyond a doubt. All the curiosities of life, animal, human and vegetable; all the results of stndy and professional skill; all the big cheeses and little dog':; all that art can créate or scimm' develop, -nill be there; and among these, there will be present William S(juires, of Oregon, tlie modern Noah, who by tliat time will have constructed 0.1X8. equippod a fá?sí5iiie of the original ark, oí' the same wood as nsed by the fitst shipwright. All who wish to escape tl deluge of noiso can take ref age in ! this vessel. Official stiitistics show that 260,814 immigrant arrived in this country j ing 1874. Of these, 2,015 were of professional oceupations ; 32,482 skilied j 1 iborers ; 101,318 of vaiious trades and j oceupations, and 122,458 of no oecupation, a classification ïncluding women ; and children. 8ome of the minor ! visions under the professional head are ! iuteresting, as the notation that there urrived 1 billiard-plnyer, 1 equèstrian, 1 letter-carrier, 1 omnibus carrier, 1 pen'oner, and 2 bath-keepers. Six authors, 133 actors, 120. artista and 88Í olergy, men carne over. In speaking of the signaturo of John j C. New, which looks like a bundie of fishhookR, an excharie says: "How in the world Mr. New could hav.; studied up such a combinaèion of iuvoivé.l and labyi-iuthine lines, and at the same time i"ot'd tiiuc enougli during his less than ifty renrs of life to accuniulating fUe haudsome fortune of which he y, k,; .si'ssed, íh :i ,iM)..r myst. ry than the signutiu'e. If -n-o reason by analogies, it niight ]e said that, as tliousnn.1 years : would bc requiiv.l to dedplër the tang! so the man that invented it must have been born mo long ago tliat li inight ' have taken ilying mateh.-.s with the pterodactyl. Mr. New can go ,,,wn to post i iiy as the great ohirographisi of t!ii ; or any other age." A Oathouo statistirian okini i tliat out of the, 40,(XK),000 of souls in the UnnVd Htat-R, 5,7Gl,2i'J ;,■■ Boman Oiitholies. They oecttpy 6,920 stations, chapéis, and churches; and they have the Hen-ioe of 4,873 prieste, six apostolic ' views, i'ovty-nine bidibps; tütxè aiclibi iti ops, and one cardinal. Tlmt Ui inerea.'dng rapidly is quite oln 'ïhry ah-eady have sighteèn tlxeological :-etiPoN, or seminaries, yHtüi nearly 1,500 ' students; over 2,000 of all grades, and more tlian 300 asyluui'. uud hoüpital;:. T}e juris-diction of these prelates has a very wide range, from 2,000 in the clioóf Little Eock, Ark., to 300,000 in j that of Chicago, and from the rchbishopric oí Oregon, compriaing 20,000, to that of New York, ratcd at 700,000. These figures are stupendous. Dtu-vki'sn-i-, ,.; !las inereased in France to soch a ( ínlul degree that the inent has l'ound it necessary to give the subject careful and serieus attention. A bil) has been introduced in the National Assembly, whicli is a step in advance of kgislation in this country. We give two articlea from the bill : AiiTici.F. 3. Aü.v }crson who sliall be fouiirl utoxicateft in the streel, roacls, hotels, lioiiHt't,, taToi-iiF, or other public placea. Rad lias for t In rrttiHou of fchis offepBe bgen Hcuteuced twice, biiall noreever, by Uta aeconJ jiwlgmeut, : lic ilrpiivcd oï tlic privilege of ntlg, at being tügible and a])pointed to anj' public office, or t-erviug a a jnror, and of carrj-ing arms. Anr. 4. Auy elector who will preHent himsclf at the polls, any witucn who will appcar before tbc coiu'tH. aiiy mor who will altend the Court of AfibizcH. in a htato ol' intoxication ; any Mayor. Dcputy-Miwov, member of Towu ('omicil, nhoslmll be intoxioateil vlin eseroising bis funottons, shall, be liable to the nforeimmcd penalti es


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