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Dn. Walker tried varions extract from herbs nud roots, without benefit. He noticed, howovcr, that Alcohol that balie of tho human meo was uscd in thelr preparation, and lie detprmined to esplitde tlie jJoiaou ontm-ly from hls own practiee, so that the Kin of making men dmnkards, whilo pfetetldínjj; to cure them, should nnver lie ut his öoór. Tho Almighty blessed ÏÜH experiment, nnd in tho YixKdAit Bitteus lio lias producen a pure, hoalth-restoring agent, whicli liaiiishes diseasu in (.very fonn, reinvigorates the tiy.stem, and rcstoivs strongth to the feeblest Bufforer. ïhere is 110 part of life's citadel wliére the oncmy eau make a lodgmnt that tlio Vinboab Bittuüs wiÜ not (ind him, and put him to the rout. Trtipwity óf ütöód is tho purent of dtefehfië ; the livcir, tlu ntomach, üx lungR, tho ncrvoH, every vital örgan is ailcctd ])riinarily, from this cauRO, and in this direction tho "S'inehak BittEttS acts with magical influenoe. 37 Saetobis has taken a cottage at Long lirauch adjoiuing tho President'. Tlianúí "Froiil tlie Dcptli of the II-art." Wkj.linüti.s, Loüainc CD,, ()., Aug. 21, 137. Dn. I!. V. I'n:iii -K. lluflal, X. Y. har Kir - Ycmr medicines, Golden Medical Discovcry, Dr. Sagea's Catarrh lietnedy, have proved oí the groatest sorvico to me. Kix montjis ago no ono thonght that I cotild possibly Uve long. I had a complication of Siseases,- BCTofuln, mnnifeRting itelf in eniptions and great blotclies on my head tlmt made snch sores that i I conld not have my liair cornhed fl4thoot causing me nme.h anffering i ftluo canaing wollen Klandi, tonsils enteroed, ctilarged or "thick necli. "ntid largo and nnmcronti boiln. I also fiuffered from a terrible Chronlo datarrh, and in fact I was bo diBcaHed that lito M a burden lo me. I had tried many doctors with no benefit. I linallv procured one-half dozen bottloH of youv r.olden' JIcdical Diecovorv and one dozen Sago'n ( : üiiih Bemedy and commeuced tlicir ubo. At ftrsi I wa badly discouragcd. but after taking ioiir bottles of tlio Discovexy I bcgan to improve. mul whca 1 had taken the remaining I waswwü. In addition to the use of DiHCOVory I applied a soliition of Iodine to tho Ooitto ot thlck necli, ka yon advine in pamphlet wrapping, and it entirêly dinappeared. Your DiscoveiT is certainly the inost wonderfnl blood medicino ever invented. I thank God and you, from the depths of my heart, for the great good it has dono me. Very'gratefnlly, Una. L. Cuaffee. ifost medicines whlch are advertised aa blood puriliers and liver medicines eontain either merciiry, In some form, or potaBHium and iodiuo vuriously combinod. All of theBe agente have strong tendeney to break down the blood corI púsoles, and debilitato and othenvise permaiipiitly injuro tlie human syatem, and sbould therefore be discardod. Dr. Pierce's Golden AleflicaJ inscovrv, on me otner nana, ueing componed of tho finid extracta of uative planta, baria, and root, will in no case produce injnry, iti effect baiug strengtheninji and curative only. Sarsaparilla, whicb. uned to cnjoy quite a repntation au a blood purifier, is a remedy of thirty years ago, amlmay veil givo place as it is doing, to the