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A Struggle Between A Guard And A ... Bloodhound

A Struggle Between A Guard And A ... Bloodhound image
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Patriek Eustaee, ia ono of tin; guards ,t thii Eastern Penitentiary, whos3 duty t is to mako the rounds of the ïiistitplïofl it night to learn if all's e. Tlns Ue loes in company with two Mfeetaan bloodïounds. On Tuesday uiglit last while iccomplishing tlns duty, the dogs qiMT oled and a terrible strwgglo enstted Be;woen tliem. Eustaco in6#tod lus c4ul jetweon tho jawH of thé wlncli luul M-iwevn liiH long iangH tho otli.T s ;hvoat. . The navago brute releasea hMnottianH (lew at tho guard, catchiftg his ï'ight arm md foroiiiR lü tortli wp intu the iliwli, througli tho thicknoss of au oyercoat, nnd(ircoat, and two hirte. Tho guard nsod his club freely but this wcmW havo ixvailcd little had not ttlë acroml IiouikI romo tho rosoue of his master, and ■ven then the victory of man and beast, wflfl dearly bouglit. Havitig scourod iw curatósd animal, and, as tho guavd bcliovrd Böbjected him sullu-iently, EfaMStóá went. inti tho warden' offioo, wliere lus ■n-ounds wore dÍBMed. About two Iioihh later (iuard Lennau was making n. tour of the yard with the hoonds, when Guard Eustaco happened to cross somo distance off. The moment the bottod heard his íootsteps lie uttered a low ery and bounded swü'tly oft' in th; diroction of Eustace, who was apprisod of lus danger by a shout from Guard Lennan. Eustace turned, drawing his revolver at the Mime time, and pulled the trigger as he saw the hovind approaolung him. lho lii-st shot took oüect, and the animal staggered and feil, shot tlirough tlie heart. A few seconds Later and he would probably have had his fangs in the throat of tho guard. The convicta at the Pemtentiary staml in coutinual fear of theso savago Sibcnan nrowler. r.erhap8 the most Ravage and


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