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Prof. Hammond, of New York, relates many instanoes of instinct iu animáis. He says: If the entire brain be removed from a frog, the animal will continue to perform thofc fmiotions whieh are immediately oonneöted with the mamtenance of life. If the web between Éhe toes is pinched, the limb is Immediately withdrawn. If the shóulder be scratched with a needie, the hiud l'oot of the same side is raised to remove the instrument. If the animal ia held up by one leg it stniggles. If it is placed on ita back, a position to j which foogp always object, it at onco tuniK over on ita beily. If one foot is htíd firmly with a pair of fórceps, the frog endeavors to draw it away. If misiieeossful, it places the one foot against the instrument and pushes convulsively in the effort to remove it. Not succeediug, it writhes the whole body from side to snit', and always in a forward directiou. AU tlwtic, and even more complicated motionfi, are performed ly the decapitated alligator. I have fróquently seen the headlesa body of the rattlesnaie coil ttself ferto a threatening attitude, and, when ifritatod, strike its bleeding tronk ' against the offending body. ün one occasion ü teamstor onthe Weeteanplaias liad decapitated one of these reptiles w-ilh liis w)ii]i, and a1]ch bending down to examine it more carefully, he was struok by' it i'ull in (ie forebead. Ho powerfuj was tho shock to Jiis nervous sjstem thut ho i'aiuted and remained uul-oi]s-ioiis for severa] minute;:. A natural historian relates that a vipor whose head liad been ont off moved determinedly toward its hole in the waU, .loiiso's Anodyne Liniment may be H8ëd t') üdTUntege where :my I.ininieiit i'h ■ ;■. lurtiHi.1 of eevere oramp aud pain iu UJo'stomacfa, it is undoubtedlj the best ailide i tliat can bo meel intcrnallv.


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