more positivo and valuable vegotablc alterativos wluch later medical investigation and diaeovery lias brought to light. In Rorofiüa or King'a Evil. White Swcllings, Ulcera. ; Erysipelas, Sweiled Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inilammatioiia. Indolent Inflammation, Mercurial AíToetions, Old Sores, Eraptions of the Skin aud Sore Eyes as in all other blood diseaaea Dr. l'ierce's Golden Medical Disoovery bas sliown its great remedial powers, euring the most obstinate and intraetable cuses. Bold by aU dealers in medicines. Tire Family Sewino Machine. - Tbc invention of tlie Wilson shuttle sewing machiiKi exertü an inlluence over domestio oomfort unoqualed by any iuvention of the last lmiidicd yeard. As sn cconomical arrangement it enáWc8 oue person tó do the work of ten in a superior nianner. and with imBpoalv- ably more comfort. Machines vrij} bo delivered at iiny railroad station in tliis county, free of trahtpOTtatlDn cl'arges, if ordered throigh the oompany's hranch house at 1!)7 State stroef. Chicago. They send an elegant catalogue and clirotuo circular freo on appücation. ïhis eompany want a few more good agenta. The Great Famtly Medicine. - Dr. Wilhoft's Anti-Periodic or Fever and Ague Tonic ! No caae of incurable Chilla has yet preaeiitod itaelf wliere thia scientitic and safe medicine has been employed. No caso has been found o obstinate as to resist ita prompt and masterly action. No man has been bo reduced hy malarial influences, but with its use has come up perfectly reconstructed. No pilla or purgative reqnired with this medicine. Whkf.uh'k, Enbiia & Co., Proprietors, Ney Orleans. Foil SALE BY ALL DRDOGISTS. Thkre are several kinds of worms whi(]i Irouble horses ; the ])in-vorms (pointed at hoth enda) are tho most conmioii and most dangerous. Sheriditrit Cavalry Condition I'ninln-is will in a few days eject tho worms, and tho horse will begin to llirive. Faotoules and machine shops should not bo allowod to run a day without Johnsoit's Attiiijim' J.uiimviit. In ense of a sudden accident, an immediate iise of it may save weeks of sufferiug, and perhapu a limb, or even life. Glen Floba Spring Wateb, at Waukegan. 111., curea all kidney diseaaes. IIow to Get a Home. See advertisement. MuaBHpnBaBSnQl T Ïiuvp the money npent needEbi 8 ÍJ3 ïl Rssly rwry yc;ir wuuld prive eub■; "Vfr'P'M "jdl stantial comfort to almuat every MMBLl3ill nerson. Tohnve tli-" money saveu PJil I PE'ff'iJf '13 bybuyingSilvrrTippt-fllHiots BjUUüLX3eLi anti s!lües woultl bn?f ottch i);irenl ËOBBBUsaaMB 0TB17 yeaf a new pair of Booea. CABLÉCRW'WJRE plS suit proteotion from uil thu tWJÍMj&ÍwL3fi ment, mcept by fire. Mi ifiMMiw.r.-7lH f (3 fi 3 í GM9 H VBTT Curod Chenp. No PubJr r 1 5J Bsi lkit y. Dr. Armstrong, Berrien, Micb. 1 O OIL, CIIROAIOS for SI; two for 26o. AgonU X wantod. F.W. McCleave 4 Oo., Boston Chicago. 0 A VIRITING CARDS 9 tylea, vrith num-. 