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:-í i rETEE for the Abous - Ï1.A0 per year. _ Kiim mbi-r tie Hampton Concert, at the Opera lf.mse, next Tuesday evening. _- The criminal calendar will be taken up j t)n l'inuit C't'Uit iKXt Monday. - At the Opera House tliis (Friday) afternooiii tne children ot tho w;ird schools prive a ice concert. _-On the 24th inst. Aldorman Hishop of the fifth ward was, on examination, admitted to practico as an Attorney at law. The till of a Washington street saloon jas tapped Saturday eTening, and a small „uount of money obtamed. - The annual receptiou given by President aI1d Mis. Angoll, to the members of the Senior ,,?. (akcs placo next Wednesday evening. - Dr. C. A. Leitor, collapsod druggist of this cty, has located atMonroeville, Inil., aud comnieuced the practico of the medical profossiou. - l'at Boyle, of Northñeld, while ascending tlC steps leadmg into Cook's Hotel, Mouday, cll aud ruceived severe injuries about the head. - A prominent merchant on Main street jad las head badly scratched by fooling with ll,8 Bon in tlie Menagerie Monday afternoou. - l'rof . Wmchel], formerly of the Univerj,;tr of Michigan, has accepted the cliair of atural Hiatory in the Uuiversity of Nashrille. - Yesterday afternoon the county officers ,erc pliotographed, in front of the court house lt is said that the artist'8 machine was not injured. - The aunual reunión of the Fifth MichiS Infautry takes place at Uwosso, June 16th. pr. y. B. Eos9, of this city, ia ïreasurer of the Society. -The Common Council of Bay City have lojited au ordinanco fixing tho liceuse for otcoses, menageries, etc. at $200, aud each i je show $10. -Sheriff Fleming Saturday deputiaedU. W. Broíín aud Ueorge Efner for four days. Chief .: Pólice Stilmg also appointed two extras for ...imi! time. ■ _W. H. Davenport, of Saline, and A. T. Breugel, of Manchester, have been uxcused jora serving as jurors in the Circuit Court, for the pi'esent term. -At the special election Mouday, to vote on 'je proposition of raising $4,000 to aid ïu the coiistruction of the new hospital at the Univer23 votes were cast for, and 4 agaiust it' A ucw time tabla went ïuto operation on the i road, Mouday, with au additional pasI ngcr train each way - the Grand Rapids expm. Tie new tabie will be fouud in anotht colnmu. -The SupervisorB oi this city have comtheir assessment which foots up to f,,;j,lX)ü, divided as follows: lst and 2d tírJs, Í797.ÜOO ; 3d and 4th wards, 42(i,000 ; :h ud Btti wards, $251,000. -Mails going west close at 10:45 A. M. and :i'i n. ; going east close at 8:15 a. m. and Hif. M. Maila f rom the east are distributed itlU A.M., 12:30 P. M. and 6:40 p. M. Mail ■ Uw west is distributed at tí p. M. - Alter tliu show Monday eveuing the r:..-hintn elass and tlití sub-Freshmen tiiigagma graud rush ou the LJniversity grouuds. pontg man had his coliar boiie brokeu ral-others received slight injuries. - The twu men arrested Sirnday for assault battery ware bruught beiore Justice ii Tuusday, Eind ploadiug guilty tü .■ ihare, oue was sentüuced to ten days m 4 tod tin; uther to leave the city as soon as :.j-íi!ik'. - The motion to di.ssolve the injuuction in ie case oi J. T. Swathei & Co. va. the Keptl ol Ülfl üniveraity was not arguud ou öatLuiy iaet, the whuLe matter inoludiog tliu justioa ui damagüfi b&viug beeu subiuitted to irbilmturg. - ItÚBaid that aix agent oí' the Babcock Fire Lxtinguiher will be pieaent at the meeting of the Oomnton Council, uext Monday crtiiing, With a íull stuck oí machines, and inJI eiuteavor to effect the sale oí one tor a city Èreprotection. -The Supervisors of Lima and Lodi have eule returns to the County 'l'reasurer of the isessmciit rolls of their tovvns, of the number of Baloous to be taxed. Each town contains tutouc saloon, aud assessed as dealers in malt lujuorn, Í40 each. - A couple oí ladies who reside in the Sixth wd appeaxed at the polls Tuesday, Baid they rere tux-jiayurrf, and handcd m their ballots. c officials did not challonge their votes, bui ílien the ladius had passed out they quietly nr papers aside. - At the circus Mouday eveuiítg the clown aidthatlte had a pair of mules and liad iníiiud to wad tin in to Aun Albur for educaKB. but, seeing the deinonstration bufore him, idchanged his miad, oouoluding that college Jucation was too "reíining." - In the Circuit Court Tuesday, David aik, of Ypsilanti, for rape, and Greorge Vssliingíon Wurd, of Salina, for burglary, wearraigned and pluad not guilty to the innuitious read to thom. D. Olipjiant Church, I Saline, was assigned to defend Clark, and Ctamer to defeud Ward. - Heury Dousenbury was arrested by Poceinan Johnson for paying too much fealty ;Kiiig Alcohol, on Friday níght, and was by ■M Stiling introduced to Justice Clark, who inta Henry to retire from