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A "vag."

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" Ftore 's a vag," said Bijajb, is lio handed out another man. "Well, I should say he was!" exclaimed the court, after taking a long look. The man was barefootod, eovercd wiüi dirt, hair full of hay, and he liad only a little more clothing ou than Adam had when he wandered through the Garden of Eden. " I'vo soen stimc hard cases in this room," contiimed the court, " but I believo you eliiub the climax." "I hain't to blame for being poör and sick, am Ii"" asked the old woodehuck. "Great buinps, man; you are mg fat, and you look as healthy as a ; eanuibal!" "J)on't I know wheii I'm siek?" growled the ra?ii. " Thomas Lang, I know whafc ails you. It's too late ïiow, but il' 1 could have taken you ten feasm ftgo mei got a stram scrubbing bninh at work on you and oaüed in ;i muwing machine to ent your hair and had a circular aaw to pare your nails, I couW have mude you look halfway decent." " It isu't fair to run on me, snarled Thomas. "You are as useloss to tliis world as mi old hoop-skirt in the alley - as ñve I wheels to a wagon - as two bclls on a door - u buttons on a man's coat tuils. ; You are a kite tail on a telegraph wire - a cocoanut in the gutter. Hcnd yon up ! Why, the SriVër of the lilack Maria woiild resign at once, anL the old boots lying around the House of CJorrectdon wouïd feel insultad !" "I want to go home!" replied tli' man. " (O on - -ff) anywlirvr jirl l 1 1 1 pf here ! Open the w'ay Uiece and let this prize-iHi'dal old c)i:U)Imoii ojt SPQl :i 1 1 I


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