30 cente. OV Address, J. B.HUSl'ED, Nasnau, Reus. Co. N.Y. EVERY FAJÍIII-Y WANTS IT. Monej In tt. Kold by Aftonts. Addrees M. N. LOVKLL, Brie. P. úit A o ft5 PEB DAT- SenA for "Chromo" JpXU catalogue. J. H. BUFFORD'S SONS, Boston. (&fÚOfl T101" ay at Temía frae. Addre ÏJ 3 H Ö ( U OEO. STIsaoH 4 Co.. Portland, Maine. LiWa month to aeonts evco'where. Address M?itf r " Excelsioh M'f'g Co.. Bucanan, Mlch. iiTlTA A MONTH to maln and female agent SL f rjjj everjwhore. Address Kdheka ManufactiJcJvV TLlfrlNir CöllPANY, Buchanan, Michican. _, - SAM1PM3 Frcc and Big Pay to Male and ÍP TUI! TINION P17B. CO., Newark, K. J. $m a day jniarantecd uslni? our Well OJIEbI Auger i Drllls. SIOO a month Qbo V freé. Jilz Auger Co., Bt. LoM, Mo. A Tifa.iüfal French OU Chromns, sto Ml. B 11 mounted ready for fiaminK, sent poatmid or 1 I ose noi.l.All. Grandest ohnnce ever oi!ired to XU lM'. UL.UCK, New Beaford, Im. _. OftUü jivctl les CARDS you ever iPO Jb s:i-v,witb your nmne hanilsomoly printed on Ha H H them, sent, postüiiid.upon rtícelpt ot 20 cents. "■ H R Your n 11 M want thom when 1 !iy seo 'Br 1(1 Kneeland ht. Hoston, Maas. tf% Pï lï P H 0 S 4ï y fi P Tlie most succes3fu] " 8 B ■ L medj of the presVi 0 'tv tl 'w S K? %t; ti ï La pur on Oplnm Bat Ing. t'yitt. . Mccreef, 1'. l. Box 475, Laporte, Ind. CiiwiuiuiiLKEmsManj To Agenti In addition to ÏQfttf íjf?)5 l-i-9t cash commitsion. êij19Uli'aANr ILLUSTRATED aft fTT TTfc 9 WEEKLY with fashio x3&AAe 9?ht" and ft !"'""■ Zl___j_B- yp? cimcnand circulare freo JfjRO át CO.. 72ö Sansom St.. Phila. IUUnír üiiil 'fpL from SWtn ÍUi' pprrmonth. Particn.'.rtrá malled frce Addrees ff. W. TEIKÜ BAPH tXSTrfUTE.JanaavUle.Wla. fflT ri CCAn Inrosted in TVnll Street sip. to "mm js&srtx&stA everytling, luil oi'Py "t lliïï AViil l Street Urvli'Mr oriiT EDCE Johs Hkki.inii Co., Hnnkors ötR I rlint. and Biyjrera, fi liroaday, N Y. II ■ 1 1 U 1! 7S1 llmuiiWAT, Now York, ' I. INASjLliimailufactuiercrféoiJDÜOUl JEWKJ.nYof every desc'rntión The stook Hmre.ref dioico and is offerud at rnU.U I trads prioes to keep qnt workmcn Hil.le under 1S, P. O. ordBrta advanco. Over $15, O. O. D. privilege to eiamlne. Cataloguo tre. AGENTS WñNTED í:::C.;,r- mini s n. Wife ;■■! WotlK-r," .;. Pyo Hinry Chalase, M. IV Our 76,01 .ld ; liberal terms. Apply al min for tfrritor.v nd outlit to Si T. Sof HER I CO.. 711) Sansonvst., Pliiliulolphla. Í,ÍSfe. SiHuir"uOSTÏ.VrA: Pi M Ï.A P j 8 'A3 '( (vi; t-MrliB, :,', 0,1a fni V7 ABfll'I1:l' llliils ■V"1 Fvor, DrankI 8 TO0"flifAKjí'lHn!r"Orrir. Ottawa ■ ■ 'ü' tl W lï..nt WatiT.ircof, V'n.1 lOconti t(.tfci:lM roonlpt or ttï ÍO for .) i'.'ute. l'I'.KÜV ''() . I' O !!,. ,!_"l .ir aivM'T..'.'l Buld la caud tiv Ui luiisU. 3i cuiittf n:nl uuwiirdA. PIERGE WELL AUSËR i (v.inpam fferi uw '" oj "IIP lhrit lftil1 uoMMWiyoompeio wltti them in boriug a W inch welt. tliroiiRh soapstone and sand„„.„ Ld in Uiting ui' r'I palnp l-mvIrliTi mul h8fl I rln(ïdlnwi8Ulr $25PLP DAYCUARANTFFD Sti'I for OATALMtff. r rkï. Address "'" CHAS. D. PIERCE, Peru, Illlnoli. fff "TT H J iTWIKST andhardestwork - B- - E - tf . K in the house m.ido oomparativaly and pleawint. Kveryone intreBted In rdwbif u-,i„r,its icorftsbxrald aenrt mica stamp forour eb cular. G31AY, DÜON A CO. , 51 Olybourn A ve., Chicto. rpEO. P. ROWELL & CO'1 HOW TO GET A HOME. IflWA JiAXD!, &HM0 ACttKA. Ri.'li Soil.gottd Ciiwate, eicollent Water, Krowing S-ttleVVe otfer the Lands of the SloOa City 'tnd .St. Pup.] li, iind t be Mc( roK'ir and Missouri River li. ii. ;u 84 to SS por nere, on easy pnyments. Two yenrb ront Will bui' ' farm. Anply to DAVTDStÍN jt Í ALKINS, R. R. L;ind Office, Slfalgy, Qgceola Co., Icwa. Trussrs. Supporters and Pile #uLg pBySffc Pipfs. " SfeleyV Hard Hi:bhr ff j&kSamWffl TniRBes." Cool, cloanly. Iiht, ner1 ffiËn Wv''11'1' fíafr iin(' vínnfortable, freo jBp III www11 l'rom all sour, rust y chafiiiK, strapgBBEjüS pin tr, or poulticenke untne&mixt ness;u6eain hatblngt indoned liy thn profpssinn. Inng trstnd, uiways reliable. 