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Wiliioft's Tomo ! - A Safe, Sure, ANnSriK.vnrioCriu:.' rTU miprcrrilfiiti d B&lc o f thifl world renowned medicino prove incoiilcslilily tliat no ramea; baa sopereeded the use of tlii reliabic Tonir. No spleen Iiüh beeu fouiul mi li:uil ae nqí lo yieíd tb ite ofteiiing iniliu mv. nml no lirer so hytiertrophied iis not to (jive up its lonií-rctaincil bilioiia secretions, ana no ('liill or Im v( htm yet ref traed to lill mío iinc. Whi'.ki .ni'k, I' ,v (v.. Proprie boru, N'w OrlfaiiH. FOB SALE UY ALL KRÜGOIETTB. Statistici show tliat of the thousands who die amiually, a largo proportion aro dcstroyed, not by old age, or by the natural éxhaustion of Titality, but through interaperauce, or disregard either ou the part of the sufforer, or his pajente, of the simplest laws of nature. Kuch boing the aese-aadiffvrecanrX)t mwrepresent fade - thn conclusión is tluit were the oatieèfl of intemperarce, itfl i kiqdred vicos, iiud a disrogard of 1 ral laws, removed, the averago length of the lluüinn life-timo would be extended proportionately. Whnt ngent most rajyidly, li,armlcs.ü) and ceridifily will oradieato these vicos, or the tendenoy to thrm, is the queslion which has been as thotróughly and persistenüy agitated as has tho search for the Philosophor's stone. The discovery has been made by Dr. Joseph Walker, whose widely known Vineoar Bitters nre aecomplishing wonders which the old fogy doctors nevcr dreamed of. Try thom and judge for yourself, as thousands are doing all (nr the country. I)T. I.lyinSitonc1 Npw ISook. Tlns work lite tteot! lookod for with the fjrentest interest. ÜJ to tlië dtty of kis death tlie doctor liept liis records- dilring tliS last few weeks writing thora with the red juice of Ijcrries across the faco of old newspapers. These records were iu part bronght home, closelv seald, liy 8riH5i. ïlie remainder were brought by his faithful attentlanfji, who at Iuh rloatli, emlialmed hifi body, transported it h(1(l dreds of miles on their sliouldere and accotnpanied it to England. It is the most wonderful book of the ago, and we are lad to know that ihe American Fublishing Company, of 118 Ilanlolph street, Chicago, havo brought it out in a popular form, boautifully illuKtrated, and at a price witbin the rench of all. It must sell with ijfcat rapïdity, and wc kuow of no other book eo ;ood for an agent to Work ou. It is eokl only by subscriptiou. Save Money and Hkaith. - The repntation of tlio Wilflon shuttle newing machine 18 so thoroughly eatabüahsd tliat no word in ito commendntion is necessary. Tue plan adopted by tho manufacturera of tliis famoua machine oí plaoijig thoir pricos bo low as to come wibhin the rcach of tlio poorer clnsaos, cortainly ontitles tbem to tho gratitudo of those who we rrally most in need of mich an artlclo. Macliinoa wül bc deliveverf at any railroad station in tliis county, froe of trnnsportation charges, if ordcred tKrough tlie company's branch honso at 1&7 State strefit, Chicago. They sond an elegant catalogue and cliromo circular froe on application. ïhis company trant a few more gOOil RgOllte. ITaf.itdaIí consttpation leads to the following resnlts: Inflammntionof