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The Jury Of The Beecher-tilton Case

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have not, up to the hour of going to press Thursday evening, rendored a verdict. On Monday afteruoon they asked to be discharged, but were refused by Judge Neilson, and are still locked up. The reporta from the West, especially Kansas, are to the effect that a golden grain harvest is upon them. The wheat is coming to the harvest and that now, with heavier yields than for years, so heavy that harvest hands are scarce and wageshigh. A month ago there was Httle hope of harvesting anything except grasehoppers. THE Lansing Journal has crushed the croakers by the announcement that the debt of the capital city is but $172,000, or only $22 for eaoh man, woman, and child ; while the debt of East Saginaw is $750,000, or $44 per capita. It also suggests thatBay City, Grand Eapids and other rapidly growing towns can beat Lansing all hollow. ARRANGEMENTS for observance of the glorious Pourth indícate a very general celebration of the day throughout the country. In the South celebrations will be far moro numerous than at any time since the war, and Southern papers are making stirring appeals for a revival of the Eevolutionary memories. The fact that this is a centennial year does inucb. to stimulate U3al as well as national patriotism. HE .fostmaster-General has issued the following order : It is hereby ordered that the fee for registering a letler mailed at any Post Office within the United States, addressed to any other Post-Office in the United States, or to a foreign coubtry, be fixed on and after July 1, 1875, at the uniform rate of 10 cents, in addition to the regular postage, to be fully prepaid by postage stampa affixed to suoh letter, and can - celled at the mailing office. The rifle match between the American and Irish markstuen, so long anticipated, came off Wednesday, with a full victory for the Americana. The match was for three distances : 800, 900 and 1,000 yards. The contest has apparently been very close. The Irish won the first and the Americans the last two distances, the whole score standing: at the close 967 for the Americana to 929 for the Irish. The Americans were beat at long rango. Tally another for the Americans. No respectable person of ordinary intelligence will be surprised at the arreat of the fellow named Loader, who testified in an amdavit published in the New York Herald, to criminal and overt acts between Mr. Beecher and Mrs. Tilton. Thia scoundrel has been brought to justice by hia accomplice) one Price, who briefly and simply teatifies that he was induced by Loader to join hiin in vending this filthy falsehood by the hope of profit therefrom to accrue. It ia to be hoped that summary justice may be promptly meted out to this vagabond speculator in perjury and obscenity. The Eepublican journals in Pennsylvania are seriously disturbed by the recent nomination of a State ticket by a convention of Prohibitionists at Harrisburg. While one remonstrates and another derides, all agree that the Prohibition vote will be taken wholly from the Republican party, and to that extent will be an iujury to the party. The estímate is from 5,000 to 15,000. Last year it was 4,649. In a close contest the loss of these votes tothe Eepublicans would imperil their cause. Several times within the past twenty years the general election has been decided by a smaller number of votea than those polled by the Prohibitionists last year. In 1862 the Deuiocrats carried the State by 3,524 majority. In 1867 they had it again by 922 majority, and in 1869 the Eepublicins elected their Governor by 4,596 majority. AtemporarY. injunction has been issued in the superior court at Detroit to restrain the county treasurer and sheriff from collecting the taxes under the new liquor law. The bill filed praying for thie injunction was in behalf of 400 wholesale aud retail dealers, who claim that the law is unconstitutional. They declare that the law was passed in evasion and violation of the 47th section of the 4th article of the constitution, which declares that the legislature shall not pass any act authorizing the granting of license for the sale of ardent, spirituous, or other intoxicating liquors. They claim that the payment of thfs tax operates as a license. Several other reasons are given for its un constitution - ality, but this is the principal one. Theodore Romeyn and F. A. Baker are the counsel for the liquor dealers, and a test case will be taken to the supreme court for decisión. ADVICES from the east indicate that the peach cjop of the present year wiü exceed in quantity that of any preceding seasou for several years past by nearly one-half. Estimates carefully made place the erop that will be picked aud forwarded from Delaware, Marylaiid and southern New Jersey at over 6,000,000 baskets, or about 3,750,000 bushals. This erop will be placed upon the market between the löth of July and the 15th of October. The peachgrowers, fearing that the market will be overstocked, are willing to make contracts at rates nearly ono third less than last year. Contracts have already been entered into with a uumber of the peach canning firma to furnish at $2.25 the same quantity they paid $3.50 foi. The great peach-growing country of the United States includes portions ol the States of New Jersey and Marylaud, and the whole of Deleware. The soil demanded for peach-growing is a liglit loam, so that the sun will be able to reach all the fruit alike. A heavy soil causes the growth to run too much to wood and foliage, and destroys the chances of raising an evenly ripened erop.


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