1$ KW ARK OF ÏMITATIONS. Geiraine stamued "I. B. Seoley." r.stahlishnicntB, lSÏ Chestnut htreet, Philadolphia, and 737 Unnuhviiy, New York. Sent by moilor express, aiid sold by leading drugeisfcs. Send fot catalogue. afeöP POP E'S if '!.,:-! for preparing onc, f(r the moro scMCífi lui ■ -iM ï-itr of the ordtaary nflo"- 'feÉii POPE IlttOS., WTrj, 45 IligU SUcct, IiostoJi, Mjiss. """j--'-L.X-r ' ÍThT"ñ'K'ST"Íii Ta?t hz 'TnZT. s ' "sb with'mt mof al nprings, patent (%l AS '. x ■■' 171 .ml i::t,witli the latfst :" - oiiPTURf KHimproveaiöirtfl "inhudyinjcthe '5Ü REVÍÍáPf"it8of tha liüAwMnventtve ekill. and prffct toUMtartal%. 'jf-S' ant workmanship, i snnt by Ss. T mail, poBtpfiid, for S4, sinplo, a llkecut, or Sü f or botji nidss. Illiiatrrttrrt dPsctipHve Pampblet, with full Omctiöba; fre; Nu nnitur"u perBOD should fail to send for it. Address f mort timing tïlls paper) PO! E3ROY &c:., 744 Broadway,N.Y. Tbis ELASTfl ! TRUSSifi warrantea BETTEB thnn the best made h Elustio Truas Co., or imy othet makers, ■ f ' ■ t K. W. rii-rrr cSf Co., rrortAff- teA ''■ .. -"ijf-1 M "We have use1 the hJwTHL Sp:i 17! nm n li-np: whilp ünd conM1T %!eftjB it the best BakiiiK Powder in use.11 r! Dcinoml, Iliïtsift iiknliMl " Whereverwè have w'lá your Sea ! t wiffgBr j 1 . Fo.-iTti it hr.s pivonexrellfnt sntisfacJ!s?'jL:7 A tion.flïid it ÏBptj nuntu-eil superior t) EVïrr JA aryknown HakinKpüwdpr." Tryit. ■ Lskf la "Itsecrmmyiswrnderfnl : it snves CfifSffira Ja Milk, KfTi'p, A-.. iin.l i-rlls Uke Hot KSJZaRMt Cakes." Send forCircular to Oko. y-waj" t- g, (jJaííxz Oo,,K6 Duane St.N.Y. DOYOUR OWN PR8NTINC Iffl PKINTING PRESÜ. Pok Profesional añil Amateur : Printer, School, goeletles, Müu. j llf'jlotiirerw, Merchailt, and ritlit-i s It is the BEST eVCr invcnred. 13.O1ÍO ir .i. . Ten styles, Pricea from $5.00 to 31&O.OO i BENJ.Ó. WOODS&CO.Mai.iifrHa.ul t dealer in all kinds of Printing Material, : ScMlstamrforCafciluiuc.) 40 Federal St. Boston. t PORTABLE Soda Fountains. 3i4LO, $60, $75 & $100. : GOOD, DURABLE AND CHBAP. Shipped ready for Use. Mmnfictniïa by U 11 A PMAU 4 0C.. MftdiBon, Ind. U" Ssad 'or 1. O Ulmro-v SMcnlilv elired bv 1)1!. BHJK'B (inlyknown anl llemcly. NO C1UBOB ior treatmeut rtiitil qured.' Cali on or addrcaa Dr. J. C. BECK, 112 John St., Cincinnati, 0. __- - - r n"r Tnis in mm jttgffc . -ftk vllia perfect comiort night S&PZTZ ' ' '_ nS and (fay. Aflapts itself to HJ EIASTIC JMev"7 niotlon of the body, 1. T It TI S S Srütaininpniptureunderthe V 7 iy hardeat exerciseorseveres.t KhT, &m strain unlil pernianently !j"-i-ï':-i'iyï cured. Sold cheap by the vJTX Elastic Trnss Co,, No.683 3roaü-.vay, N. Y.City. Sent by mail. Gall or send for Circular, and be cnreC áPowell's Star Wood Pumps ! Waalicgan Farm Pmniw