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fíí T% B ? 3 S 3 á [i I 1 S 'H"Tl"t succr.fii] i S I I fl üñ E 1 i &l la "!nly of -tlw pre3I Swi ÏÏBSilB entday.SendforPaWl H'CVIiWBSa!iIr on Opium K.itins. Prof. I). aicelcer, P. O. Bx 475, Laporte, Ind. Of tlie prettiest CAIIIJS you ever 1 N siw,with your llame handsomuiy print.ed on ■& ■ ■ liHim, sont, postnaid.upon receipt of 20 cents. B h I Your friends will aü wunt them wtum tbey aee 46 Kneelarcd St., Boston, Mms. ■BBHI ÍStanáarfl Loíta Bestia. ISjVS "ia outsold all othiTS several times UIW iMt L is perífetion. Diploma awarded uBA'iB&0L9 'l eacu 5'ear by Amf ricm Instituto. HarSeSS i. w. ïiiomas, ■■- ■■B' SOI Rare St., Philodrfphii, Pa í HOW TÖ GETXhOME; IOWA l.AADS, WM,íK)O ACRES. ' Rich Ruil.í ! Cliniáte, excellent AVuíí-r.KrowinííSeítleiní'ntf,-tí'!''l !■-. We ufier tba Landaof the Síoux I [fj and S.' Paul tí. K. und the McGiogor and Miaeoutf River R. R. t S4 tu S'-í per Ufé, m eaay payments. Tivu years rent will bsa "- íarin. App!v to iAios;rj s cAtiKcnrs, R. It. Land Otiice, ñibley, OsceoLi Co., lo-vrn. Jll QT MO.EYIITSURB! Justout. W I Useful, Handsome, Cheap. Hetls everyTHK wliBre. A ñire chance. Also, BOOK NEWMAPS,CHARTS,&C CY2U _ . Qw now cliart, CII11ISTIAS A IM í'll-VCESisaBplendidsnccesB. Otn" " ■■■ cinnafi pricös same as New York Send CXT'T T fortennstoE.0. BKIDGMAN, 5 Bare C3X!ilj-Li lay St,, N. Y., A 171 W. 4th St., Cln.. O. ÉJ BPPOPE'S .Tustthr liine t'"' Iliflc I'ii- f ii.í'. Reconunended ■!nt' inorped by Ihe bHt Cíun líerilers in thñ wfjrlil. S'-nd tr circular. POPJ3 )tllü,S., 13 lligh Sírcet, Bífsídíl, Has. ; AGENTS ! SUtnt íangnilicent íinr KVAíK Ol'FtóïeliO, JLOCAJL. AfciENXS wanted everywhere tot Thk Echo, a weekly fomtly nnrt liturary journal, of 1 ti Urge pv. í-abscriptioo, $(.?r.. W'ithTHKEonc Uglven away tho majrnificently bound quarto volume, entitled : America I ltostrnted, a eiiperb delínfíition of American scenory. Largeat commisiioni. Maqnifietn'ly Illvitrattd Circular frve. J. DAVID WILLIAMS & O.,(Box 2177.1) 89 Beekman St., N. Y. V i M.TIÍK BKST 11 Ux World. arStefcjJV ' lt r-tvef l'niers 1 Patisfncti'in fig-gyíJWjm IVflKnKRFfL Etuiouiy. S2?V SAVbSÏÏhiÏk. KCSG,OIÍÍte. ' r "X Or.e yt'ar's savitips wiil huv 11 cow. fftKSi 1 MURE NOIK HRRAD. I lSiï! Wliiier. IJghtcr, Sweetr, Rlcbfir. V&y&JJSJ BVBHTOSOT I'raisc 11. VcS- ííxvS! Tbí I.?dlos are all in Ixivc wilh it.. lOMilS SKI.I.S likc HOT CAKE. öAEr&iS í.-1" St-nd :ir cincf ftr Circular tí 1 S!_ÍLSlÍL_i 17üDuan: St., New York. : DÖ YOUR "OWÑp"rÍ'ÑTINC! LU PBINTINa PRESS. Foi 5.' iM ■-.. i ;m :' 1 und A itintcur Prluter, js'!m1s, HucíWícn, MnniiIíh (uiTi-, Mit ïüïitis, and uthcra it ie ÜEGT ever invented. lit.OOO In nnv. jTeu styles, frbeea frora $5.00 to $150.00 j ;BEN J. O. WOODS&CO. Mnmifr-uml Edcolera n ail kii;l.i oí' Printlnp Material Stnd slaiupibr CüfaToaücj 40 Federal St. Bostont PORTABLE Soda Fountains. $40, $50, $75 & $100. GOOD, DURABLE AND CI1BAP. Sbippe1 reidy for Use. Maaufactured by OUAPMAN & CO., tV Sand f i Oat'ïloiOl. AGENTS AKTE1 f,r thCEÑTEN N í A L .VITEhBSTATEstrAZilll iiíijili i A book for every American. Selle everywhere ot eight. Farmers , Te achf; rs, Students, Lawyers, Merchcnts, Scfiool I Directora, Manufacturera, Mechantes, Snippers. S.ilesI men, men of learning, and men who can only read, oíd 1 and younir, all want it for eyery day referenco and une. i Shows gmnd results of 1OO YEARS PHC1C ESS. i Awholel.ilírary. lioxton Globe- Tíot a luxsiry.bur t a neOe8S It V. Inter-Ocenn- Best Solí i ng Book Publlshed.