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A Pioneer Baby

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lu bcptember, 18G0, the lirst babe saw the blue Idaho iirniament and breathed the erisp mountain atmosphore, tuader circurnstances little íess primitive than those which attendbed ita Savior's birtli. David Garfcwrigkt and wife were the pareats who were rendered happy by the little felknv's appearance, and the boy was börn nndex the spreading branches : of a pij ie tree, whioh is vet standing, near the qtetöï bl the village. Tli'is specimen nugget soon becaine the pet and, it is saidj tlie somewhat demoralized pet- f the rqttgïi minors, and, catchïng [ their roving dÈpoaitiQnj lio wandered : around the contínes of the camp at the rathej: youllifnl age of two years, -with the dpparent case of an Arab. He was called "Koek," on account of his wonderfuj fcaidinessj and often showed Ma appreciation ét the honor conferred upon him. The crowning act pi Rock's life so far as is knovrn - was accompHshed just before he discarded his èwaddling garments, at the oge of two and a half. While on his way to snporiutend the woildng of some extensiva gulch dig ginofs one day, he tembledhead f oremos into a we]], where the lottom could ónly be found at a depth of thirtv feet. Utioii striking lio only fomid six indios of water, and didn't proposo to bc worriod much by micli a f all, no immediately commonced calling for help. It was liis ad fata, liowèvér, to mnain thoro six ong houra beforo beiug discovered, bnt when men finalJy carne to tho resem; lii.s pent-up wrath knew uo bi)uinls. Tliore was 110 tayiag aljont it, lmt sucli a volloy of invectives, upon the lioads of noglectful párente, nevor before feil from childíkIi lips. 'Hcre is a samplo : " Yon link 1 kin tay in a woll uil day wifout miilin fc'e eat iko a f'og ? 'Fy wasn't no better faddor'n muiklci'ji 'm I'd do wifout chillen


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