Wood Eave-Trough Tuaing. If you want the bkst oí tliesc articlos, po toyour Hardware or AftnCul turnl i lupicmciit jM.ircs. If tSey do not keep the:r., or will not eet them for you. Eend dlrrctto the Yactnry. Cataloeues and Price Liets niailed pon apnlicnlion to J. F. TOWÜLL, TTaulsegan, 111. %Tj-a ttn r "TCi mn Cftie dozen S-oz. notljK,TIÍ7ÍTlaTO tlrs -ent for 'J O DYESS' SAP1UMI m II TT rT Q For removlng tirt lülJjUXtÖ, Tur, Palnt froni Kíd GHoves lid Oothlng ■mb m jr-c-v TTIfl of all knidp, without r Alfil Ij IKS italn or lnjnry. Sent express chargé or suarantee nf same from F.xpreas AK'r. Address W.M. Iai.lock, '.a.I;u-kson-st., Chicago. .SpSsS Establisheil 1858. Tho best and chcnpest Pnlnt in he Woiltl for Iron. TIn or Wond. For salo by Denla everywhero. PEINOES1 METALLIC SAINT CO.. Sf annft.'iCTS, 90 Ccdar St, Nflw York. C A.XJTIOIV.- Purchasere will pleaec lec that our mrmB ar,d tratle mark aro on each and ITery pack!'". P"-"1 for rc Cirmlnr. ', i'i ,-.„,. J"-- i_j. RANK'S GRAVE CUARDS. Dosigned for the nurp-se of preserving the svmmetty of btnrial m.iunds, and holding the usual Head and Foot Stones mote oecurely nd permanentlyin position. lllustmted Catalojgues furnished on npplicjÜnn, ANÏ)S ltAMi fc COM galcm; Olito. AGreatÖfferriS 4S1 Broadwiiï, NrwYork, nVUIIsposo ƒ 1OO l'IANOS : OlïiiANS o"tirt.rlasN makers, including WATJiJtS, at BXTKKOLBIiY l.OV l'KIt'KS lor cash, DUBIMi TllïS MONTH. WATERS' New Scale Pianos ('f (A best made; thm touch clatic oud a line Nïnffiiifirt onrfjoweriul pure atid eren WATERS' Concerto ORCANS cannot be ixcelled in tone er bmiity ; ihcy dcly COnipoiilioil. ïV.-Concn'lo Stop- iiiir Jiriitalion 'th; H iiiiiim Vie. Asenta Wnjated. A liberal disrouut to Teachers, ïïini.Ntcrs, Í hiirches, Sclutnf.s, !Lod[ea etc. Special inhic-iueiits to the trvnXv. ni.t?ittaloie- jlni!r d. IVliat arr Yonr Symptomsï Are they pain In tho riRht side, yellowneBS of the eyes, nausea, debility, irreKularity of tlm hnwelfi, and hoadnohf? If so, your livp-r is wrons;andtos8t it riRlit.and give tone and vifior to your pystem, the one thinL neediul is Tarrant's Seltzor Aperïent. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. U "c ■" af S SC BRAKOH OyFIOBS AND VAOTOBIKS: 506 WEST NT., - - New York. No. 21O Soulh Thlrtl St., St, Louis, Mo. No. 83 West Van Buren St., Chicago, JU. Any Shade from Pure White to Jet Black. A rombination of the pureat paint with India , b'er, fiMininir r ssrooTU, rloiíst, fibm, DübaBlk, ;niiii!KAvn Kil. I'ainl. nn:tt!cctoil bT otiange ■ oï teinnorftture, Ip pcrfectly water-jiroo nnií julaptod to all clafiBes uf ivurk, mul sin every way abetterpaint ftirrtther inpuli1 or oirtiifde painting rtran any other naint in lin1 world. Belnfl Dtubj ona-thlrd to one-fuurth . clusaiieruid I I Uirce tiim-s iu Ioiir && the best ltsid ;uul olí pailita. tte Rure ai OR TKAtK MARK ( AM Klmito of nliicK is iívph AboTP), ís on eïrry parkae. Preparad ifudy for nee nnd sohl by the Rallón ooly. There Iiüs nevct beet) a FaTnl offcred the public that Ui beooinfl su popular (In t Me .amo time) and giren m i perfect atlBfaction u the KubberPalnt. Dr. J. Walker' California Yin. egar Bitters aro a purely Vegetable preparation, mado cliiofly