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Tt is stated thnt Mrs. Tilton is cngagcd in writing a novel founded on the ineidcnta of lier lifo. The President iind Mrs. Grant will attend Uie wedding of Gen. Sheridan, which willtake place in Chicago in ft few llllVH. A 0H1CAG paper describes Miss llueker, tjiereicrc of l'hil. Klieridan, as " i brautiful brunette, of that willoroy, drooping from eonsidered cssential to beauty of the highest grade." __ i What are these womeu coming to any way? Two of them ware reeently arreited in an Ohio town in tho act of burglarizing a store, and nuw to read that ii Imrglur wlio WSS shot by a North ! rurolina woinan, tho otfaer day, was found to be a woman in nialo attire. Gekmany and Kussia are understood to bo determined to keep the peace, if it ia necessary to thrash every other nation into complete helplessness. Tlie Kaiser and the Czar both think that war is yrry wrong, and are anxious to pound thé .sanie opinión into tho Frcnch and otlier wieked nations -vith large armies. They luivi' a story in Brooklyn that Mr. 13eicher internis to leave for Enrope and thü Holy Land about tho Ist of September. 'Wlieii Uie ti-inl is over he will resume the writing of his " Lifo of Chriat." To verify certain pnrts of it, to give iidelity in the details of descriptioiis of the Mount of Zion, the Monut of Olives, the Hill of Calvary, the Garden of Gethsemane, etc, is the purpose of thia journey to Palestino. Prominent army offloets txpress much lissatiafactioii Avith the memoira of Gen. Sherman. Some of those wlio were most intimate with him insist that lio has been veiy unjust to tho Generáis who rendered him most service, and has gone out of his way U sutisiy personal pique. It is even stated that Gen. Grimt contemplatoa collecting materials for mcmoirs of tlu war, and that Admiral Porter wül reply to som., portions of Shermau's book. The Postmaster-Genoral, tmder authority of an act of Congrcss of June 8, 1872, hs orderod that the rate of United States postage on letters sent to or received from foreign exmntrie, witli whicli different rates have not been established by postal couvention or other arrangemeni, wlien forwarded by vessols rcgularly employed in transporting the maü, bo reduced from 10 to ö cents for each lialf ouneo or fraction thercof, to take eiï'ect July 1, 1875. The St. Loiiis papers record a remarkable attempt at suicide tliat was reeently made in that city. Mrs. Mury PhiUips", while laboring under a flt of temporary insanity, locked herslf in her house, and proenring au ax attempted to split hor head open. She flíéíift herself threo violent blows, but owing either to the tliickness of her skull or the dullness of the ax, failed to accompUsh more than inflictüig üiree long gnshes, reacliing from the forehead back to the crown oi tho head. The lato Jolm C. Breekinri.lge was born on üic 21st of .Tanuary, 1821, aud was educated for the law. He fongh't in Mexico aud the sido of tlio South in the late var of the robeltion. He served in both houses of Congrega, aud was chosen Vice President of the United States on tl ie ticket with Buchanan. In 1860 he ran f or President on the Democratie ticket, reciviiif.; the electoral votes of all the Southern States except Virginio., Kentuuky, Teunesseo and Missouri. His last official position was ns Seeretey of War of the Confedérate States. Ex-Senatok .Ta mes W. Nïe is now an mmato pi th,: Sandford Lunatic Asjhira, of Brooklyn. He is nut allowed to l.e Heen, except hy his most particular and intímate friendu. Ho is very violent at times, and constantly Êas wit'h him a special attendant. While in the Hoorningdale, it was found necessary to conftno him at times with a straight-jacket, so terrible did his paroxysms become. His mental faeulties do not seem to be 'limmed by any temporary hmacy, but to have actually and completely given w.-iy, probably uever to return again. The bruin has l)een worn outby constant uae, diaappointment, worry and excess. Tüe Kew York (Iraphlr thiuks that m all probability 5 have not got tlirough with our steamship disasH-s this year. -Ihe enormous masses of ice that have Iready male their appearanc, in the mid-Atlautic wiU not disappear untillate m the summer. The same system of sacrificiag safoty to ,spe,,l wtíí, caused the -reek of th Schiller will nwke the captains of certain other steamships rcluctant t, steer out of their coiirse to avoid tlm neighborhood of icebergs, and ice-fieldft au.l it will be strange if We do not hear beíoro 8imiUñr is oyer of other wrecks more disastrous to human hie thau evon tliat of tte Schiller. A Sï. LoC!K fp-ocery "house xvcntly reoeiveá by express from Mhtern Mis oimalK,xw],ic,1)Up(m b(,;i)fr uv(wa was f.mnd to be conipletely f„Uof gH Hoppers. Accompanying the. packe wa a letter from a heavy l,btjr, who tul that ,xnleSS the hoppers recoived in üqmáatioq oí ]„„ ;,(,,lmt, Jl(1 saw no wy „f cvor p.lyil)fr ]ijs iu(1(lbted_ oks, a.s tbUë mie ij] (!„,,„ w:us 1(,ft or Prospect, of the product of his 'secn._ AU the Wholesale houes of St Ln!r,w,,,);H,,.s ]icta; dred from t,yn MisKOU1. ts declaring their total inability to meet their ,,;, ;livouut of y plague. The Chicago Tnl,,,,,, wpouèsttdUi gentleman in that city has a letter from a correspondent in Nebraska contannng inf(,raiation which, if true must prove gratifying. It is to the eirect tliat, though the graashoppers have developed in that locality by myriads, there wan active enemy prèying onthemin ölf fwmof a mail ivd b„g, of a desonpöon not hitherto Been, This bug attack the {jmsshoj.per in bulk, „lul desteoylfratlaoks. If Ékk be trn, and t e ug become general iu the grasshoprictp, tlien its apjiearance will be wolroiiK'cl. That bug ought to be cultivated, that it may prove the deliveror of the country from tho, threatened plague. Oarkttth, the Yinelaud (N. .T.) editor, is still alive, and apparentlyin a fair wy to recover, although he still has an Ónnce of lood in Iuh bruin. Whcn he was sliot his friends refused to call in a surgeon anc eummoiied a homecopathio pliysiciaii, who, ilisteadof noarching fqr tlia ball, merely gavo the man árnica, ■H-itli a view to check inflammation, mul lelt nature to WOrk a glttg if posxiblc. Hhould CiUTiith roally recover his casa ■will throw consiaér&Dle doupt on tluproprifity of always probiug a gim-fthot wound, and people will begin to ask wlietlier skilful atrïgeonÖ have not been reeponaible lor mnny of the deattia whiqh thoy have attribnted to bulwt! Because a man is perforated witli a léd ball it may not ncco.ssarily follow that lic ought again to be perl'orated with a .stcri pröbe, and Mr. Carruth's récoyery will foster the susi)icion that pernapH the probo is rather more dangorous than tho ball.


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