the kidney's, sick and nervous liolacho, biliousnoes, dyspopsia, indigestión, pile, los of appetité and strength : all of whicb may bo avoided by bcing regjilai in your habits, and taking, nay' one of Parton1 Purgative Puls nigbtly for'four or six weck. Texas. - Uistribution of 05,000 acres of land to omigrautH. Addrenñ 3. E. Fokter, liniigratiou Bureau, HouHton, Teiaa. Gl:n Floka SrKiNa Wateh, at Wauiegan, DI., cures all kidney diseases. How to Get a Home. 8ee advertisement. A MAST OP A THOUSAND. A OoKRDMFTlVK CttJlED When d'jath was honrlyclpootod from (')iiaiiiiipioii, all remedies baving fíiílcil, aooldent led to diEcovoÍTV'1Rro'r Dr Jmes earod hls only rhild wlth .a prrp.iNition of cúnnabüln' dim. He mm kív realM fnoon reoeipt of two st.imps t'i i', y cit ( nfrt. Tlioro íh not fiiiftUt Hyinptnm of CnBumptida tlmt it doos nnt rtissipntp-Nittif Sweta. Inrttnüon of the N.Tvo-, Düticiilt Kip.iclnrnt.ion, sharp Pains m fli Laiurg, Naoae at tho St-oinacU, Inaction of tho Boweb, and WaaUngpf tho Mnjclo. Addme CRADDOCK i CO., Lona liucu SUoot, Ihiladlp]iia, P.,gitUK name f húfí pper. Pjf W & nr vri conts nutro with a ÍÉBÉ13 SILVER TIP ■pOJ ■ %JI jl twtce thn coKt f t'ie sboo t thoir &'"1" 'iMMM woaring vnliiw, Lo!t ! nnmn of the person Ijy W llHIIMftaatXK win) ruil not lik CTM ÏÏPÏsè Roots Juul Khoos. Anjonii linding ÍSjLv6í V"lt' 6uch a person will bo liborally 3yyYwfaLkfcaifi waitli?'i ty tmyinc B pair and ÍWjÍT. 1 Sg." (T-k Q 3 3 I DUB HABIT Cirred Cheap. No Pub rlU iWllicity Dr. ArimtronK. Borrien, Mloh. iPJJJ Excelbiok M'F'o Co., Bqchan.n, Mlch. Si"l A '-45 PEK DAY-Send for "Chromo" ?_LU cataloguo. J. H. BUÍTORD' SONS. Boston. EVERY PAIITOY WAKTS IT. MonsTlnlt. Sold by Agentj. Addies M. N. LOVELL. Erie. Pa. dj K c (Ö O rt P" day ut homo. Torais freo. Addrona 10 V H UI b II Geo. Stisson L Co.. Portland, Mainn. TFYflC I to be the Rarflon pot of theTTnlon. .1. J. I LAHJ Alft.m Co., Paris. Tei., offer half million tere for sale cheap. Send for thoir Land JoubhaL SAMPLE Pirr and Ríe Par to Male and 5_"C FeniJile overvwhore. AdrfresB. the tfiïION PUB. CO., Newark. N. 3. IA W1TT 4P5BPB nAVAGENTS wanted to h io dollars per day izw? Addreai Johnton, Clark Co., Boilon, Maj. : New York City ; Pittiburgh, Pa. ; Chicago, 111. or St. Loui, Mo. CC E? Cl ■ C Chicago Suburban 1ita at "UK CSf-ia-G. llX)each-$lidownand$5 monthljr fcir balunco- within a short, distance of city limi' ,,' ."!'" "iu"y trains and cheap fare. Sond for circular. IRA 1SBOWN, ltí LaSaUo Stroet, Chicago, 111. AGENTSWANTEDSH tiend tor circulara and (ir extra torms to Aecr.fa. NATIONAL PUB. CO., Chicago, 111., or St. LonJa, Ma JL 3 "W ' ES ■""■"■lESTtndhardurtwor. ? i "" " , ? ■" in the bouse mitde oomparatjTelj easy and ploasant. Krery on lntorested In rednnnff icotnon'a ,rorishoti]d end nova stamp forour clrcuUr. GRAY.DIXON 4 CO., il Clrbourn At., Cblcao. FT TVAftTT 7SI BROadwat, New York, , .„M Xl ilkjXli niftmif.-icturflrof SolidGold JMÏHUiYol ï-rj dcsci liition. The toet I. larga, vorj chinee, in1 is offored at retail t (rndn ptices to keep our workman ucing. lülls undor $15, r. O. orilor In ádranos. Over $15, C'. O. D. privilnge to emmino. CaUlogues Int. llFUllU lllllll Unos which we ar. furnish. J , A ins wllh opernton. Salary from S-lclto.