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Mr. Pato, a Chicago lumber-dealer, rocently had m nnpleasant adventure with a Texas steer, which is tlius deseribed by tile Chicago Tintes: " Mr. Pato, a mild-eyed lumber-dcaler, i while sitting quietly at his desk íiguring up bis proiit and loss for the provious month, was startled by tho appearauce at the dooi of his littlo 12x12 establishment of a thin-legged Texas steer with the slenderest and longest of horns. The animal looked iu at the. door and glared at the littlo m;m on tlio high stool with evident satisfaotion. He tossed his head np and down, and gave it a preliminary shake or two, tlicn a malicious little sniñ' with his nose, and walked iu to get the littlo man on his horn. "Mr. Puto is nota man of military education. He does ïiot even belong to the lst regiment, but ho possesses military Siigacity. Ho took iu the situation at once. He saw at a glauco that his base of communication was ent oil'by the enemy. Retreat was impossible. lleinforcements could not possibly bo tlirown i iuto the fortress iu time to repulso the attack. Surrender was out of the question. Mr. Pttte'è only resource was to fortify. He took up a strong poSition on top of the high afo. Ho fortili'd it by dragging the long four-legged stool after him, making a kind of chcval-dcfrise of it by pointing the legs ontward. The moment was full of peril. The mad animal charged aronnd tho premisos, snorted, danced up and dovn, and shook the littlo liouse like an earthcjuakc by the majosty of his tread. The stove was tipped over, the Avindows were critshed, tlie chairs wore tossed aronnd tho room, the lodgers were tramplod under foot, and the coutents of the building wero mingled in indiscrimimite chaos. Mr. Pate says he nover feit so low in liis Hfe. How long he could have maintained his j position no oue can teil. He wnsrelioved by a p:iíy f men with polos and whips, wlio suceceded in getting the beast out of the lftile building witliont shaking it down. Mr. Pate, after his reseñe, was pale and iveuk, and au Htabëf us a bag of ï'ags. At'toi: wfitting liis hoad and face in cold water, and Testing a littlo, and allowing bis wildly puLsatiug lieart to come I down two or three hutidred l)Oiits a minuto, be icanod on tho arm of a Mond and walkeu bone to clinnge his dmup small clothes."


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