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The Grey Eagle Of The Reserve

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The many friends in this city of Frank H Kelly, of Cleveland, Ohio, will be gratified t read the following article from the Newburgh (O.) Blade. Mr. Kelly is a son-in-law of ou fellow citizen, Samuel P. Jewett, Esq. : In out last issne we took the position tha the young men of the State were entitled to aomo recognition upon the State ticket, anc auggested Frank H. Kelly as the man best fitted to marshall the hosts aa the lat lieuteuau of the grand and aggressive army which i gathering now to meet the hosts of corruptiou in the fall. " Rise up William Allen," is th choice of the party, but as was the case in In diana, when Heudricks was elected iu '04, hi sagacity secured the active co-operation of the young men of the State and henee - victory. Now there are thousands of young men in this State, maiiy just mergiu;,' luto majority, who are watchmg with breathless interest the course of political events, and stand ready to vote either way as to thein may seem best. Now what we demand is an iuducenient for these young men to side with the party of the people, and by giviug them a candidate, and 110 position is so acceptable aa t hat of Lieutenant Governor, we can secure them for the grand battle of liberty to be fought in the Centennial year of our national existence - 1876. We feel grateful to the press of the State for so generally circulating our ideas upon thia matter, and .hope that f uil and free expression be had. The leading minds of Ohio have signified to us their approbation of our selection of Mr. Kelly, and with his encouragement we again hoist the name of Frank H. Kelly as the choice of the young Democracy for the office of Liieutenant Governor. His pre-eminent fitness for the position, his great personal popularity, together with his powerful oratory, renders him not only a fit bearer for the young men of the State, but a fit leader of the entire Democratie hosts of Old Ohio. The Reserve is entitled to a place on the ticket, and as the tollowing note shows, no place is so deiirable, nor any more fit to fill the oflice of Lieuteuaut Ooveruor, than Mr. Kelly. Nbwbueoh, O., May 10, 187'). L. A. Woodward, Editor : I was much pleased to see your article in favor of F. H. Kelly for the office of Liutonaut Governor. No young man in the State is more competant and noue can rally so solidly the vote of the youug men. Hoping your euiluuvors to ecure his noininatiou may be successful, I am yours, A Youno Welsii Man. Here is only one note of the popular musiĆ³ - one out of many we .have received, which proves that the positiou of the Made is correct, and that V. H. Kelly, known as the Gray Eagle of the Beserve, is the choice of the young men for the positiou we have naiued him f or.


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