ïlOOpermontu. Particulnr malled free Address N.W. TKLRGRAPH INSTITÜTB, JaneiTlll.iwi. _ . Of lic pretUmt CARD8 yon ever MH ■lvl'iithy0"Jr'""nohandc)moljprintedon B% B B them, Bent, poMtnaid, upon receipt of 20 cent H Ycmr frieniis will all want tlmm iiLun tliey Be 10 %JF ïuur. Ad.lress W. O. 0ANNON. 40 KneeUmi SU, Boston, Mats. 0ÍH! R ? S H L3 (Ol B Fö Ia1 Themnstsnceeesful I Í 1 Mil 8 i P Ml e rrmQ' ' tho prw8 i.1 Ua 'Stt RU a ontdaj. SondforPa9 lií'ÍÍSBWiyaBfc, por on Opium ing. Prof. 1. Mceker, P. O. Box 475, Laporte, Ind. ! lij AÏIff To CURE Oom, Kforaisla 5' M ■ B"or. lioot Waterproof, Yea.t. AQËNTS WANTED ÍSW man s n Wffr umi Molhcr." by Pye Henry Ibavaam, MiB. Over ïr,X) sold ; liberal teruis. Apply Í itonco ior torritory and owttit to S. T. SOl'DER & CO., 71il Sanaom-Bt., Pailadolphla. HÖW TO GET A HÖMK in v v m i:lti ijs nïJnn JV%. ■ lx iyt ? . Rfch Soil, gooii i.'Ihniito. oxcellnnt Wiiter, growing Settlements, íd'k) Schools. Vo offor the Lands of the Sioux City and Bt. Pmri R. R. and tht Mciiregor nnd Missouri Iïiver R. It. at !■ to 5 per ncre, cm easy puyiuenta. Two years rent will huy a farm. Appiy to DAVIDSOft & CALKINS, R R. Land OUico. glblft Oceol Co.. low. BÜRB MILLS FOR CORN, FLOVB ft FEED, KPWABP HARRI6O."V, New Hoven, Conn. I T.ANCF.LIK IK W ANTHMA ijpLL AND ( l i.iltll HIMi;iy. J i fluvinp nlrnpjcid Iwcnly yAmbclwcen Ut j and i áSI?1 ientta wlth AüTHMA, I rxperlmnnlttj by cnifl êSSBÊWM [H-niKlinj; i ole An.l hcrbn an1 tnhnllnjc th modIJiSkÉÍSÍL - I fortnnateiy Miecovrrríi a wondcrtul HroKÍ WniTíintrd toi-pJtfve1nf"tnntly un the pt1entcn Rff'Slk H (lownto renianri sl'-p wtmtertably. DrnyI'1'1" ' ' "'-tSíSmPí "IsI ftre t1PIllI'(' witlnArnplf pckRPifor mi l ÜBtriIjMtion. C1l nd rot on, or rtdreii ii.B..M..iWMmni „_ LASOTLL( ApPl Crank, Ohlo. jpSoIil by Diu.-fii.-i8. Full-siBc raokage, bf mail, $1.36. if?" Tf3Lu, TrnsSM, Snpportprs nd Pile 3r iö'Si Pipe " Beelay% Hnrd BnbboT ■ A'SVilOJüiLfiïll 1 'l'nisn9-" C(M)1, clennly, licht, ner tcSwf"' fflctly b;iíb and POarfbrtlPlft, free Vnwin from all sour, ruaty. chnfuiK, i IIlmii TfTii yjgU&piny, or iKHilticplike [ iiess ■ nnei in biithtnp, Jnnnrnod by the professlnn, loriR tcsted, nlwnyn reHmble. ItKAVARK OF IMITATIONS. Genuine stammd "I. B. Seoly." EstflblishmenU, 1347 Chetitnut Stroet. Philmlehihla, and 7H7 Itroadw.-ty, Now York. Sent by mnil or ezpreu, :id Bold by leading druggisU. Send fur cutnlugue. il jlYOÜ WILL NEVERliaye FRUIT niU IF YOU DONT SET IT OUT. Vou (-'in btiyyonr fruit plnnts rlipp lv ronttnctInjrwlthma f.r ihem now, To bshipped in tfaetoM, nnd ao money reqttired until the plunis nrrive. I will fiiwir-h aood reference u to my rrlinbility. Srnd for Prícoliet Btrawberries, R.nppberrics, lïlnckborrles, Curnintfi, üooficlicrrics. GHffli. THOMAS LESLIS, Ipava, UI. ■ 1 E. W. Pierre A Co., PrxrtjlUgggftfJ" 'ihnrr, A'. ƒ., "Wehnvnped the iyTlMffWyVfc Sen Foam n lens whll nnd rcnildcr W3ÜT!rökw iï. tli best JtnkirtK IMwdor in u?(" TA0r9 '- Uïll& I IwffiJril 1 '"V)iprwTer we have (ld your iSo I iXSEBw' I T'"jim it hut giTon eioalleoi Piiiisf.icK-pájf !mviïi !! Bakent Pqw#e!'M TVy it? ' Í Ü-'-ritf ft " 1 ts ecf n.