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Tho monoy market remanís without 1 lar chango. The demand for faVors waH light I fan tlio offcrings on good necnrity quite tfber. 1. Interest rates 7(3)10 per cent. Oovernmeiit bonds ürm and steady, but ruther quiet. BRBAPHTUITS. Tho weakness show iu tho leading grain markets during lio proceding weck was more fully developed duriug the weck now under review, and oulniinated in a general and quito Hevere rodiiction in valúen. Tho Kpeculative olomont were tho principal operators, although there was more doing on shipping account thsn for sorao time pafit. The infliiences, howovcr, were mainly of a local character, and tlie beara Becmod" to have the control of ' the trado, and the way in wliich they usid thoir power ia readilyneenby a comparisoii of prices, and f rom tho opnning to the fltosa ' the markets havo gencrally beon wenk with a dcclining tniidp.ncy. At time a fcrvelit feelilig would be noticedandthe rnpid decline in value clieckBtl by the iemand from " nhorta, " who botght freely Rt every reduction, büt the iuliiienceu were genetally agairíaí tUo marúetH and tho imprOTemonta would prove but tempona y. Tlio reoeiptB wero iairand in oxceflB of thenhipments, except coni and oatH. Spring wheict and oom were tlio principal Httraction, tho other ruarkets ruling eomparatively quiet. New York and ].ivor]ool advicea wero of au unfavorablo tonor, while the wcather wn warm and the stock in btore is j luinHimlly large for the sensou. The fonvard morement so far has been very light, and tlio problom of intorest to spcculatorrt w, "WUat are we going to do with tho ñtock on hand?" Aa a conMoquenüe thore nre few Hellern for future dolivery, andall tho optiotia aro moro or los depresaed, whilo tho principal demand ie from bhorts who aro buying at the prolit offercd. ltye and bailoy are comparutively ürm, with tbo cloHing quotationu for tho lattcr ahowing Borne improvement. '" Tlie following tabla shown the prices current at the opening and close of the past week : Ojienmg. LIohwij. o. 2,sp'g whoat. casb fl.03 @1.Ü3' $ 98(81 00 (o. 2 eller May 1.0'J (1.02v '.isuij 9U toja, eller Jnne.... l.O35í@l.MS, 99,'s8 99JÍ lo. 2, neller July 1.06Vïl-?j4 ($1.02 . io. 2 corn, caxh". 1%Q .11% CD $ -O'JX io. 2 corn, sellcrMay. .7]V.?2 .08SÍO .68J ïo.,2 cnrn, aller June .72?, .T3; .68(.68% ío. 2 corn, Beller July. .7n,( .711 v, .Tl&bia o. 2 oata, cafh 6.1) M @ .2ii o. 2oats,sollorMay. .68}i3 J l n. 2 oat, ncller June. .()4.(s .64% o. 2rye, cash... (iil.0C., @1.0ii o. a Imrley. cvh .... 1.82 (rf 1 .93 to.nbarley, a. Bept.. @1.05 1.07bid o. 3 barley, e.ah.... 1.18 @1.2I) 1.18 Q1.20 ruovismxs. Tho movement waa more brislt in tbia maAet luring tho week jiint ppwKod. bat priCöB wcro itagu ar nnd the nuctuatioiiH Wetoquitu se riierccoiptuofhogswere libera!, hut the quaKty )f the receipta waa only fnir, nsdgricessniferea i decline of 25(i40cper 1U0 lbs. On the closing lay of the week a fair amount oí' baiúEies reported, but an easy feeling prevailcd aud iiricefi for most articleR werc a trille we&ker. l'lie maikot elosed at 20.70@20.75 for cash rnesn pork, .t20.Cü(t'20.