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SBMeWBS foe tuk Anons- f 1.50 per year. Four large evergreen arches are bemg „(tructed across Mam street. The Dexter Band have been employed to t portion of the "blowing" here Mouday. The military compames are to be dinnered (0 State Street Dining Hall, Mouday, by iirs West __ A semi-annual six per cent. dividend has 1 made to the stockholders oL the First J,tionl Bink. _ The postofflee will be open July 5th from ■0 to 10 1-2 o'clock A. M., ana from 6 1-2 to ■ 1.2 o'clock P. M. _ A large dancing hall ia being erseted on . iSCant lots opposite the Leonnrd House, „beused Monday. _ To-morrow the grand military picnic at V tilanti. The railroad will carry passengere 1eretofor half fare. The Detroit National Guards, on their uu to this city, Monday, will be accompanied littheir famous bood. _ The closing exercises of MisB Spafford's lect school tor juveniles takes place this afIjrnoon, at the Unitarian Chnroh. - Yesterday a large number of ladies and „Hemen were busily engaged decorating the jrmory of Company with evergreens. - A pipcon shoot takes place at Dexter to, between the Ann ArTior and Dexter teams"- ten men on a side, and ten birds eth. _The Common Council of Manchester arable 0 fid a person to fill the ofñco of "City" Attorney. A good opening for an enien)rising lawyer. _ A Germán Lutheran church service will beopenedat the Congregational church Sunj,y, July Hth, at 2 o'clock, p. m., by Bev. J. Graessle, of Ohio. - The plate glass front fever, which has ■jevailed to some extent in Ypsilanti recently, 0 ajuin reached this city, Messrs. Eberbach j Co. being the first victims. - Marshal Stiling has given notice that the on]Dance prohibíting the use of fire-crackers, Ëre-arms, ifcc, in the streets of the city, will ttstrictly enforced next Monday. - Mrs. S. A. (roodale and daughters left for the Eiift Saturday, in search of health and lecreation. They will spend the summer at Geneva, N. Y., and Lake Hopatcong, N. J. - Baniey Morrison indulged pretty freIy ijLuts saloon Wednesday, when a little difficultv arose in wbich Baniey received a pair ol Maok eyes and was otherwise considerable iniured. - Aspan of gray hordes attached to alumber wagon Tan away on Washington street Siturday evening, and when near the corner oiFifth street struck a carriage, nearly demolihilic it. - The severa} military companies will be met at the depot Monday morning, by Comjaiiy B and the Adrián Light Guards, and eeoorted to the Armory, where refroshments fillbein readiness for them. - Mrs. Skinner, nee Hattte E. Young, a foruer resident and fr several years a popular dool teacher of this city, is sppnding a few dm here viBiting her mnny friends. Her residence is at Bad Axe, Huron county. - Edward A. Gotfc, a member of the class of seventy-six, nnd son of James B. Gott ot this city, left on Wednesday for Wisconsin, where le has been appointed sub-overseer of the govírnweDt improvements of the Fox rivpr. -Eemember that at No. 18 South Mnin Street, formerly occiipied by the Farmer's Store, meals and rffreshments will be served by the the ladies ot the Congregational Ciurch, next Monday. The proceeds for the benefit of the new church. - John Higgins came ont of the " Castle " Satufday morning, was returned thereto daymorninr, and Mon!ny got ticketed to the Detroit House of Correction for six months, ihich will prevent his celebratin! the coming national anniversary in this city. - If you wish for a good smoke, ca!l at W. W. Bliss', where he has put in a fine line of tobáceo and oigars, and has the finest five cent cigar to be found in the city. Look out for a taelotot clothing that he is to sell at auction this week, or at your ora prices at private ule. - One hundred and seventy-five thousand dallars worth of mowing machines at one shipment shows tlie popularity of the implementAnd aa harvest is drawiiip nifrh, farmers intenrling to buy will do well to look into the meiits of the Champion, sold in this city by MoBes Rogers. -Last Friday evenins Washtenaw Lodfte Xo.9, 1. O. O. F, elected the following officers for the eusuinf; term : Chas. H. Manly, N. G. ; John Harria, Si., V. G. ; Hudson T. Morton, Sec'yjDr. P.B. Rose, Treas. ; Dr C. Georp, P. S. The installation of officers takes place thii eveiiiiif;. - David Gore, of this city, after tryins in ram every mild measure to pursuade Jake Eitlebus to pay a small debt, gave up in despair, and meeting Eitlebns on the Street WedMdi; last proceeded to fight it out. Justice McMahon happened that way and separated the conbatants, but uot untü Eitlebus had rereived a eevere chastisement. -irot. A. K Spence oi Fisk Uinversity, Kashville, Tenn., will give eome account, at the Cougregational church, on Sunday afteroon at 4 o'clock, of the educational and religionsworkdone among the colored people of the South. We are sure that the many friends f Prof. Spence in this city will be glad