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The New Dolly Varden Style

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We have been perinitted to inspoot a new Dolly Varden dress. The starboard sleeve borca yellow liop vino in f uil loa f, on a red ground, with munbers of gray birds, badly mutüated by the seams, flying hither and thithcr in wild dismay at the approach of a green and blaok hunter. An ini'ant class was depicted on tho back; and in making up the garment traant scholars wero scattered up and down thé sities and on the skirt; while a country poultry fair, and a gronp of hounds iiunting,' badly demoraüzed by tlie gathers, gave the front a remarkable appearanee. The left sleeve had on it tho alphabet in five different languages. - -Onie a Week. Fe ais not, thou that longest to be at home. A few steps more and thou art there. Death, to God's people, is but a ferryboat. Every divy and every hour tibe boat pushes off with someof the saints and returns for more. Soon, O bchVvor, it will be said to thee, as it was to her in the Gospel : "The Master is come, and calleth for thee !" When yon have reaelied the boundary of your cafle below, and stand on the voi-go of heaven and the confines of immortahty then there will be nothing but the short vale of deatli bctween you and the pi-oimscd land ; the labora of your pilgriniaf?e will have nothing to do but to entreat God as Moses did : "I pray thee, let me go oyer and sec the goodly land that is bevond Jordán- that goodly mountain, Lfbauou." A Boston pttet says : " It is not likely to bo'any saving of expense to run horse-cars "by cloek-work. The vrfik may be by the hoor, but in elockwork it takes two hands to run the tiim' table. We simply make a minute öf the f act but will dial -ate" Whoeacesí The whole thing will be run on tick- ('i' oinnati Star. We are happj tr stat.that the above joke. is not liours.- Dt troit News. No ; it is Kke all the rest of your jok(!s ; taken at second hand. ttrr-)ctDoiung, a Germán physieian, assorts that au avn-rtge dose of four gramínea e! chloral hydrate Kiiñio(!S not only to procure rest and sloep in case of sea-suskness, but oven to entirely cure tho disorder. The city of l'rnvidcnce, K. 1., haviir looked tl matter np, ünds thatby light ■ ing its 1,950 street lampa with electrieit.v it can save $25,210 ín lanip-lightevs' èét vices per aimuin.


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