(ai Holler June, aud í2i).7á'('í20.íi(i Heller July. Cash lard qaiet at íL.OO; seller June elosed at $14.05, and seüer Jnly at15.n}(i15.20. Olosing salds of iiogs were mndo at C.5O(;,7.ÜO for inferior to fait lot, and at Í7.3!í( 8.5Ó lor good to extra .'ots. IJTJ! STÓW. Quality of cattle efenUng forward vciy good, and the general market waa natisfactory to Bcllera and OTvnera. oliipping nteerH, $5.00@6.75 ; bulk of ales at S:5.75(a!6.'25 ; j;ood to choice toclier.'i. Í3.5O@5.OO. Butchers' cattle. -Í4.Ü0 in i. ñn ; inferior. $á,ÓÓ@3,50 through Texana. 2.0(f)3.7f). HogB (luí! nnd lower. bnt cloaed Readier at decline. Yorkei'a, H.OíHñt.60 : heavy, $7.50@8.50, popr to extra. Sneep eteadv, light receipte. moderate demand. Shorn, Í3.5Ó (B5.50 ; TOolcd, -t5.50(:fi.75. piuirrcE. Tbere bas been a Blight increase in the arrivals of butter during the week, but the demand waa about tho aarae aa during the previons eek, and the market ruled a trine dull, but the accumulation yr&H very elight. A trifle more weaknesff was developed, lint no declino of importance vraa eatabliHlicd. The following grading was adoted, by t!ie National 13titter and Egg Associaticn at tbeir last meeting, and Halen wero made largely uuder tliese claaaifications. KxttVis - Shall be composed of elections from the íhient grades of fresh made aorta, and shall be of tho highest standard of tnuie uuuer. f -trias - öüail De a goou qnaiity of butter, of uniform natural color, in aeasou, sweet and properly aeasoned, iu good uniform btyle of package, and goud eoudition. Neem - Shall cousist of a good, BWeet, solid grade of butter, uniform in color, iu jood Htyle of package. and in good condición. Thirris - Shall embrace all aorta between the quality doo poor to be hiHsod as seconde, and the grade above greeso butter. Quotationa ranged at 27@28c for extras, with an occasional sale of 30c in a retail wav, 22(rè 26c for tirsts, 18(;22c for Heconds, 15@17 for thirda, ud Il(gl3 for inferior lots. Tliero wau an improvod demand for beans, and ponen were a Bhade tirmer. Quotably at 1.85(;l.aO for primo Eftstam mediums in barróla and $1.80@1.85 for Iota in baga. 1ípc.-íwax quiet at 26(828e per lb for good to primo yellow. liroom con wws quiet but stoady at ll}4 (ulic for No. 1 to ohoice hurí and XaZ for good to choice stalk braid. Checse was somewhat weaker; qiiotable at 12öl3,Ic for prime old factory, and 12(M3c for new, according to quality. Cider quiet at ï5.75(iG.QÜ per brl for choice sweet, and L3.50(ax4.00 for common. Dried peas wero dull at -f 'iM)@% 10 per bu for choico green, and $1.75f;.l.H0 for marrowfat. ried fruits were quiet, but flna, at8v.,r for Michigan and Now York npples ; 7(ft8o for Southern and Ohio ; 9@9JL"c for halve ponchea, and }%e for blaekberriea. Egg under only moderate receipta were Hteady ; closod at 15( 15jC. Apploa were scarce and iinn at ■■y3.50(a 4.5U for good to choice. Orangos soldat #10.50 Mll.OO for Valentía cases, and M.50@6.00 for Messina boxea. Hidea quiet at 7)c all round, and choico selected lots aold at 7;!8c ; calf qnotablo at about 12X @13c. Potatoes woro dull, and the maiket