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A. Burdette Smith

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FAS H I O N S ! S&aSMrt fe fea and SELLS Pattems of them. Only $1.1 a year, wlth Premium. See bZLl, ,TYl-E5 Siift's " tostant Bress Etotor." e$gam woiilU8tratethe.tjriesOfthO ! y fcmaft J Tliis CCT shows the "'ki present day ín the hoight Of flBB& lHRLv tTppQr Part of ■- jíyfev fashion in Parla and m gmi Ï t'y sliirt i wrong p '"fÏ!w New York Öet our jLË,.j a íroin One DresB toanother. ft VÍmijlfoÁ i Ê lili mon noi'iBo dreeses. fí'i' $sCw)í """1 TABLIER WAIST- Isboth ncatand Jmm. styliHli, :ml whcn nsed n cómicotm;. mf (Ion i illi llils i;ilkiim skirt, It Is one orthc AÊMËÊMfMÊÊ moHt dpnlrablc dosisiiN f'ornny kooiIk. It 1 JÊi y !ï:.lwFïi7 i;;;; becomlng for clther the stout or Hebt M0. W&Mwá llKiirc, mid the lady wlio huasls or a JÊÊÊZÊÊÊËÊ&Wzk fect f rin can not select a botter dealen. Z f - i % TíiJ I All lie. I'attcrn, ivitll clotb model, J% t_ i.-(! whichshowtjusthowloiMitthccarmfíittoKelher furVeíng ' jí&? mÊÊÊUllBmWiZZa tl ■ iun _. rat by th patlern. Thcy re PERFECT QUIDES. J0SË PBf " V?1" SKlftT ternto be round for tlie present styíc. ít wlll kcep its place and ?ƒ'" a gracerul and elegant efleet, iv 'ltliou t troiible of tylne back. Fattern 2.?cí ! clotb. modo!, 50 cents, matlcd. SEE PRGHHDi' "", wln, MY AT flFFFR ! 1 will oive the EAnm, lili LMOI Urrt.ll i and MODELS of PO.TH, of above iilustrutioim, and TWO of tlie "PRESS ELEVn.,, (See Cut), FREE AS PREMIUM lo I lie person wlio sends ". ONE DOLLAR ANP TEN CENTS for ONE YEAR'S subcrpton to "Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar," befqre may i x f% . fAv r .r. v. hoi ouoo. ,4 Broadway, York City. linTP Thoso who r.rc airead; Subscribcm to "SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR" u,. NOTE. mïÏÏBiisssik'iMh.9'


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