- GocmI PttV. Uf Want Gen. Arí, ín evoi-y c;ty of 10,000. Addrosa J. C McCUUDY sí tü., PnliUsUt-rs, Clncinnati, O. : Chicago, 111., ov St. Louis, Mo. JT Powïï'i Star Wood Pumps ! Wankegan Farm Pmni''1 H Wood Eave-Trough Tubing. If you want the bïst oí íheee ñrtlVl Cíes, eo to yonr Hardware or Agrlcul tnral iinplcinont Siores. If tLey do I 1 not keep them, or will i;ot fcet thcia Ï for you, Pend dirrctto the Factory. - A Catalogues and Price LUts malled K"-% npou anp!íc;iti(n to (. FÍTOWKLL, Waukegan, 111. WANTED X I Toeell the IIO3IK Snt'TTI.E KKWTSG HIACIIIXR. Plllí'H $i.".. Kondcr! ! you can mnlie ! moncysollinKthii "HOME SIU'lTliB," Mhet i you are KXPÜIUFA'CKl) in tilo Imsinpss r not. I If Tóu wisti to boy aaBW INO MACHINE for fnmllyuse, our circulara will STlow juu how to 8ve money. AddreBH I JOHNSON, CLARK tic CU., CHICAGO, ILLIXOIS. A full and anthmtic account of tho 1ÏLACK IIlLre Gor.b Región, containing CJen. Custar's ofRcinl roport of fïiB recent Government EipeditiöB, lotters f rom (Vn. Fory!.h and Ijeut.-Gen. P. H. Shkhídan, and a descripíínn of th mines and country by Hlackwell nd MoLaren, the two retumed minera, mth :i mp drawn ly t!B Chipf Dr.itipcbiism.'ïn of the Surveyo-Öetteral'B ornee, bojnK tho only relia ble m.ip of tiiB lilack. [lilis ever publishod. Pirrt edítion oí HO.UOO cnpips nld in twp weeks. Síjeond edition of 6(),0!Mt copie? now roady. Pi'iee, )i5 Ct'itts. Two t.'o]Í-, 40 CeiltJ. Addreas TOALÏ5Y A CO., Pubíishers, ill Monroe-Bt., Chicago, II!. ■WOM.ATSI'8 EViedicai Ooüege OF J'UXX.Sll. r AMA. Tük 3C.ÍH Winter Sassion will open Ocfobcr ïth, 1SÏ.",, in tho elegant nnd commodious nü-.v Colase ii,iiMn!. Clinical inslruolion is giyon in tbo Wouiap's Uipilul,andinthePenn3yli-imia,W!!s,andOrth.,pied:c 1 : ítala. Sprint conree of Lectuies, practioil deinonstratloni ond Winter Quixios in frec to all th matriculants. Addrp-i RACHEL, I.. BOOLEY, A.M., Dean, Varth College Annut nuil :-!lsl St., Pliiln. The GM$M& L a Wgil. BY WILKIE JUST OUT! The last r.iul ffreatest vorlc of iie foreiiioft IivliHÏ iiovoIíní, nuil of most nhoï-liins ínl i Kt, Tho plot ib intrirate, thc cftHTurtoiB strouiy diann. mul the btovy Bp1nl Idly ' tohl. It ih íi rare treat. Complete ín ív.o ' vcluine, illustrntod; only 35 r.(s. losliuicl. TflS followlng OilKAT WOKKS l.y GliWAT AUTííOIí (i''o complete in oue volnmc, pontrald forotilyiacciitseaoh: J. Kestof Hughsndí, liy.tos. l'ayn. a. wrimIi rlnaHetr, byClifw. Reade. 8.Goldcn ].!m, iiv ArrMiony Trollope. 4. lïfflrlïRÏÏe Kiinnerft ly #trreVerno. 