from the nntive herbs fonnd on tlio lower rangejoj the Sierra Nevada mountains of cílff)r.' nia; the medicinal propertics of wbich are extracted thercfrom without tbc i18l, of Alcohol. Tho question is alrnnn daily askcd, "What is the causo of tM unparalleled succes of Vinbgar Brt. teks?" Oar answer is, that they remov9 the cause of disea3e, and the patiënt re. covers Lus bealth. Thcv are" tho great i blood puriñerar.d a liíe-giving principie perfect Kenovator and lnviuorator of the system. Never before ia tta hktory of the world has a nicdiciiw compoundod possessing tlin r'markjH, i quaúties of Vineoar Bittkrs in healinjc tbt sick of overy diseaso man is heir to. 'i'hf, are a gentío Purgative as well aa a 'Ionio, relieviug Congestión or Iuflammaiion j tha Liver and Visceral OrgaDs, in lüliOÏ I Diseases. The properties of p. Walkrsí Tinkgar BiTTKns ai'e Aporient. Diaphoretit I Carminative, Nu." us, Laxative. Uiaretii' i Sedative, Counít ñ.-tant, Sudorifie, Alien i tive. and . Joua. Oratelul Tkosisands prociaimTa. egar Bitters the ruosfc wonderful la. vifrmant that ever sustained the sinkinj StBHK o Person can take these Bitten according to directions, andremainlojj anwill, provideil thoir bones are notde1 stroyed by mineral poison or other means, and vital organs wasted beyond repair. üilious. Remittcnt and íntermittent levers, which aro so pre?}, lont in the vallcys of our great riven. throughout tbo United States, especially those of the Hississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessce, Cumbcrland,Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grand), Pearl, Alabama, Mobilo, Savannata,Roanoke, James, and many others, wih their vast tributarios, throughout oír entiro country during tbc Summer and Autumn, and remarkably so during asons of unusua! heat and dryness, are invariably accompanicd by extensivedsrangements of tlio stomach and liver, ind other abdominal viscera. In their treatinent, a purgativo, exerting a po, erful influenco upon these various orBfana, ia essentially necessary. Theri is no cathartie for the purpose equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vixegar Birnis, as thoy T7ÏU spcodily remove the dartcolorea viscid njattet with which tte bowels are loadcd, at tho same tint stimulating the secretions of the lmr, and generally restoring the healtly functions of tho digestive organs. Fortify the body againstdisease by purifyinp all its iluids with Vixzgab Bittkrs. No epidemie can take ho!d of a system thus fore-armed. Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Headache' Pain in the Shoulders, Cougto, Tightness of tho Chost, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of tho Stomach, Bad Taita in tbc Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitatation of the Heart, Inflammationofto Lungs, Pain in the región of the Kidneys, and a bundred other painful symptoms, are the offsprings of Dyspcpsii One bottle will provo a bettergnaranteí of its merits than a iengthy advertisement. Scrofula, or King's Evil, Vftite Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipclas, Swelled Koek Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations, Iudulcnl Infiammations, Mercurial Affoction, OM 8ores, Eruptious of tho Skin, Soro Eje,ete In these, as in all other constitutioMl D I eases, Walker's Vimeuar Bittek have shown their great csrativo powors ia II 1 most obstinate and intractablo cases. For Inflammatory and Chronit Rhcnniatism, Gout, Bilious, Ilenjittentandlntermittent Fevers, Discascsd the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and BWto. these Bitters nave no equnl. suca uisaw ■ira caused by Yitiated Blood. Mechanical Piscases.