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Second Advent Believers

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According to our exchangcp,in many places a portion of this class of believer have run into dingraceful and unjustifiable exccss. We noticed some weeks pince in the Cleveland American, an article, warning the respectabla and excmplary portion of the denominatiuns froni countenanceing the groes and notorious improprieties of their brethren. The last Cincinnnti Hcrald says: We understand that mnny of t!e Second Advent People in this city have become utterly fanatical. They believe that the Lord has has come - that there ought to bc no longcr any marrying or giving in mnrnage - that the elect should have none but spiritual wives,&tc. Several respectablc women have left their husbands, !ed away by these lying notions, and the peace of quiet, loving families has been broken up. The meetings of the deluded people are held in private houses. - Much excitement has been the result, and eome of the leaders of these meetings have been threatened with mob vioJence.'