-niy ís wonderfu! i it sn res 1 vKaVTttwA# KpPSi &r í"-'1 tit'"s Itke IIoí - fmmrr i ' 'fikes.1' Send tor I 'in-uliir (i o fcT " F. Gañiz Co., 176 Duaiie St., N. Y. Gta([siiss Directory. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. CHICAGO SOBAPER DITCHER CO., 66 LaSallo. BANNERS AND GLASS SHOW-CARD WRITERS, MUNN DRUM, 315 W. Madlson. BOOTS AND SHOES ■ AUCTION AND COMMISSION. ,)AH, P. MdNAMARA 4 CO., 87 E. Washington. CANNED FRUITS AND CRYSTAL LAKE PICKLES. F. A. WAIDNKR, 4i alid 47 Bltor. COWING'S DRIVE AND WELL PUMPS, &o, DOWNER WOOLNER, 98 and 101) Franklln. CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE. ABRAM l'RESCir OO„ 101 4 103 Wabash-aY. ENGRAVER. SÈAL5, PRESSES, STEEL ANO BRASS STAMPS, STENCIL ÏOOLS ANO STOCK. C. II. HANSON, 38 South Olrk. ENGRAVERS. 8. D. CHILDS. JR„ t 00., 115 Franklln. ENGRAVER, DIE SINKER & MANFR. OF STENCILS. L. BOCHB, 171 E. Kandoluh. FLOWERS AND STRAW GOODS- SPECIALTY. DALY, IIKNROTIN A CO., 144 and 146 WabMhar. FURNITURE. A. U HALE A BRO.,200,202,204and206RandolpQ. GLASS SHOW-CARD PAINTER. J. J. G. BUROHOFFKR, 199, Ml and 203 E. Randolph. GRASS SEEDS. ALBEÍlT DICKWBON, 136 Kinzie. GUNS CUTLERY MANUFACTURERS. W. 1!. SriCNCER 4 00., 54 State. Stind for priM-list HARDWARE AND CUTLERY-WHOLESAU. KDWIN 11UNT 4 SONS, 58 and 60 Lake. HEAVY HARDWARE-WHOLESALE. KIMBARK BROS. i 00;, J to 84 Mlchlgan-aT. HOTELS. BïtKVOORT HOUSK, 143 ani 146 E. Madioh On tra . liv'rl''tn nlftn. 11. M. Thompfion, pronrietor. MICTliOI'Ol.lTAN HOTEL-éÜMpeTdw. (Jor. Stato 4 Wah'n,it.i(,i „ld St.Jame,opp. i"ielii,I,eitor 4 Co. OODKN IlOUSE-l'irrt-c-.lass in Bïory particular. Barbr A íí.rrry, iop'rs. Cor. WaghinKton and Franklin. WyOlr.S liOTÉL, 34 36 WMhlMton. O, Sanll, prop. Prlce m per day, G. S. Palmnr (Inte City Hotel), clert. SAW MANUFACTURERS. IIENRY DISSTOii 4 9O,I,VV,cor. Uandolph4 Market WASHING MACHINES, For Circulara, ntc, address CALKINS CHAMPION Washer Co., 207 Clark. Agonía wanted evoryivliore. WATCHES, JEWELRY AND JEWELERS' SUPPLIES. COGSWSLL, WKItER 4 CO., 105 and 107 SUto. ÖUJlJilJlllU AKeit coin money. We ha work nnd monoy for all, men or women, boys or girls, boleor upare time. Send stamp for Catalogue. Ad drew FEAIÍK OLUCK, New Bedford. Mua. AGENTS I LI VINGSTONE'S WANTED. InEW BOOKÜ Ilis own story of the last srveii yonr of hls Ufe, hls Pflnth, etc Splendid work, juut out. Send for circnlarft unit fnll informntiün to AMKBIÜAN PUÜLIÖHINU CO., CnfCiliïo, III, DO YOURtSwÑTRINTINC! ÉICT OVEIiTY JnM PRINTING PRESS. Pftir 1" rii-H;4ii.i i itiid Ainiiiciii' 1'HiiK-rs, Sriiool. Cloeletle, Ma?. iifurl iirrrs, DS ere hun In, and "thcrs it ia UtrBEST ever mrtrted. i:i.OOO laaie. Tcn Btyles, Priccs from $5.00 to $150.00 BENJ. O. WOODS &CO.Maiuifrsaii(l vtfïwwrf dpolcra In alikindn of Printing Material, Scnd tuiiip fur Catalogue.) 49 Federal St. ; mf ■■tw.llMJllftafc. T$ new Trn- In wnrn j0fflggfB8B!5B& WÈ with perfect comfort nLght &?F'Jrr - _ xïïlkan(' &}' Adapta itself to H Li A Si iv Hl o verv motion of the body, WsL T ÏÜ88 jBOrfitiiininKruptureunderthe 'i ii miiiiWM'iriir hardestoxerciseorHeverest gsBH, . "-.' Jr&Êf Btrn in nntil permanentlj T$fybytW curod. Sold cheap by the NJl Elastic Tmss Co., No.633 Broadway, N. Y. City. Sent by mail. Cali or send for Circnlar, and be enred. ; . Established 1858. luí Metal m the 100 lbsMMíhtb . HfAi.i - . nSft SSes" trabe wark, patented. The lest an'l ehrapest Pnínt ín 1h World for Iron. Tin or "Wond. For sale hy TMera erervwhere. PEOJCES' METALLIC PATNT CO.. Vannff rers. 96 Ceflar 8f , Npw York. C-A-TJTIO1V.