- Persons ec ! pagcd in Paints and Minoráis, such ai Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters, d 1 Minors, as thev advanco in lifc, are sol'P U) paralysis of the Bowcls. To pa sgatagt this, tako a dosc of AFalker's I eoar Bitters occasionally. For Skin Discases, Eruptions, % Í ter. Salt-Uheurn, Blotcbes, Spots, Pimp Puntales, Boils, Carbuucles, Ring-wo I Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, M Scurfs, I}isoolorations of tho Skin. Hou . and üise'ases of the Skin of whntever nW . or nature, are literally dug up and cw i out of the system in a short timo by tno m ' of theso Bitters. Pin, Tape, and otlier Wor lurking in the system of so many thtraüa . are efï'ectually destroyed and removed. C svstem of medicine, no vermífugos, bo t thehmnittcs willfrco the systeni froin wffl" like these Bitters. For Fcmalc Complaints,iny or old, married or single, at thodiwn' manhood. or tho tnrn of life, theso W [ Bitters display o decided an inflnenco ■ iinproTement k BOOT perceptible. Clpansetho Vitiated Bloot! 1 ever you fin'"i its impurities burstiiithe Bkin in Pimples, Eruptions. tir2 i cleanse it when you find ït obstrBCtJ I sluppish in the veins ; cleanse it "JL fout; your I'eelingswill teil you when. uw , tho blood pure, and the health of the sjtiew i wil) ibllow. K. H. McDONALD & CO., j Drai.rists and Gen. Asts.. San Francisco. O"1 ! and cor. of Washington and Chiirlton BtiT So'-1 y uil IriiKftU9 and DfaKT Young WSan! I If you desiro a soholarship In tho best Tl I.VST1TUTH m can 'ililun ""T" tiitjhprice by vvriting to Dniwer HO, UtucasM_ ISSUUÈAGAIXST ACCIDENTS l Yciirly General Accldiitl l'oliry l ' TI7E1,ERS INSIUAKCB COMP" Hailfonl, Conn. Apply to any Htlü-' vrit to fUc Company. No. 617 St. Ciaarhs Street, St. conttDuPs to trel all cases of obsti-IcB u mrni'' t iniurltla. cvpry allmcut or lUl'il wt' iii.lKor.-tion or m.ri.ilcn.-c. wilh IW1 !' W.' ntakllik ot l charured hj " ";''', l ioiirl, wad foundcd fid Ims hrun BUlablisbo ', (c o( B.r.-, eertain und r-ïlirf. Brimi ír,-ncí ofl 3CVW! medical coIImca, and baving ih.' eFr „ rfoi;wJ loi.s nnd ■oescmful Itfo in hls sreclaldea '1 ,OT rrnn'iii.'s ihat jrt; (Efectúa! iti all iiMi ) are beinu tnritcj hy muil or pxprt-sï cvitv" '■'' ' amnr'l. r h-v fiiilod, o]l c.r rite. From tht I „ h.T of ;ip.!loaHoii.i ho is cnoblcd to T h" ,,1. low. 30 pajirs, sivlng full sjmplon, '" " rlARRIAGE CülDE;f KW [iig(!, a popular book whieh ahoulil tw rea í ,r. b-.l.r. No married, or persons i'mf"S,,B' rl.ig", can „(ford to do without it. It contaio; l " f:, m.-'iic.l litorature Oü thia subject, the r1'801 ,' ... wpri i..K experif-nco: also tbe hc-flt Ihounhts fro '" jocu. Kurops anj Amerloa. 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