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Wc have bclore rcmnrked the disposition cvincjdby portions of the Wliig nnd Democratie parlica to break nway from old pnrty tics, ond originnto now political cpmhinntions. The movcnient of C. M. Cluy has n tendeney to divide the Wliig party into two portions, a Northern and Southern,in iho amc way iliat the Methodist nnd Baptist clnirchcs havo bccu divided. In New York, the radical portions of both partíes were earnest for a State Cor.vcntion, that they migiit attnin valunblo objects which the reforméis of boili parties were sceking. In this State thero are eiihünr indications. - Our readers are awareof thecourse of the Young Domocracy. Tliey jurhped out of the party traces. Whether thcy wül ever como n aguin, or not, tho fact shows their restiveness. But thcro aru indications. not only of a diepo sition to bolt from parry dictation, but to unrite with (urmor political opponents in pursuit óf objeets which could not be attaincd through uiiher ot tho old political organizations. Tluis, in this county we hoar tltat n now political combinaiion has lotely been fonned by accederá irom both the other ])artiea, nnd artielos of political faith have been adoptad. The individuals uro of the middling class, and are advocate of reform, and whethèr thoir organization will ever bccoine efficiënt or not; il shows that thcre i a reaching forth of the popular miad uficr eomc politica' good, which it not vet been able to attain. A valued pcisonnl friend onc of tho earliesl Aboütionists in the State- wrilcá us Kalamazoo County, March it- " It has boon niy mprosaion forsomo time, that cvery movemcnl ot the day shotild be fairly ined by uur ono uien principie, and tlic result be iiicorporated into the creed ot the hilny party. There inay bc a que.ion oí éïpwency with some na to the propur lime fur iiiovmg m tbi matièr, but I thirtk our u uc course 13 to adopt Croctftett's motto. , ' Yoú umy be awaro d)t a party on-mated in ibis county :last fuif, sewding Irom the W hig nnd Democratie parties. taking rong antialavery ground, and ptied rctioluiiüiia on the other greai iutorái Tjity w..uld u.ii joiu tbo Libortf par? tv: Said xhoy, "you do eVery th ng Jor Uve slave, and notlung for yoursdvcs. Whether Wil) QgÜin órenme, or whci icr the nariy w.ll takê uch a couw ne bboll nvitü tboir co-oncraiioii. time must determine. I art nware thnt niany ndheren of the other partica are dtssati.Mied with tbtéï puWtioO and are wuiting to sec whatcouriie the Liberty party are goir g to takc. Let u kerp theni no longer in suspense. Throw out your bnnner of Ui MÍ RfOHW to ihebrew-c ! Try cacli ol' tha other greai inlerests by jip principia. The laureUare hcl.l out for our acceptancc. Shall wtf deserve nad re.'uve (heni ; or, whtlo snpincly wüiuiifc Bea a competitor enter the iield, and bear tlicm off betoro our eyes V' (CTThe Advertiser saya : " the House of Rcresentatives by very largo vote have rcfiiscd to concur with the Senate m repealing the Licene lavr of last winier. The niattc-r wili proboblv resthere for the scesion."