of tui opportunity to hear him. - A genuine ghost is reported to be roaming 'round in the woods, between the railroad aud McMahou's mili dam, two miles above the city, 10 the great auuoyance of fishermen who iufest that reglón evenings, none of wliom dere to go there a second tima The "old fellow" is said to be a first-class orator and úisplays his eloquenco euch evening. Wool hat been coming in more freely during the past week, the prices paid being irom 38 to 40 cents per poimd, the latter being ter extra mixed grades. Quite au amount of Mubiug wool has been sold at 45 cents. The total purchases for the seasou by the two piïnpal buyors up to laat eveuing, was : Mack Schmid, 28,000 Ibs.; Bach & Abel, 33,000 lbs. " At a late hour on Wednesday evening, R. ■ Grazer was iuterviewed at his residence by leeral students, who stated that their trunks u Keu seized by boarding house keepers ïor 'tcars of board, and wanted to know what tll Uiw could do in their behalf. They were "W that the " grab" was perfectly regular, and ere w&s no remedy uut to " come down" witli the cash. .-Tnomas White, Slieriff Flemitig's Turn'eywl,üe playmgwith the hired girl at the I"1 oiie day last week, was throwu agaiust the lmi iu the kitdieu, and consiúerably hurt, ut notlimg'serious was anbcipated as the rewltof tho " latle good time" until the youug "o called on Dr. Lewitt, wbeo it was discov' that one rib was brokeu, and other severe wuises Butained. - John Nehouse, oí Chelsea, carne to town Saturday, got drank and used naughty lan8uge uyou the street The " Chiei " happeued ouud, took pobsessi du of him aud started for '"Castle." When about ha]L way thereto & seized the baton aud commenced a tree " with it over the head of Ma guide. Ho aa oomPelled, however, to fiuish the trip, and Ml""ty it oot him 33 to foot th bill. Farmers, look well to your farm machin-. ery before buyinft. Especially test new and untried plows, and take only those that prove the best. The Heckendorn, made and sold by the Ann Arbor Agricultural Company, hus stood the test, and taken the lead in all the trials in thiB State. The farminjf implemento made by thia eompiiny are gaming a wide popularity. - Jas. P. Boyd, of thia city, has completed his medical educatiou, graduated at the Long Islaud Medical College, Brooklyn, N. Y., and received the degree of " M. D.' on the Z6th uit. His capabilities have been recognized by the authorities of the institution trom which he graduated, and was tendered the position of resident physician of the college hospital, which positiou has been accepted. The appointment was uusought, and, coming as it did, is a hgh compliment to a worthy young m:in. He is exppcted to arrive here to-morrow, for a few days visit with his parents and many friends Among the many questions that arise in the minds of economical people, is the important oue : Where can I trade to the best advautage ? To this question we answer, the house that does business on the cash plan, and buys their goods in the largest quantities can afford to do the best by their customers. When goods are sold for ready pay, the per centage is saved to the uurchaser that must be added wheu time is allowed. Then, too, when goods are bought in large quan tities, and the cash paid the wholesaler, another saving is made in the item of ürst cost. This fact is being fully demoustrated at the grocery house of Edward Duffy, by the daily uicreasing sales since the inauguration ot the cash system. He always keeps a lare stock, and the prices are sure to sell the goods. - Híram Bilis, of Ann Arbor, broke into Mr. Warner's house at Albion and atole a whole lot of plunder, and went down to Burlington. Sheriff Smiley, 011 his way home from Union City, where he had been after Peck, or the hard drivers of Carnes' horse, feil on his trail, followed it up uutil he placed his hands upon his shoulder, and he conseuted to return and see his old friends at Albion. Wlien there he coufessed his theft, and is now at the Smiiey boarding house in preparation for Jackson. He is brother, we learn, of the Ellis who killed hls father and mother in Bellville sonie years ago. Smiley is hard on the sinner. - Marshall Expounder. - Just forty-oue years ago Calvin BHsb opened a jewelry store in this city, and by strict attention to business and fair dealing with all, he has built up a large trade, which is not couflned to this jouuty alone, but to eveiy State in the Union. Very frequently he receives orders fioni his old customers in different palts of the country. Mr. Bliss claims to be the oldest jeweler m the State- that no othor jeweler has continued iu the same business without intermission for the same length of time. He has the first jewelry store in the county, and in his dealing is perlectly rehable. The firm is now known as C. Bliss & Son, and is located at the old place, 11 South Main St.


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