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In St. Paul, Mimi., Campbell and " Ted" Seguin heard one lay that ther ivas fine wüd-turkey shooting in tkc vinnity. " Turkeys !" said Ted. " I mustiare lomo," " So must I," said Campbell. " We'll ;o out sliooting, Ted, and have a day's iport. "Sowe will." Bright andcarly the next moruing they j ,vero np, and, louded with powder and ! ihotandádouble-barreledshot-gun, tliey itarted off. There wiisn't a "gobbler" within 50 uilee, and alter live or six hom-w' patiënt ■ambling, they beeame less particular at vhat they fired than they had been. The dusk of evening was coming on, ut not u turkey, or, for that matter, myfiling else in the shapo of gamd, had heen hit Ted Seguiü's sight would ba jpoiled by his eye-glasses tumhling from :iis nosc just as 'ho was about to pnll the ;rigger, and Campbell seonied anything iess than a full-grown gobbler on the iving. Saddenedand weaiy theyplodded along lomeward. " What slinll we do, Ted ?" Raid Slier. " It'll never do to come homo without ïomething." "We. liad bettet not," replied Ted. " We'll uever hear the last of it." " I havcit,"suddenlybroke out Campbell. "I know a place whcre they havo them for sale. We'll bny a couple and 1 slioot them.' " They Btarted off to apoultry merchant's whero tliey liad noticed game for sale, lad a bargain was struck lor a couple of livo .turkeys - tamo ones - which were set up at the end of the back yard, and uearly blown to pieecsbythe two sportsmen. "You'll dress Üiose, and send them ilown tti the hotel, tliis evening, will you ?" said they to the poultry dealer. " Yis, sir ; faith au' I'll do that same," was lh answer. The sporternen went liome iu good spirits. "Did you slioot any turkis, Sher?" islved the ladjes. when they arrived at the hotel?" " Why, of course Ave did; that 's what we went out for. " " Wliere are they?" "Oh, they'll bé hére preseniiy - we [.-ft tlieia to be drestied. We 'il hae them tot (liuiier to-niorro w. " Au hour or so aftcrward the turkeys ui-ivi'd partiully wrapped up, nul were baken to the rooms of the laclies for exliibition. " Now, Fanny," said Slier, to Fanny Btockton, who was prima donna of the troupe, "look at them; iven't they fine ones?" and Seguin and lie liad the coyBring off them in a twiukling, and laid them on the table for inspection. " What do you think of them, Zelda?" j said Seguin to Miss Harrison. There were exclamutioiis of admiration at first from the lndies, then ajiuzzied rtoli over tlieir tanes, and they looked np at one another. " What did you gay these were, Slier?" asked Fanny Stockton. " Why, turkeys, of eourse," said 8ber, proudly. " Certainly, turkeys; we shot thom (nirsclves," said Ted, giving a glowiug ] description of the woods in which they were shot, and the difficulty they experifiOctd in setting near them. Then tli!re was a laugh. " Turkeys," said tl ie ladies, whMt they regained tVieir j breath. "Why, what's the matter?" Another péal of laughter from the girl was their answer, to the astoni.shment of the sportsmen, who were beginning to Eael very uneasy, and were thinlting it was just possible that thiiy might have been "givenaway. " "Will you auswer me one question, Ted?" said Zelda Hiirrison, as kooii as the girls had recovered a little of their equanimity. "Certainly," was the senteutions answer. " How long ago is it since turkeys began to wear webbad feet?" The rascalry poultry merchant had sent a couplo of geese to ho hotel. A Frencli Love Tragedy. [Paris Corrcs]Knili nee St. Louis Globe.] The wedding was to take place on Christmas day. Three weeks before that dato the aflïanced husband sought Minnie, and told her he had deceived himself ; that he eould not and would not abandon lier ; that ho loved her ten times more than he ever could love the other wonian. Minnie was happy, and yet she was wretched. She declared she poght not to keep him ; that she must not keep him. Finally he told her that he did not believe liis bctrotlied really loved him. This shook lier resolution. Hho said no move. She determined, howevei1, to seo and judge for herself. She liadlearnedwhere the fair Bofrtoniao was residing, and, making sorae ingenioufl excuse, gained an iuterview, without revealing her trae obaraoter. Slu found the Aim'.ieiin lovely; thut she