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Rum And Cheese

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A gentleman was dining at the table of ;i lady V:Ihi refused to Colórate one drop of wino or pirit on bei table, and who, wJu'ii aaked to entertain one of tho ■ Britinh úobilíty, replied, " I -ui ; but il must ■ !! uuderstood t.lmt neither wine, uk', nor spirits are offered in my house." This gentleman, referred t as ather dinner table, uaid, "I enjoy a glass of I wine, and I have got in the babit of j iiHíntc it. By-and-by yon wül take from ufl au our íuxnries, [ think wine promótes digestión. Didyou eveí heor of i a man who oonld iiot eat oheese without hiirting himí Then í guppose you would deny mtí eheese." Sne replied, ,'Did yon eyer hear of a man standing onder a galíowB, oud saying to the witnessee of tho exeoution, 'Now, jny friends, take warning by mawid aever eat any chaese ?' Or did yom ever read in tho néwspapers when a toan ifl nauril-.ivil ji our stieeta that 'thoae meo had beBn eatíng oheeO?" Show tome tlnvt cIhvso produces nine-tentha of tlio rime, seven-eigbths of the pauparism, gne-half of tho lunacy ; show to me that èhoese produoea the result tlmt drink Soes, and by the graoe of (!od 1 will battle tho óneese just as hard as the wine. - Jolni !. Oough. The Most High God sees and hears; my aeigb-bor knows nothing, and yet i alwaya liiuliug faalt.


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