5. Lpgpnrtof Montrose, i'i SlrWal. tir S'i't. 6. Trcdüiiro llllnteií, hy'Q. JVH Ven. 1. Tomjirown, ewl 8. ILvryJlea ' iVTpollopo. Snnatu. r.ftwrtnrl tadV, Tí5 For ole by Sóivuílealí .. ' Dokk Ki.i.:;y, Í.0YU & Co., pnblMnscs, Clikaeo. , BOOKS fgSSE ; fflasnêgi ' jd&jjsSStSlM 13 witli perfect comtatjï tg IliASHli KBxvury moUon of tin i ■ L T E TT S S. i iet-iJniHK mpfuremitaïï; Thi&maBmtátjEr 'larrieste3te.raseonwMa No.683 Broad.vay, N.Y.City. Sent by mail. Cali or send for Circular, and bflcms, n ü Mi I Dunham it Sons, Manufacturas, I IS SB Warcrooms, 13 East I41h Street, ' VQ [EEtablirtie11631.] NEW mi, Sendor Illuiirated Cirtular and Prict ui. The best and chmpcst Fninilntit World for Iron, Tin or IVoml. For al! by Dealers everywbere. PRINTJES' ITETilLK SAIKT CO.. Mairaft'rers, % Cixiar St, Xeirïnl ("CA-TTTIOIN".- Pnrchaaers will plan leethatournamo and trado parkaroonejchiii every packagd. fi-v! fot a Circular. frëët frëëm freeüi The Pioneer. A handsome il]istrat(] raterial tafmatitm for evorybody. Tells how and where to Beeuiii no'iK choap. Sent fbee to all pakts of tb WORLD. Itcontuïns the KKW Homvbteap anti Timdek Lin, with other intreBting mattur found only in thi psp. Send for it at Once! It will only cosí you ■ Pobtat CabD. New number for April just out Address, O. F. DAVIS, Land Comnilssioiter I". P. tï.R.. Oinaha, !ff GEO. A. PRINCE & CO. UUR & MUI The Oldest, Largeat, and Most Perfeot Munnlrtnl" the Untted States. 55,000 Now la use. no othor Musical Instrument ever obtalnei th' i popularity. C" Send for Price Llsts. Address, BUFFAI.O, S 1 I We announce that (untll further aoüx) w "W"6 r.ppücants in any city or town where e b "' on tbe mmt trrms and at the same dit oiitit astoW dealers who purch.iBe from $S0,(KW to S60.IW'"'"'''1 ally. The f act of ours being the oldrtl nd largrit nm tory In the United States, with 65,00(1 lintramen " nee, is a 6iifti';ient guaraníes cf our responslbilW u tlio r.xrits of our InAmnmts, ÜKO. A. PRINPE Bom ti cüb bs JïntfrfciHs. M cent" ua wv (Ilie FEU DAV Commisslon.iw.''',,, UfcU", andexpenses. W!n""M'iSil Tpily "Oiv. CÏ. W . AYeblKW te. Va., u' BRTwSrrnEBi Ui. 617 St. Charlss Street, St. Lcci-', nntlöuea to troat ]1 cascfl of obRUdes to miirr!' iui;iirltfc, overj lhneut or i, koesi hltb """"„„ Indlscretlon or imprudenen, -itli uDnnW ïj Dr. w.'i itaMUliincut l ,!h;,,!crod bj tt" ■'"' "i o-lrl, was foiuidcd an! bus bfceu entttbUsned " ,Té d cfe. rertalu and r-l!ablo rt-ücf. BeinK L ,.'oi' JCteral metical i-..:icKp, ana iiovlng ;b r00,:! I v,s md sucjes.rul ín M [rcllitlc! b: f f-'SjH remedies tbat are cSMtyal ia al thew fliHPBW s, are boinR tvitfld hv m:in or evirress evrröe"rail. r Mbo r.iltd. cll or .-rite. From tb ',L or .o,.li-:,tlTO, m , matlo.l to keef ■'' '„„jT. iow. 36 pages, giviog full Brmptooii, for t-ro t MARR8AGE CUIDE, StApaMl, pápula bock whi-:h shoulJ be ÍZÍb-n-Ir- No marrlc( pair, er fersooa je'.ffflrlatlD aoi i ■?■', run afTord to do without lf.. IioooUlu?"1??: 5,1 mfiicji literatflrc oa thi.i subject, thi rtioHSOi "igja '::- tjip-rlenoa; ali ièe best thoughta ft1""! .lÏÏ! Ü juKurotaoit America. fi-atPleroTj DE. Í L BOHAMi V" '■" :- ' hStreet. St. L-llI''''.„,„ttW"se0 L i. „-.üerersïtitboutw ,, .,,-5," "S h :;, ■■ ' reol Vouth," and'l; ■.■"!' „iW thr Al '" r -- - -"' ■ No. 18n. u. ____--r-ir TOTHrtN WUIÏIiVlï T! AWV'SníjneS i.lcase aay yousttw tU: al"" Ui tuis paper.


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