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Tjiousands of diseñaos can be cured by simply rubbing, kiieadiug auil percussúig thp body. Ip yonr breath is foul yonr blood vnll bo poor, becfinse yon coíámíiiftté yonr blood with every breath yon draw. Dn'HTiiEiilA. - Milk piiuch i.s now rccoiumcudod as a cure for diphtlieria. It has always bcen cousidered good íor. ] tho Skim-mi"lk and water, with a littlo plu(i in it, made sealding liot, will rentore ruBty black crape. If clapped nnd ! pressod dry, like a une musliu, it ■will i look like new. Foe IliiKUjrATisM. - Ono of tho best applicationa for rheumatism is to bathe ; tho parts affected with water in wlñch ' potatoos liave been recen tly boiled, as ; hQt as can be borne, jnst before going to t bed. A sniraE remedy for removing freckles is a pist of sonr milk and a small quantity of horse radisli. Let the mixtm'e Btalid over night, and use it as a wash three times a day mitil the freckles disi)p'.ar. To Mend Crockery Wíire. - A good cement lor monding brokon crockery ware may be made by mixing together ; equal quantities of melted glue, white of j an egg and white, and boiling them j together. To ExTiNauiSH Fibe. - A Bolution of pearl ash in water thrown upon a fire extinguishes it instantly. ïhe ; tion is a quarter of a pound dissolved in j some hot water, and then poured into a j bucket of common water. To Restobk Wbitino. - Dim writing i that is nearly offaced by age, may bo j stored by the application of a solntion of prussiate of potash in water. Wash the parts with a hair pencil, and the j writing will appea if the paper has not been destroyed. It co at cüpKtíieria CKm$ M u patiënt be at once Eken to the top of the house and into the suimiest room, and therp kopt in perfect isolation f rom all other inmates of the house ave those who are in attendanee, as nnrses. Veoirilation, fumigation, disiufection, and cleansing coiüd there bo eoncentrated and practiced in the best ways possible unAer the cire.umstances for the advantages of the siek. The treatment, with ico and milk, described in B late issue, will, under these cireumstances, save ïiine cases in every ten, if not a greater proportion. - Dr. Hall. Stahcii paste is best prepared by first rubbiug tbe staren porfectly smooth with siiilicient cold water not to formtoothick a mass, and pouring into this boiling water very slowJy, with rapid stirring, nntil the paste bogins to form, as indicated by the incre.ised transparenoy, and then rapidly addiug the rest of the boiling water necessary for the paste. Boiling the paste is very injuritfus, rendoring it less adhesivo and liable to poel off. Kyo llovir affords a more adhesivo paste, but of a gray color. A little alum added to the water with wliich paste is prepared renders it more permauent, and the use of boiling lime water instead of pure water adds to its adhesiveness. By incorporating with the paste a quantity of turpentine, equal in weightto half of the starch employed, and stirring well while the. puste is s'tül hot, it will be rendered more iniporvious to moisture, and at the same time moro adhesivo.


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