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The June meeting oí the Board ot Regenta was held during the present week. The first sessiou opened on Sionday evening with e, full board present. President Angelí read a communication frota Mr. Baker, Secretary of ;he State Board of Health, who had made inquines as to whether meteorological tables had been kept at the University. The letter was referred to the committee on the School of Mines and Observatory. Eesolutions of thanks were then adopted in favor of the heirs of Adams Jewett, M. D., of Dayton, Ohio, and especially to Henry S. Jewetl, M. D , for an herbarium of 25,000 plants presented to the University ; and to Mr. J. li. Lammon, of California, for 450 species of California plants. The resignation of Prof. C. I. Walker, of the law department, was then presé nted. The professor stated as his reason for this act, that the requirements of his personal business would uot permit hitn to attend to this duty. The degree of Pharmaceutical Cheniist was then conferred upon eigbteen of the students in pharmacy. On Tuesday niorning Dr. A. J. Sawyer of Monroe was introduced to the Board and spoke at some length upon the homeopathie question. He carne as the representativo of the State Homoo pathic Society, and at their request ree ommended the two following gentlemen as professors in the new homeopathie department to be now established : For Professor of Materia Medica - Samue A. Jones, M. D., of Englewood, N. J For Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine - John C. Morgan, M D., of Philadelphia. These gentlemen were afterward elected to fill the position above designated. The resignation of Dr. Abram Sager as Dean of the Medical Faculty, was presented to the Board and accepted. Diplomas were gianted to the gradu ates in the several courses of the Liter ary department, and the degree of Doe tor of Medicine was also couferred on thirteen graduates of the Medical de partment. Dr. J. Taft, of Cincinnati, was electec to the chair of the principies and prac tice of dental medicine and surgery. Prof. Merriman's resignation as Pro fessor of Physics was presented and ac cepted. The reason for his resignation was in the general change which is to be made in this department in coniiec tion with that of the School of Mines In the evening Wm. H. Pettee, o Harvard University, was elected Pro fessor of Minning Engineering ; Silas H. Douglas, Professor of Metallurgi and Technical Chemistry, and Elisha Jones, Assistant Professor in Latin for next year, supplying tbe place now vacated by the absence of Prof. Walter. The report of the librarian was then read, which showed that the additions to the libra ry in volumes purchased received by presentation, and paiuphlets during the past year was 753. On Wednesday morning the following resolutions relative to Dr. Tapoan were adopted : The University of Michigan, through its Board of Regents, places on record : First - A sincere regret that circumstances prevented the acceptance, by the ftev. Heur; P. Tappau, of the invitatiou of the board to b( our guest at this cominencement, and we hope that the health of himself and family will per mit him to be present with us iu 1876. Seccnd - A full recognition of the great work done by him in organiziug and constructing this institution of learning upon the basis from which its present prosperity has grown. Third - The regret that any such action should ever have been taken as would indícate a want of gratiturte for his eminent services on the part of the University and the people o the State of Michigan. ' Pourth - A repeal and withdrawal of any censure express or implied, contained in th resolutions which severed his jonnection with the University. Will J. Herdman, M. D., was appointed Deinonstrator of Anatomy at a salary of $500 per annum. Dr. Geo. E. Frothingham was also appointed professor o practical anatomy and opthalmic anc aural surgery at a salary of 1,800 per aunum. Prof. C. I. Walker withdrew his resignation presented on Monday evening, and was granted leave of absence another year. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred upon Joseph Beal Steere and the degree of LL. D. was given to Geo. Ripley of New York. The following appointineuts were also made : Otis C. Johnson, as assistan in the cheniical labratory, and Samue T. Douglas, as assistant in the school o: mines, each with a salary of $750 per annum. The salary of P. B. Kose was raised to $1,250 per annum. A committee was appointed to fill the place of' C. I. Walker during the coming year, and the Executive Committee was directed to fill the chair of chemistry vacated by Prof. Douglas, by corresponding with the members of the Board. The following appropriations were recommended by the Finance Committee, and passed : For fuel and lights, - - - $3,500 00 For contingent expenses, - - - 1,500 00 For alteration and repairs, - - 600 00 For grouudB, - .... 200 00 For insurance, .... 300 00 For postage, ..... 200 00 For regenta expenses ... 227 25 Dr. Douglas then called attention to the poor condition of the boiler in the cheniical laboratory, and the matter was referred to the Committee on Building and Grounds. The Board then adjourned sine die.


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