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The following account of the manner of expressing the juice of sho grnpe is respectfully submittcd to the attention of wine-bibbers, who are 60 very particular in the choice of a pureorticle : - " Comtnnnder Wilkes, in his report oí the Exploring Expeuition, statcs that when öt the island of Maderiii, he visitcd with the United States Consul, a winc factory - a kind of sheil - and thus sketches the procesa : " On our approach we heard a sort of song, wilh a continuad stamping, and on entering saw six men stamping violently in a vat of six fect square by two feet deep, three on each sidc of a luigo lover bcam, their legs bare up to ihe thighs. On our entering they redoubled their exertioiiB till the perspiration ireely poured from them ; the vat had been filled with grapes, an'dby their exertions we were enabled to see the whole procc68. After the grapes had been sufficiently 8tamped and the men's legs well ecraped, the pulp waa made into the shapo of a large bee hive, a rope being wound around it. The lever was then used, which has a large stone or rock attached to it by ascrew. The juice flows off and is received in tuba. The produce of the presa is on an average about fit'ty gallons daily. Each gallon rcqtiires about two bushels of grapee. - The taste is very much likc aweet eider. The general average is lrom one to three pipes of winc per acre annually. The South side of the island produces the finest winea. The common Maderia is made from a mixturo of three kinds of grapes. After being expressed the wine is put into casks. fermenta, and is clarified with gypsum or isinglass, aftor which two or three gallons of brandy are added to each pipe." Miss C. Cushman will return to this country in the next slcam packet. Sho has received for encairementa in England. $54,000. Pretty