i'loird at 90(íí!5c for car Iota of Easteru l'eachblows and .fl@1.05 iu email Iota from store. WeBtern Peaehblows ranged at 6S@85c, and Earlyltose hIow at G()(i)f)5c, nccording to quality. Wool quitt at 48(e54o for tub washed, 45@48c for medium and iino tlcecea, and i!2@35c for coarse nnwaahed. Veul was in good demand and the warm weather cauaed rather a weak foeling to prevail. Salea ranged at 4@8c for common to choice. Vegetables were quiet at Í3@3.5O per brl for ouions and 70@80c per bu for Itutabaga turnipa. SEEDS AND imiIIWINES. The movement In grapH seed dnrlng the past week was light. The seaaon firKowing i about over. and few ordera theroforo were received on ahippiiig accouut. The offeringa of' the different kinda, however, were only moderate, nd although the market was quiet, a steaJy feeling prevailed. Timothy closed at i2(r2.35 for poor to fair, nnd t2.4Ö@2.15 for good to prima. Clover, quotable at íG.50(íífí.75 for medium, and Í7.5O('7.75 for mammóth, according to quality. Flax, about 1.65 for gooi cmaliiug. lliiiigarian aold at il.35(L1.50, and cloaed at about .ïl.4(l(t?1.15 for primo, ifillet, $1.40((il,50 for good to primo. Tliero waa vory little doing in highwinea, but at the Hiitno timo prices remained ateady, and cloahig ütalea wero made at il. 17. COOPF.1UOE, LÜMBEJt ANTI TYOOn. There was no change iu the ninrket for öoüperage. For packing dcacriptipne the inquiry continúes moderate, but the oüier kinda remain quiet. Price3 unchanged : quotations" range at 1.12 lor pork brl, tAilè for Urd tiercé, $1.90@249 ior vrtilay brto, imd 4S@55o for tkmr brlu. There haa 'been a. yerygood demand for luraber durinu the rrepi and caxgoea have met with n?ady aule ! ubout former quotaüons. The arriruls were only fair. The market at Í10.()0(H 14.0ÍI for biianla and strips, S.5Ü for joiat and scnntling, f9.87J for ahinglos, and ipl.50@1.02J for lath. Tliere wan bót littlo doing ín wooiIk, but the Btock left over ia light and Drices remiúu steady f.t, Í8."OO@8.S cord for hickory. fi:fí.)Q(iíl.f0 for maple, 5.5'("" C.0O lor becch, and Í4.50 for slabs at tho yords. Telegraphlo aiarket lleporta. KEW YÜUK. Dekvkb ;.. 11 @ 13 Hoiis- Drcseed 8 ( Cottcm ]r)'-,(4 iri 1'l.orn- Suiirrflno WcsU'rn i 70 i 96 WiiKAT- Nn. É2 Oiii-UKi 1 W l 1 1H No. 1 Kjiriug 1 20 1 22 ColiN 78 @ 80 Oatr lr & 77 Kïk 1"7 (4 1 IB Pobk- New MesB 21 5(1 (Í21 7S Labd- Steaiq lh$ K% ST. I.OUIS. Whitat -No. 2 Red 13.) @ 1 :t7 (lous-No. 2New - 0.") @ (i(ï OAT8-4NÖ.Q 64 ($ 66 KïK- Ko. 2 1 f S 1 M POKK-I-Mess 21 50 @21 75 I.Ani) 14 @ 1 Hoos 25 ( 7 50 OaxtlF. i "5 (g 5 50 MII.WAUKEE. Wheax-No. 1 !7 @ 99 ; No. 2 'Jí C 9fi Corn- No. 2 57 @ 08 mr -No. 2 @ ) Kïk. . 103 (ül 05 ÜA1ILKY- NO. 2 1 32 @ 1 34 0IM0INMAT1. Wiikat 1 25 (' 1 30 Coün- New 74 75 Oats "l ' ':' rtk l 23 (' l 2S PoBK-fMesB 2160 (i'.'l 7". laiü' is.vd ix TOLEDO. Wheat- Etra 1 23 @ 1 30 AmlitT ' 1 23 @ 1 25 COBN- New 71 O 7:1 OATS 7 (19 HKTÜO1T. Whkat- Extra 12(1 Alulxr .f 1 Í' COUN 71 0 711 (Mix .ï ■' ■■■' ,-i.i: ri.ANh. Wkeat- No. 1 Koil 1 38 ia J 30 No.2Rod 1 -'■! !■' I ' Oorn 7ii Ui 7S 0AT8 08 ( 70


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