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The following trausactions in real estáte have beeu reoorded in the office of the Register ot Deed8 tor Washtenaw county duriug the past week : Minerva A. Beckwith to Mary L. Kearney, house and lot on Anu street, Aan Arbor. $2,000. Sutherland & Whedon to Benj. Day, lot and store on Huron street, Aun Arbor. $7,500. Jas. Treadwell to Daniel Crawford, lots 2 and 3 block 6, Brown & Fuüer's addition to Ann Arbor. 1350. Moses F. Betsey M. Cook, lots 2 and 4 block 2, Híscock's addition to Aun Arbor. $2,000. E. J. Johnson to F. Buhl Newland, house and lot in E. Smith's addition to Ann Arbor. $1,000. D. S. Millen to Jas. Davison, one-half interest in soap works uear railroad depot, Ann Arbor. $Ü0. Bennett F. Root to Beuj. C. Witherell, 55 acres off section 15, Manchester. $2,000. John W. Cowiiii to JoBeph Cramer, lot 3 block ó, Cowan's firat addition to Manchester. Í100. John W. Cowan to Amariah Conklin, five acres off seotion 15, Sharoii. $100. Sylveater P. Clark to E. W . Basom, lot on Huron street, Ypsilauti. $2,500. Maria Cook to Leander Stiles, lot 6, Normal addition to Ypsilanti. $350. Daniel Strioter to John J. Strieter, 10 acres on aection 7, Freedom. $500. Daniel Strieter to John J. Strieter, landa on uections 9 and 10, Freedom. f 2,900. Daniel Strieter to John J. Strieter, lands on section 15, Freedom. 14,000. Clara L. Moore to Christian J. Kelly, the undivided oue-ninth interest iu 120 acres on sections 27 and 28, Ypsilauti. $800. St. Nicholas for July opens strongly and doea not flag to the end. lts list of contributors is headed by tbree ot the most popular female writers for children - Rose Terry Cooke, Emily Huutington Miller and Louisa M. Alcott. The number has also one of the liveliest and most natural boys' stories that have appeared for months, written by Bossiter Johnson and entitled ' A Great Speculation." No true boy will fail to appreoiate it. Then there Í8 an article on " How to Make a Boat," which will doubtless set hamnier and saw to going, and introduce to the waters of lake or river many a shapely cratt, built by the same young hands and arms that man it. üur patriotic pride is awakened by the fine portraits and anocilotes of "American Orators"- and the Foiirth-of-July spirit is addressed by an historical sketch of the first naval battle in American waters one hundred years ago, and by the coutrasted pictures oí " Our Flag" then and now. The account by a Nebraska woman of " How the Grasshoppers Came," thoroughly proves its authorship by the savor of reality in vivid portrayal of the devastation and dismpy which followed the coming of these small but destructivo marauders. Susan Coolidge and Sarah O. Jewett contribute two capital stories for girls. The poems of the number are excellent; the illustrations are up to the usual standard of Si. Nicholas, which leaves nothing to be desired ; and there are as many more attractions in the number as those we have men tioned.


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