- Purchasere will please see that onr name and tradc mark are on eacli and Overy package. Scud for ti Circular. Tlic World is In Bloom. Natnre weara her Summer smile. But tho victim of Nervous Deliility Íb Uko a bUfthted branch ín thti sunahine. Let him ro-vítalire tono and purify his systm with Tarrant's Eüervesccnt Seltzer Aperient, and within a week he will feel like a new man. SOLD BY ALL DRUGUISTS. STOCKS" donlt tn at tho New York Stock Exchange bought and sold by U8 on margin of five per cent PRIVIIEGES negotiated at one to two per cent, from market on merabereof tho Nmv York Kxchange or responaiblo p.irties. J-iargo sum hnve been roalized the ptist 30 dars. Putor cali cüsU on 100 shares $106.25. Straddles $250 each ; control 200 sharea of stoclc for 30 dajs without further risk, while many thousand dollara Ïront may begained. Adviceand information furniehed. 'amphlct containing valuablo statistical inforraation and ehowing how "Wall btreet oiwrations are conductod sont FREE to any ftddress. Orders solleitcd by maíl or wlre, pd promptly executed by lis. Addross TUMBRIDCE A CO., Bnnkers and Brokers, No. i Wall Street, New York. " ■■IIIIIIMl Mi !;■ ■ j ilinffili NIGHOLS, SHEPARD & GO.'S "VIBRATOR" THRESHER The BHILLIANT SUCCESSof thisGraln Savlng, Tiiiii-Snïliis 1 Uit isil EK, un preceden tert ín theannals of Farm Marhinery In a brief pcriod it has bccomo wldrly know; nnd FI)L,I,Y KSTABLISUED, as th "Ï.ICA !M.; TIIIIIMIIM. MACHINE.' GRAIN HAISEHSREFÍlSJE to submit to Uie wasteful and imperfect work of othor Thrcshcrs, whcn posted on tho vaut mpertority of this onc, for fiaving irrain, saving time, and doinR fast, tïiorouph and eoonomical work. THRESHERMEN FIND IT hiprhly a.lvantascous to run a maí'liine that has no Mlït?aters," "I'ickers," or " Apron," that hanfllcs Damp Grain, LODK Straw, Ifeailings, Flax, ïiinotliy, Alületl iind all puch difïicult :iain and ood:, ivith KNTIISE KASK AM KFl'ECTIVKSESS. Olean 8 to perfección; saves the farnuT liis thresh bill by cxti-a saving of grain ; makos no "Littcringcs;" requircs LESS THAN ONE-HALF the usual Relt, Itoxcs, Joamals, and (ears; easicr nianaited ; less repairs ; one that Krain mísera prefer to eniploy and walt for, even at al vnnced prlcow, ïv hile oMicr machines re "ou Lof jobs." l'oiir Klzrsmade witli 6, 8, 10 and 12 llorsie "Mouiitcd" l'onom, alao a piclalty of Spparntor ialone" xpr'islj for STBAia I'OWIÏll, and to niatcli otlier lloro Potvers lf interestedinprain raisintr, Or Ihroahinp, wrilo for Illustrated circulara (tentree) with ruil particulavs of sizes, stylea, prine icrms.ctc HKIIOLS, Mll l'lllll A ., JlaMe Crtck, Michigan. ■Dr. J. Wiilkor's ('alïiornia n. egar Uittcrs are a purcly Vegetabl preparation, rnado cl ffly from the n. tiro herbs found on t) l lower ranges of the Sierra Novada mouíltaifis of Califa, nia, tho medicinal propcrtiCB of whfofc iro extracted thoiofrom