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lhe June Atlantic opens with a poem by Alunch,-" Spring in New England," and closes with one by Lowell- " Ode read at the Concord Centennial," a curious happening, tor the firat is a poem for Memorial Day, and th8 the uew and the old begin and close the number. Betweeu these two poem there are some noticeable articlas Kobert Dale Oweu tells a remarkable piece of secret history under the title, " Political Besults trom the Varioloid." President Eliot, of Harvard, has au article which will excite controversy on " Wise aud Unwise Ecouomy in School," and there are some narrative papers,- oue on " The California Bauch," by Stephen Powers ; another on the " Cruise of the Bappahannojk in Calais Habor; and an amusing uumber of Mark Twain's "Old Timos on the Mississippi." Henry James, Jr's novel, " lioderick Hudson,' grows in interest. And there are shorter storie8 by Mrs. Launt Thompson (" Story of a Contraband"), P. Deming ("Benjamin Jaoques"), and one called " Boring tor Oil." Besides the two poems named above, there are by Culia Thaxter, Mrs. Piatt, Edgar Fawcett Mrs. Moulton. The editorial departments of Kecent Literature, Art, Music aud Educatiou are increased by one on the Drama, containïng a notice by the Editor of Mr. Buvmoud as Colonel Sellers. Publiahed by II. O. Houonton & Co., Boston. The Eclectic for June is the Index number, showing the coinpletion of another of the halfyearly volumes. It is enibelliahed with an excellent portrait on steel of Thomas Carlyle, which is acoompanied in the letter-press by a brief but satisfactory editorial sketch of bis life. The leadiug article is erititled, Ultramoutanism and Civil Allegiance, and is a comprehensive and iustructive review of Mr. CHadstone's recent pamphlet, and the numerous replies and cominents which it evoked, placing in a very clear light the bearing of the Vaticau decrees on the policy of the Koinan Church. üther interesting articles are : Tetuan ; Maine's Early History of Institutions ; The Cost of Living ; Germán Home Life. II. Furniture ; A Vision of Spring in Winter ; Fashious and Tricks of Speech ; Secret Papers of the Empire ; Beumarchais, The French Wilkes ; Injin Joe, and Artistic Homes. Tliere is a f urther installment of the charming story, Jonathan, and Part I. of a new story by William Black, entitled, The Marriage of Moira Fergus. The Editorial Departments are, as usual, well filled. Published by E. K. Peltoií, 25 Boud Street, New York. Terins, $L a year ; Single number, 4ó cents.


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