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Kindness To The Guilty

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It 8 gratifying to the philauürfopmt to find thnt the principies of tho Gospel are begiiimg lo be applieil to a7 cases of human woc', wretchedness, and guilt, no matter liow degraded and vile mny bc the snfVorer. Not on!v the elav, hut tho drunknrd, the feJorï and the fcmale outcast reoeivc commiscratioM and regard, nnd ia many places, etllcieat agcncics nre at work for líicir resloration tu rcspcctabiliiy and virtu?. The name ofllowanl lias beca me koown though the civili world for his philanthropic exertions in Europe. In Boston, thero is another man of ehnilar stamp, nlthough acting in an liumblo place. -rlila nnme is John Augustus. II b famc ia not yet as widcly didused as that of Ilownnl, but rhe has obtained quite n notor'n ty in the criminal courtsofthat city by bailing oflonderr, Wo fiud the followingr m a Ietler lo I MassnchuBctts Legislativo Temperancc Focietyicalüng thcir attention tothe odce&eily of establishing a temporiiry homo for portone dischnrgcd from ihe llouae of Corrcclion. 'Atprreenta poor unfortunnto woman, of intempcrate hobits, is taken from hor fomily, and sent to the house of correction, and bcfore she comes out her fnmily iö scaltercd, 8i)d she knowa not wherc to find hnr fnends, or perhaps her children. She has no w! to lay her head unlefs ehc sectte shclier in some den or some back lanc about Ann street. There shegetn drunk, end gets bent back totlic nouso oí corrccuon pcriiups in iwo or throe days; and it is llic snmo wiili llio men. Sight tentl)8 of nll that go to tho house of correction are for drunkennesi?. As eoon as my attention woe callcd to tlic subjoct, wbich was by accident, I thouglit l would try nu experiment, by standing b;ul Por a man who wa3 found -guilty of being a cornmon drunkard. I was in court, rnd etepped p to hito and nsked il' hc would sin llic piedgoifl tvould get his eenlencc putofffor a forlnigljt, and stand his lm il in order to give liim a chunco to try to do betlor. lic agreed lo do so - kept tlic plodgo, and became a sober mini. At llic end of the forlniglit Ir: wos let off, npon the payment of a smnll linoI centinued this parclice, and tlic rcsull is oü followsi From January lst, ia IC, tü January ist, 13 H, I baüed tl) ree huiidred persona broughl up as comniun drunkardd, mulc and femulc Of this number more Ihan two hundred havo done Tlic balance might havo been saved if there had been a piuco for llicm to stop a few days. lo recover from the pflects ofrum and wait for employment. I do not know h ow mnny of thein feil back, bccauec I lost the track of them. I havo hcard t lint somc are domg well in other places. I have also b een bail in cases of ehnplo drunkcnnesaand other pelly oftences, to the muubcr of 100 - moking in all 000 instancos. TliQ wholc Biun for which I havo been bail ia $25,000, nnd have only fcuflercd one foriViturc, which was for 8100. Of the 500 common drunkards whom I bnilcd, s75 verc, afler siging the pledgc, nnd being under probation a week or two, dischaigod npon iny:n ti fine of one cent and costs- about $4 in ench' case - making in all 1100 pnul in'o tlio treasury of tJio county or etato. If lliey hnd been eent to tho house of correctiun, notbing tvould hovo been pnid onllieir account, and the ofiicera wotild have been paid fecs lur carrying them over. Uy my plun moncy haa been both paid and eavod to tlie alalc, unlvse they nmko a profif. on the labor ofstich convicta in the house of correction- a fact which I have notyet learnt."