the testivities of ni lite for the next ten days and to take Vngs at the cross-bar hotel. - Wuen Van Amburg's elephauts were ennog the city, on Washtenaw Avenue, Moumoraing, a team being driven by Evart H took fright and rau away, throwing the wer frum the wagon and severoly injuring The team brought up agaiust a largo MtHh great force, driviug the wagon pole ''eral nichos iuto the tree. -Prof. Watson, in a recent letter to Mr. tiuer of this city, states that at the request i the Kuedive, he is now engaged in measur'i a base line near the pyramide for the geot survey oí Egypt. The Professor also r that from Egypt he will go to Palestine 1 theuce, by way of Constantmople, to "we, Italy, and G-ermany. ■ luesday Judge Craue directed the sheriff ?non six new jurors, to serve at the preaItna of court, in place of those excused ; iiun-attendauts. The foliowiug were aioiieU and apxieared in court Wednesday . o Uouk, Sylvau ; M. M. Howard, Ann Ar; B. c. Boyce, Lyudou ; Peter Cook, York ; :ifze l'ratt, Scio ; Patrick Fleming, Dexter. -Uu calling the roll of jurors for the May t tlie Circuit Court, Tuesday, Wm. -li-liuld, of Di-idyewator, Fredarick Valentino 'Manchester, and Isaac J. Merritt, of Salem, '!t' fuund absent. Au order was entered by ■:-' Crane, directing that the persons uanioJ toappear June Tth and show cause 'tinu should not be imposed forcontempt -urt. -CLris Mülraan, John Gore, and, David lou üBsaultud some studonts on Main streot 'May niglit laat. Ou Saturday morniug, fe Officor stiliug btoaght the tliree offendforo Justioe McMaliou, when an adjournt was had uutll Monday. Mcantime Gore 'w Norton learned liow Berious might be the "It of the ditttculty, and since that time the !r h;is been unahlu to lind his men. - Cluiiiey, of Boston, read an intereötiug I'M'W 011 Siianisii Art before the Woimu's Club ' '' nuinljor of invifed guests, on Wednes;■ 6DÜlg, at the resideuce of Mrs. Israel " The most prominent Spamsh painters iiiriiliy rtketched and their works tieSy uoticed. Fmu photogTapht of some ■ ""'ir licst painttng were exhibited as '"trating the paper. The Wo.uan's club is Jlno coiuiderable in the way ol hturary and lrt olture. - The Supervisors of the city have -completed their assessment rolls of taxes on the saloons and breweries. There are nineteen saloons that will continue to ssll spirituous liquors, paying each a tax of f150 ; eighteeu will deal only in fermented drinks, añil for tlmt will pay a tax of Í4Ü each. Tnere are three breweries thnt will continue business, two of which manufacture less thau 1,500 barrels of fermented liquors and pay oach f50 : the third manufactures more thau this amount and pays f 100. The total of this tax will contribute to tho finalices of the city $3,770. Memorial Day. - The programme for decoratiou on Monday will bo as follows : A procession composed of Co. B.f lead by Gwinnors band, and followed by offiers, Piremen, and citizeus generally, will bo formed at the Court House Park, at 1 1-2 P. M., and p'rcceed immudiatoly to Firemen's Hall in the óth ward, where they will be received by the L. D. S., children beanng ftags and üowers, the Firemen and Citizons gonerally. Tho procession will then march direct to the 5th ward cemetery where, alter decomtmg the Soldier Monument, au address will bo given by Prof. Cocker, of the Uuiversity. President Augeli aml other eminent men will also be present. If the weather is favorable a prand, impressive and profitable season niay be participated in, that will long dweil in the iu the memories ot the living and refiect honor on the noble dead. Contributions of nowors are solicited from all. These may be sent to the Firemen's Hall in the foreuoon, where they will be made up in wreaths, bouquyts and crosses by the ladios. ïhose who wish for refresementa for themsel ves and children after the exercises are over, are invited to seud coutributions for the table in the foreuoon to the residence of N. H. Pierco, near the grounds. Appobtionment.- The foüowing is the apportionraent oí Primary Scliool f imd, and also the üue mouoy : No. Am't. Fine ren. Money. Ann Arbor City, 2,398 $1,119.00 109.09 Auu Arbor l'own, 311 156.50 14.19 Augusta, 518 259.00 23.64 Bridgewater, 399 199.50 18 21 Dexter, 365 177.50 16.20 Freedum, 664 277.00 25.29 Lima, 329 164.50 15.01 Lodi, 379 189.50 17.30 Lyndon, 2S2 141.00 12.87 Manchustor, 784 392.00 35.79 Northiield, 379 1H9.50 17.30 Pittsiield, 288 144.00 13.15 Salem, 201 120.50 11.46 Saliue, (OS 312.60 28.53 Scio, 867 433.5U 39.58 Shuron, 345 172.60 15.75 Sujierior, 420 210.00 19.17 Sylvan, , 035 317.50 28.99 Webster, 244 122.00 11.14 Yoilc, 548 274.00 15.02 Ypsilanti Towu, 391 195.50 17.8o Yjiailanti City, 1,377 688.50 62.84 Total, $12.679 $6,339.50 $578.75 1 1 m ii


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