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Foolish Legislation!

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Tho following is one scction ofabillwhtch had passed ihc Kentucky Legislaturc. It will bc eccn that it extends the juriediction of Kentucky over all tho free statcs, and how much furthcr dcponenl snith not. II a man in Ohio or New York stiall nssist a elave, ho is dcclared guilty of a violation of the law of Kentucky, and condcmncd to oncof herpenitcntiaries fora term of ycars. How can the law of KeniucJiy condemn a man for what he does in anoihcr State 1 Wc ask how 7 Supposo we rovereo it. NewYork pnssos a law making ït a crime lor any mnn to hold n slave within hcr jurisdiction ; and then on the trength of this. passes another law that 1 if any person M without the limits of " New York 11 and witliin 'he limits of any state ry is allowed by law," shall hold a slave, he ' 8hall be imprieoned in a New York prison. - I This is jusr what Kcntucky has done in principie. If Kentucky legislation can make it unlawful to assist a slave in New York, New York , logislaMon can make it unlnwful to hold a lave in Kentucky. Are slaveholders gettingmad ? - But read what the law says. - Alb. Patriot. Sec. 4. JBe it furthtr enacted, Tknt if any person shall horeafter be found, without the limits of this commonwealth, and within the limite of any State where elnvery is not allowed by law, oiding, abetting, harboring. concealing, or assisting any slave or slaves, belonging to any citizen of this commonwenlth, to make his, her, ortheir escape, from thcir lawfnl owner or ownere, such person or persons, so offendintr. shall be deemed cnilty oí enticingaway such slavcor slaves from tho county in which such slavc or slaves, or ether of them, may have resided, uniera the contrary bo proven by at least two creditable witnesses, and such pereon or persons shall on conviction of any sudi offence, be confined in the jail and penirentiary of this commonwcahh. foa period not lesa trian one year, nor more than five yoars.