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The Power Of Prayer

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Yon, Dina ! Goma and set m whar de ribber-xoadí dOU Dif'ft. De Lord, tí made dono bla o k-jack rooti to twitt' tuto a aeat. Uiuph, dar : Do Lord have mussyon dis bliu' oíd uiggcr'tí fect. It arw te me día moruin' I kin smellthc fust o' June. I Vlar', I blieve dat mockin'-blrd oould play de flddle boou ! Dem yonder town-bella nonnda liko doy ww ringin' in de umon. Well, ef dlfl niggcr i boen blind for fo'ty ycar or urn', Di'w t-iirs, (!■} rcch the world, like, íh'n' de crackB diit'tí in de do'. For de Lord has built dia bodywid do Windows 'hiud and 'fo'. I know iny front ones Ü rtoppd Up, and thiugs Ib Bori o' dim, Bu don, th'u' rfem, témpaüon'fc ruin woat leak im on ole Jim ! De back ones ibowa ino earth enough, aldo' dey's mons'ous slim. ■ And as for Hobben - bless de Lord, and praiBC IIíh Jiolv ñamo - Dat hiñes in all do co'nor of dis nbln )' de sanie Aa ef dat cabiii hadn't nar' a plank npon de frame ! Whp ral mo? Listen down do ribbor, Dinah ! l'on't yon liyar Somebody boll,in' hoo, Jim, lioo ?" My Sarab diod lant y'ar; le dat black angci uono come back to cali ole Jin) fom liyar? My tarn, dat c;iin't be Sarah, ehuli ! Jes' linti, iJinnli. nar ! What kin be coniiu' np dat bend, a-mikiu' sich a row? Fus' bellerin' Uke a pawin1 bul], den Bquealin' likc a bow Ï De Lord V massy sakea alive, jen hear - ker-ivoof, kor-woof - De Debble'H comin' roimd dat bond, he 's comin', simh enuff, A-splahin' up de water wid his tail and wid bis kXMfl I'se pow'f ni skeerod ; but nevei'Bomeless I ain't gwine to rim away ; I'm gwlne to stand stiff-lcgged for the Lord dis blened day. Tou Boreecü, and howl, and rwIsU do water Satan ! Let UB pray. O, Hebbenly Mah'pr, what thou willest, dat must be jes' so, And ef Thou haBt bespoke do worO, some nigger's bonnd to go. Den, Lord, please tako olo Jim, and lof young Dinah hyar below ! Sciisc Dinab, ecuse her, Mah'sr; for Rhe'e sich a littlo chile, Slie hardly jos' begin to Bcrambïe up de home-yard fitile, But día ole traveler's föet been tired di manya many. ü milo. I'se wnffles as do rotten pole of las' year's fodderBtack. De rheumatiz done bit my bouea ; you hear 'em crack and crack ? I cain't pit down 'dout gruntm' like 'Iwas breakin o' my back. What ose de wheel, Then hub and spokeB la wsrped and split, and rotten ? What use dis driod-up cotton etalk, when Life done picked my cotton? I'bo líke a word dat somebody dono said, and den forgotten. But, Dinah Shuh dat gal jcb1 like dis littlo hiek'ryDe sap 'b jes'rísin' inher; pho dogrowowdaciouslec - Lord, ef you's clarin' do underbrush, don't cut hor down, cut mo ! I would not proud persume- but yet I'll boldly mako raques'; Sence Jacob had dat wrasthn'-matchf I too, gwine do my bes'; When Jacob got all underholt, de Lcrd He auawered res ! And what for waste 'do vittlcs, now, and th'ow away di; bread, Job' fo t toréngth ñoar ídlo ha-ttAft torntembib rlia ole baldhcfcd? T'ink of do 'conomy, Hah'Br, ef dia olo Jim was dtad ! Stop; - cf I don't beiiove do Debblo't gono on up do siream ! Jes' uow he Bflueaed dnvm dar; - hutíh; dat'ö a migbíy wcakly acreaiu ! Van, Btr, 1w' oan, ho's gone ;- he Bnort way off, liko im a dfeam ! 0 glorj' hallehijah to de Lord dat reigua on high ! De Dcbblo'H fai'ly skecrod to def, ho dono gone flyin' by ; 1 know'd ho could'n' stand dat pra'r, I fclt my jMuhVr nigh ! You, Dinah! aiu't you 'shamed, uow, dat you did'n' trust to graco ? t heerd yon tlmishiu' th'u' do bushes when ha Bhovrcd tiíM face ! You fdol, yon think du Dobble couldnl boat you in b race 1 I tell yon, Dinah, Job' as sure as j'oii i fitnndin' dar, ffhon folífl tarta prayln', answer-aagelfl drops down tli'u' de a'r. Tea, Dinah, whar mld you be noto, exeeptin' fur ilat pra'r f -Scribncr for June.


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