was W(11nigh heart-broken at the, neglect of her lover ; that she knew he had a mistr(;ss ; that slic BUspected he was still bouud by his old attaehmoiit ; that she was the I barrier between her and happiness. The grisette went away. She saw the artist no more, but shewrote him a long letter, ! telling him how mueh he had wronged , the beautiful eirl ho was engaged to ; that kIio worshipped him and would make him happy. The next day Minnie was dead in hor todginge; asphyxiated by chareoal. Slio had deliberately destcoyed, hersejí to secure the hppinesa of iinitli.T woinun, and thut woman her rival. Earlj Aul liorsliip. Ruskin, Ilic gieat art éritie of Engliunl, doi'.'. oot approTe of earlyauthor ship. He ivcciitly said : " I was obliged to writo too yoting, wlu'ii L kiicw iüly lialf-trutliR, and was eagèr to Kct tlicm i'ortli with what 1 thought fine wdtds. Pëöple used to cal] mr a good ■writer then; now tbey say I can't write at all ; becauso, for iiistayce, it' I think anybody'n house is on lire, I only ay, ' Sir, your houso is ou fla' ; whereas, formerly, I used to say, 'Sir, j the abode in whioh you probably paeeed the delightfu] days of your youth is in a Btate oi' iiiHainniatioii,' aiuí everybody iisi'd to liie the effect of the two p'e in ' probably passed,' and of the two d's iu ' delightful days.' " Tiih Allcntown (l'a.) ('hroiiirlc and Srirx says : " Jacob Qdnter was a fanuei and manufacturer of mill-stones in the Minisiak Valley, and ons day wlien out hunting lm disoovered the first specimen ut' anthracite ooal. His sou still (vries on the old business at the old place, and, while in oomfoítable eiroumstenoes, lie has not proflted apparently from liis father's great disoovery, -which has cnriched bo many men and created such a vast busiucsi interest in this Btiite." An Tiuiiaii Legend. Tlio following is told of a beantiful iheet of water knowu ik the Hpirit Lake, in Central Wiseonsiu : Many years ago. :;ro the foot of the pale face fiau trod 1 1 1. ■ oil which the red man olaimed as his 3wn, mauy tribes dwelt noar this lake ; For in tilia lako werp üsh, and amongthe bluffsand in the noighboring forest wero ?ame ; and the wnrrior, when tired of tho chase, could seek pjeasure and lind it, bathing in tho clear, bright waters, wliich ho only, nnder tho Great Spirit, slaïmed, and with his light canoe could take his lovo out boating. Indeed, it 3cemod to the happy ï'ed man aparadise, is wcll it might. As fbrtune would have it, a Frenchman, more daring than his fellows, wanSerea from the 8-Ulements and fomid Lhe lake ; he indulged with the Indians in tho pleasure and disappointment of the chaée, and lingered long ainong them. When fírst he carne among the red men, he was charmed by the ï)eiinty i mei loveliness of aai Indian maiden, una minie love to her. She loved in return, and -vhen the antumn leaves began t f all and the ! aröd songster to il v away to a soutlicvn home, the French lmnter sought an inIcrvicw -vith the aged ehief, her father, lo afile his consent to the hoped-formarriage. But at th( same time a yonng warrior, who had ltxiked with jealous eyes npon Uio l''renehman, and h:ul often in vain ' aought to win the affections of the fair' maidMi of his tribo, carne to tho oíd i ehief and askcd for his danghter's hnnd. The chieftain, disdaining partiality to ] the warrior on account of tho fact tliat ! he was ono of his tribo, stepped to the bank of the lake with the two suitors, and pointing to a high and rugged-looking tree npon the opposito shore he said : " He of you who shall fíi'st briug me an eaglet lrom the nest in yonder tree, shall bo tho suceessful snitor." When tho old chieftin ceiised sjieaking, the hunter and the warrior sprang into their light cüuooh, and wre asttOIB the lake in a trice. The warrior struek : tho abasa iiiat, Imt the hmiter was tho first to climb the crags and tree, and was i descondiug with the eaglot, when the ! faithless wiiriior pnshod hu from a liml) on which he stood, and the huuter w;is dashed in pioces on the ragged rocks bi'low. The Indian maiden, wlio had watchcd with painful interest the difiiernt transactions pi-ecediiig, when she saw her lover falj, ioiiped far out into the lake with a wild, piteous cry, and Hank into the clear waters, never to rise again. The superstitibus red men fancy tliat the spirit of the departed umiden ruhis the storms, and that it would bo death for an Indian to risk himself ujion tho waters of the lake. The Masker of the Iron Mines. Ho was always mad. During the flash imes of 187'2-7!