without the u of Alcohol. Tho question is altnost daily asked, "Wbatisthe causo 01' the imparallcled success of Vlneoar Bit TEESf' Our answer is, that tbey removí tho causo of diseasc, and the patiënt re. covers his healthu They are thegrosj blood purifier and a lifo-giving principé a perfect Kenovator aud Invigoralcj if the systom, Never before in tin .istory of tho --(irld has a medicine bees compcHiinlprt posticssing the remarkabl, quahtios of ViNKOAitBiTTEït in heaünsthi ■iick erf (vnry ilisease man is heir to. tw are a gentío Purgativo a.s vell aa a Totua, relicviig Congestiva c'J ínflammatian the Livor and ViBconj Jrgans, in Bilin Die4ges. TJic propevtios of Dr. Walkek'j V i xki i a B H ittkrs are Apcrient, Diapboretj Gariniuativf!, liutritious, Laxative, JJinreti I Sedativo, Counter-Irritant, öudorilio, Altare ÜTii. und 'Auti-Iiilious. Gratcfnl Thonsands proclaim VnEGAR Bitters the most wond jrful In. vigorant that. ever eugtained the sinkini system. lío Pcrson can takO thowí líittírs accorling to directions, and remain togg j unwell, provided their bones are not distroyed by mineral poison or othci mean, and vital organs wasted beyond repair. Bilious. Remittont and Inkr. ! mittent í evers, wiiich aro so prev. ; lent in the valleys of our great riven i Sirougiiont tLe United Stat es, eepecialh tose of the Mississippi, Ohio. Miaran Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberiand, Arlan las, Eed, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ki noke, James, and many othere, wiH ' their vast tributarles, throughout coi i entiro country during the Summer ao Autumn, f.nd remarkably so during k. sons of unusual heat and dryness, are invariably accompanied by extensivede. rangements of the stomata and liver, and other abdominal viscera. In their treatment, a purgative, exerting a pot. erful inilueueo upon these various or gans, is essentially neecssary. There is no cathartic for the purpose equal to Dr. J. Walkek's Vinegak Bitters, as they will speedily remove the colorea viscid matter with wuich tho bowels .are loadcd, at the same time ' stimulating the secretSons oí' tlie liver, and gcneraliy restoring tho hcalthj functions of tho digestivo orgaus. Fortify the body apajust disoasc by purifying aH its ñaíáe with Vinkgab J Bittkks. No epidemie can takfl hold ' of a systein thus fore-avtned. i Dyspepsja or Indigestión, Head1 nebe, Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs, . Tightnoss of the Clicst, Dizziness, Son Eructations of the Stomach, Bad TasW in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitatatiou of the Ileart, Inflaramation ot'tbö Lungs, Pain in the región of tho Kiáneys, and a hundred other paiiiful symptoms, are tho offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bottlewill prove a betterguarnnteo of its merits tha a longt-by auVertisement. Scroftila, or King's Evil, White , Swellings, TJlcers, Erysipelas, SwelJed Neck, . Goitre, Serofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inilammatkms, Morcurial Affcctions, Old i Sores, Eruptions of the Skiu, Sore Eyei, eta In these, as in all other tonstitutional Diseases, Walker's Vineoaa Bitters have shown their great curativo powers in the most obstiuato and intracta!jlo cases. For Inflaiirfnatory and Chronic Rheuniatism, Gout, Bilious, Remittent andlntermittent Fevers, Diseasesol i the Blood, Liver, Kidncys and Bladder, these Bittors have no equal. Snch Diseases are causcd by Yitiated Blood. Mechanical Diseases.