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High School " Commencement."

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The graduating exercises of the Senior class of tlie High School took place on Fnuay morniug last at the Union School Hall, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. The hall was tastetully decorated with wreaths and festoons of evergreens, hangiug baskets of flowers, and pictures. The platform was occupied by the teachers of the High School, niembers of the School Board, and other prominent citizens. The exercises were comiucted according to the iollowing PKOOEAMJÍE. MU3IC. prayek, by Rev. Dr. Brown. MUSIC. 1. Does it pay to Think P T. B. Brouson, Auu Arbor. 2. The Future of our Earth, Carrie Everett, Chelsea. 3. Were the Pormer Times Better than These i J. A. Beaumont, Peru, Ind. 4. Ornament, Fannie M. Farraud, Ann Arbor. MUÖIC. 5. Oliver Cromwell, E. A. Christian, Wyandotte. ö. Bailada in Politics, R. G. DePuy, Ann Arbor. 7. The Social Menagerie, Maya V. Lee, Lancaster, N. Y. 8. Heroism in an Unrighteous Cause, W. W. Gifford, Leslie. MUSIC. 9. Do it Yourself, Ahce Porter, Ann Arbor. 10. Influence of Nature ou Character, I. C. Ooft, Cleveland, O. 11. Patience an Element of Success, Carne R. Vaughn, De Witt, Iowa. 12. Equilibrium, W. A. Greeson, Kakamo, Ind. MÜ3IC. 13. The Scholar in Politics, F. D. Mead, Ann Arbor Town. 14. Grecian Culture, J. F. Millspaugh, Battle Creek. 15. Moral Beauty, Sarah A. Wright, Ann Arbor. 16. Moral Uses of Bad Men, J. C. tluiutus, Grand Rapids. MUSIC. The essays of the ladies were well written, and very well read, while the oratious of the young gentlemen combined maturity of thought with good delivery. The representatives of the class did honor to their class, themselves, their teachers, and the school. pkesentation of diplomas. At the close of the programme the several divisions were called to the platform, and Superintendent Perry presented each with a diploma in the several courses, as follows : Classical Course.-O. F. Barnes, C. D. Bentley, T. B. Brousou, J. E. Butz, E. A. Christian, Frauz Coe, Abbie J. Colby, R. G. Depuy, Fannie M. Farraud, W. W. Gifford, Georgië Goodrich, W. A. Greeson, F. D. Haskell, Geo. Horton, E. C. Kuight, N. McMilleu, F. D. Mead, J. F. Millspaugh, D. S. Perkins, A. W. Ryan, O. C. Seelye, A. Smith, K. R. Smoot, L. B. Sailor, J. E. Thatcher, Nellie Truesdall. Latín Course. - W. L. Axford, Minnie Brown, J. Chase, Sarah J. Dexter, T. R Edwards, R. Fuller, Maya V. Lee, C. S Mitchell, Alice Porter, T. R. Robinsou, D. Smith. Scientijic C'ourse.- Clara Anderson, J. A. Beaumout, A. W. Beunett, H. Clements, P. L. Edwards, V. C. Gausoii, I. C. Goff, Emma Harrimann, Mary L. Martyu, Lizzie F. McElcheran, H. T. Morley, G. B. McCollum, W. W. Nash, F. Polhemus, I. K. Pond, J. C. Quintus, Emma J. Raudall, F. H. Terry, Carrie R. Vaughn, A. Waterman. Enalish C'ourse. - Lida Canwell, Carrie Everett, Addie Smith, Sarah A. Wright. Commercial Uourse.-H.. E. Gidley, A A Hallock, Debo Mcdouald, W. E. Sprague, G. B. Vaa Uieson. Germán and Frenen.- Mary L. Glenn. After which the beuediction wob pronouuced by Kev. Dr. Brown. The music was furnished by Biahop's Opera House Baud, ot Detroit.


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