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The following trausactions in real estáte have been recordad iu the oftice of the Register oí deeds for Waslitenaw Couuty duriug the past week : Ellen Mead to Cassius M. Osgooü, 20 acres off section 7, Aun Arbor. $500. Egidius Reiser to Matthew Keiser, 40 acres off section 23, Bridgewater. Jacob Koetluss to U. W. Pixley, land on section 12, Manchester. $1,600. Wm. Campbell to Jacob Wolpert, land on section 20, Sharon. $560. Benj. Franklin to Alice W. Noble, lots 1 and 2 in block 13, and part of lot 1 in block 21, Elisha Congdon's additious to Ohelsea. 12,180. Thos. Ninde to Cassius M. Osgood (quit claim), üü acres off section 7, Aun Arbor. 11,900. John Mead and others to C. M. Osgood (quit claim), interest in the w. hf. of ne. qu. of section 7, Ann Arbor. $400. Jas. Hutchinson and others to Caroline Palmer (qmt claim), lots 538 and 539, Norris, Joslin, Skinner & Follett's addition to Ypsianti. $1,000. Hirara Drew to Francis S. May, part of the northeast fractional quarter of sec 10, Lyndon. $1,000. Heirs of Harriet Grriffin to Ernest Schweder, lot 8 and part of lot 13, Miller's add. to Ypsilant i. $425. Edward May to Hirara Drew, the ne. part of the ne. fr. qu. oi sec. 10, Lyudon. $1,000. Susan R. Yost to Lee Yost, the south half of lots 10, 11 and 12, Western add. to Ypsilanti. $4,600.


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