$ he used to urouud ho docks and invite sundry and divers )érsons to olimb up and ait on tho fleshy i art erf hbi aim. lío waa muscular, and [new it. In the ílush and b oom of ■arly manhood, ho wus tho lofty ollyïook, toppling over tho modest catnip. Ele wore his paiits stufï'ed into high top oots, a strap girtiug his waist, blue l&nnel shirt turnoci ander low down on ïis breast, and a broad hat which swept iway from hia beetling forehead liko the 'antail of a ferry-boat. Whcn a barge oad of opal or liniestone lied np at the lock, he would shove his hands inside ,ho top of his pautaloons, swagger up to ;he edge of tho pier and spurt out threo ills of tobáceo juico. This was the size sf his mouth. Ho was slow, and delibjrate, n.nd great. If he heard of a tighting mate on board any of the vessels in port, jr even a common sailor Avliom nature; bad upholstered, as it were, to order, he [ongcd f or his blood, and sought hun out with an earnestness that was beautifnl in its devotion. Everybody liked him. Ho was frank, open-hearted, and would just as leavo kick your head as to look at you. If ho desired to drink, all ho did was to saunter up to,one of his numeróua adniirors undinquiro wliat the Governor of Korth Carolina said to tho Governor of Houth Carolina, and the ï'oply of tho latter exooutive that ho considerod it a long timo between drinka, usually ettded in queuchüig his thirst at some body else's expense. He was a bruise.r from Brniserville, he was, and admitted, reluctantly, that he had cleaned out no lesa tlian four circuses and eleven canal boats during tho course of his cheerful and happy existtnce. Buflalo Torn Ciime up on an ore barge just to find out who he was, and went back supplied with data and information that exceeded his most sanguino expectationa. The Detroit Pile Driver cuino up and had an interview, and his friends made him as comfortable as jsosaiblo on his way back to that city. The panio came and ho siniled a loi'ty smile, steppod on board the cars and beat his way out to Utah. wintt-r a now-slide rushed down ükí mountain and buried him sixteen feet doep. Bnt ho. gi-adually wiggled out, came to tho snrface, and requested thcÉa to fotch on a deeent snow-slide if thcy were goiag to have any truck with him ! - Marqucttc Mining Journal. Dangcr of Protractcd Sleep. But hore, as in so niany other casos, the ovil of iloiiciency lias ite counterpart in tlie ovil of excess. Sleep protracted lii'voml the needof ropair, andencroaching habitnally npon the honra of waking u;tu n, ÍBJpafrs more or iess the functioas of the braiir, and with them all the vital power. Tilia observation ia as old as the days of Hippooratee and Axetebus, who sevsraHy an d Rtrongly coimuen t upon it. Tlm sleep of infancy, hoVöver, and that of old age, do not como uiulcr bhia category of exeess. These are natural conditions, ai)pertaining to the respective periods of life, and to be dealt with is auob. In illness, morcover, all ordinary rule and me;isure of sl(ep muKt be set aside. Difltinguishing it from coma, tbiere ar; vcry fow cases in which it is not m uiieijuivocid good; and uven in coinatose statf) the brain, we belirvc, gains moro from repose thun from any artiüoia] fttfeempts to rouBe it into action. A ('liild of the Sea. A man dreaaed in dlor oostumc was up in a New York criminal cotrrt the other duy upou a charge of Btealing i pair of boots. As he bad bo nsel, the court appointcd ;i young lawyer to take charge of the defauoe. Th luwyer opened khe case with a speech, in wiuch he alluded to his cliënt as "a child of the sad sea waves, a Bursling of the Í storm, Avhom the pitiless billows had i cast, a forlorn and friendless wnif, npon I the shores of Time, after a life spent in ! fierce and heroic oontest with the raging elementa." Then tbc defemdant :'s 1 iut in tl i tí doek nul the fact was reveaied thüt lie was oook apon u oanal-boat, previous t(j which he had hawked tish. The 'niirsling of the storm" is now in jail ' for six nionths.


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