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Tms railroad builders have struck a l-d of sandstone suitable for building, in Hopo, Barry oottnty. Last weck a Marshall paper boasted tliat tlieir jail was without an occupant. The iicxt day it liad aoven. Alhkkt W'iiii'iTH, a lad abpnt 12 years ol rige, was drowned in a mül-pond near Oolumbiaville while lisian;.;. The Kalamazoo Board of J'ldueation han made a rule tliat íivpivmmbü slndl be made to teachors by tho pupil. Fiiank Dodue, of Niles, hiiff mysteriously diapjwnrod, and all offorts of his paretrts to lind his ■whöreabot'te lxave been unsuccessful. Thbke were 400 old soldiers at tho rounion of the 4th Michigan at Hillsdale, .Tuur 18. Tho affairwas called a surpriaing sncicosa m all respect.". Lbwis Btüabt has been elected professor of Gbreek in Kalamazoo college. For foilr ycars past he lias beon tutor and instructor in Greok in that institution. The free-for-all trotting r:ico at East Saginaw was won by tho Chicago hoi'se Bodine. American Girl and Tudgo Fullarton were entered in tho samo race. Best timo, 2O9J-. Last Thursday about 200 feet of the Kalamazoo railroad droppcd out of sight, but a large gang of hands have been lilling it, and Saturday afternoon tho train xassed ovor it. TnE shooting match for tho champion modal of the Kent County Sportsmon's Club, at Grand Itapids, was won by John Decker, hc killing 14 otit of 15 birds in the main contcst, and 4 out of 5 in the tio. The Christian Society of Marshall reccutly wiped out a clrarch ilebt of $800, by the vory simple plan of eight members paying $100 cach, and now a committeo is busy raiaiug funds to meet tho expenses of the current yoar. A kabit dog made hfe appearance in tho north portion of t ie city of Marslaall ono evening last week, creating quite a sensation. Two or three children were considerably soratclied by the dog but not bitten. The dog was lulled. A cffljLD C years of age was killed by a stroke of electricity during a thunder shower at St. Jolms, a few days ago. The current followed the stovepipe in the house where the child aud a brother wero sleeping en tho floor. Tlie brother was not injured. The name of Baldwin City Postoffice in Lake county has been changed to Baldwin by the department. As thore is one by that name in Jackson county, persons wishing their letters to go to the right placo will have to add the name of the county to the address. While John Eedmire, a farmer living a few miles froin Grand Eapids, was cultivating corn, his wife carne to the field with an umbrella, which scared the horses, causing them to run away, throwing him under the cultivator, and injuriiig him to such extent as to cause death hortly aftorward. At Jackson, the other day, a boy 17 or 18 years old, unknown except to two or threo who had employed him in farm labor, an orphan from an Eastern city, utterly friendless and out of money, with no refuge from starvation but death or thievery, forlornly throw up the sponge and committed siucide by taking laudanum. The organization of the Sacred Temple in Marshall has rented tho Eawy Hall f or the use of tho society, lt is to be fltted up as parlor, kitchen, etc. Formerly no persons wero admittod as members but relatives of Masona, but this restriction is now removed. Mrs. S. A Peterman is the presiding olflcer of thia odge. Beoent Michigan postal changos : Estnblishal - -Bann'a MUI, Shiawasseo county, Benjamin E. Baun, Postmaster. Discontinucd- Oolumbia, Jackson eouuty ; Olive, Clinton county. Postmasters Appointcd-Tlovien Station, Kent county, William B. Barnard ; Lamont, Ottawa county, Charles Pitman ; Morgan Station, Newaygo county, James M. Smith ; St. Louis, Gratiot county, James Paddock ; Vermontville, Eaton county, Albert G. Je'well. Pobtmaster-General JeweIíL has established nineteon new money-order offices in Michigan, as follows : Alma, Gratiot couuty ; Baldwin, Lake ; Clare, Clare ; Clio, Genesee ; Constantine, St. Joseph ; Coral, Montcalm ; Eaton BapidS, Eatou ; Farwell, Clare ; Flushing, Genesee ; Hartland, Livingston ; Manchester, Washtenaw ; Mendon, St. Joseph; Nunia, Ottawa; Pierson, Montenlm ; Sault de St. Marie, Chippewa ; Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo ; Vandalia, Oass ; Vicksburg, Kalamazoo ; "White Pigeon, St. Joseph. The Graiul Bapids F.aglc tells thi story of a conscionce-stricken thief: ' Ou Snnday a commercial traveler liad bis wallet, containing $75, stolen while at one of tlie pleasuro resorte on the West Sido. Yesterday moruing, while h'e was standing opon the steps of Sweef 8 Hotel, pondering npon a plan to Bupply himself with funda for his daily expenses, a stranger stepped np and tended Hm tho lost waUet, sayiug: "I stol e tliis f rom yon yestorday, but yon will flnd Üio contente all right." Tho culprit then rushed around a stroet corner and disappaared.


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