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Another Prisoner Free!

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The Western Citizen bririga intelligènce of tlio pardon of Jamks E. Beau, one of thu thrce Abolitionists impnV-oncd in llic Miceouri Pententiary. Alnn-on Work, ono of the mimber, u-as pardnned last y?ar, so tlmt George Thompson is tho only one rérriainitig. Therc is a prospect that he wiil soon bo Übcrnled, ds the pardon of Work was popular in Missouri, iaosmucli na the tlirco prisoneri liad comniittcd no actual injury ngninit nny pcrson in that Btale. Mr Iiurr wrile.1 to the Citizen: I wus released on the SOth day of Jainnry, 1846, at 1-2 c'cloek. When I left those drenry looking1) masbive walli, l did nol feel half au happy se I had anticipoted; and why ' Ono reaeon, I was still in a playo State; the olher, and the greatest to me, uns, my brother Tliompson was fit 11 !ofi behihd.m thnt dcrnded place; this was a very severo blow to n [ think nouecnn think leas severo to Inm, to bc left without a f tiend in bo desolate plnc-. They told mo ihat that day wod Good tnuJay to me tío il was. Stili'l could Jiot rcjoico half as I ahould, if 1 could höve hád my coiripaníon to come hume ivtti m. I feit pcrfectly willingtoyive brother Thompson my papers, to come home in my plnce, hut ihoy suid thatwoulunot donor could nntbe. I bbw in the city some thut apprared to be very friomlly to ne, nnd soma had luiiir been vory muchfio. fbavebeeii linosttwo weeks in ijetting homo to thiü place, nnd owin' 10 the mannor ofeonveyance, hud n hard time of it. Uut I feel t'reatly to rejoice to sec tno borSers of a State. Wlien in Blght pf, and when lunded nt Qnincy. I feit dispesod, likc manya stormbeaten oilor, to shont willi :i loud voi'rc and joyful heart, "J.mihI Ijh! Innd do!"' I haitened to the cotoecrotetl spot 1 loft .o see my warm hearted bretliron and Mater.s, indthad o joyful tneeting witli tíiem, altor Tour years and about sïx montha in [rison.■ UT Mr..As!ier Bi lim -. n inwyer öl hns prop)6feJ to the legislatura id Sttle Prison (ot tcnyenrs, wiih iliu rccihtflBJ ti keep Ik convicta, nnd nifiku itnprovemetlüi 6o ceeding 5,69{ nt7tiu;ill - pravided ti.u S will [iuy luin .vT).(ím) a y ir. Mi. Kco douljilesa would tnaka wcll uy die lui;.iiu. UT lhe iir.-inil iiiry have foiirhl indictmern for muilnughipr. ;i: iburo and Corey, keeper nd assislan: k-.pc-r of ihe Stuto Prison ot Aiibnrh, in th cade of tilt ubippul convict Plumb.