- Persons cngaged in Paints and Minoráis, such M l'lumbers, ïype-settcrs, Gold-beater8, mi Miners, as they ad vaneo in life, are subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To gviarJ against tLis, take a dose of Walker's Visegar Bitters occasionally. For Skin Diseases," Eruptions, Tet ter, Salt-Ithenm, Blotches, Spots, Pimpiw Pastales, Boils, Carbunclos, Ring-wornií Scald-head, Bure Eyes, Brys-ipeias, l;; ! Scurfs, Qisoalorationa o" tho Skin. Hnniun and Diseases of the Skin of whatever naiot or nature, are Iiterally dut; up and ca ! ont of the System in a shorï timo by Ihi of tliese Bitters. Pin, Tape, and otjier iYorms, lnrking in tlu: systuni of 80 many thosndii are eflectually destroyed and removed. N" System of medicine, no verniil'uges, no athchninitics willfieo tho systeii) fruB) like these Bittors. For Feninlc Complaints, iuyoun? or old, marricd or Singl-e, üt the dawTJ of '■'- manhood, or the turn of lifo. these Tunic Bittere display so decided an iufluenco tb' improvement is Boon perceptible. Cleanse Ihc Yiüated 15Ioo! wbeoever yoafind its impurities burslintc ti: ■ the skin in Pinijilns, Eïnptions, or S'TW I cleanse it wheu you f'nul it olwtrnctoii ad I sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it fonl; your feeling-i will teil you rhen. the blood pure, and tiie health of the pyiteffl will follow. H. II. SIcUONALD A CO., Dnipfrists niul Gen, Ats., San Francisco, djIjfiHTA and oor. of Wn.s1iini.-lon and Cbaflton Stí N ' Sold livnll n"HU" !-'■' - O _ _ I, Doublé Eniry.-ByCUrk's motlwd, ROOK sr. simpütied th:it. any ono inny in""1' " the Rcieiico withoot a teacher. Bram in clnth. Sent port-Ixvitl on tocen" Unnni-nrr 81. ARonts wanted. W. S. Clark l; ft RH III f :t Rlu'' "■ ( Aikcns Newipaper Um ■■IP BB! whixtieb, No. 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, Mo., 'ontiniuB to troat all mmi of obattolei ti niarri.itrf. W mpurliicn, cvprj aitmt'ut or ricküttu wliich resufts freo mdihcrotlfin rr Imprudcoce, wiifi ■nparallrted Pr. lV.'i eBtablislitucut is rbarteiett lij th Plnle of M'!' ■oiyt, w;is (eondcd Bad h.i i , in eitabllabed w '■'''"r9 lfa, certain and reUabl tolkt Beln a ([rnduule oi cvcral mt'.iicAl cHcgc. and bnrinc ihc pxpcrlcncc of long and incoeurnl Mf In hit i:pt, liics Iif hfl r("rfcelr r-in-ücs itiat iro q rU these case. Hi putieo" nrc t-..iuq knatcd lir m.iil or expreta evr hcre. Í10 niüHi t who hlled, onll nr write. Krom trel uunl' ber of np'.liúntiont he in 8iHkÖld t ki'p KI CÏinfE0 kcr, 36 pogen, glvlag ruil fïjupinnts fw iwohWm1 MARSilACÉ GÜ3DE, MA ta(Wj a booli wlii-h Rtioulj "-1' !l !■■ lv Mo nnrrird pair, ir iertjfa Mniumr13111 di:Ij ri.-'gr1. od affuril to lo withorn t. Uoonvnlni ihe ''■ "" pedioal llteraton od tliin Ul(lMA, tbfl rostiltfff Ir. H . t hou srperieooe ; atso Ihe hcú thmbU fn-m law '"" 'u l'uroi'O &:d Aaiviica. Bt;ui neulrrt. port f;ii 1 r"r _ ' 0. N. ü. 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